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Web Design: Online Marketing and Promotion Tool Kit For Writers

Web Design: Online Marketing And Promotion For Writers

These days, creative writers are expected to do more and more to spread the word about their publications. Promoting and marketing your writing (your books, poems, and stories) online is a fantastic, inexpensive way to build your reputation as a writer.

Here are the important steps to take before you begin your online marketing campaign:

  1. Sketch out your goals and dreams. Dream big! Create an online marketing plan.
  2. Set a budget.
  3. Find a great author website design company. Get an official author web page.
  4. Expand from there!

So if you’re looking for free ideas to market, promote, publicize, and trumpet to the hills, start with the World Wide Web.

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Your Author Website Design – Developing A Web Presence

Your key to online promotion and marketing begins with your author website. There are many online companies that design websites for authors. Be sure to compare, research, and get educated before you choose the right one for you!

Online Promotion Techniques

So you’ve designed a great author website! Awesome. But before you begin marketing and promoting your links all over the Web, be sure you know the etiquette.

Social Networking For Writers

Social networking is a fantastic way to drive traffic into your author website. Our tips for writers who want to use Facebook and other social networking sites will help you score new readers and fans.

Social Networks For Writers That We Love

Here’s a list of the social networks that we feel are especially helpful for writers who are hoping to promote and market their work online.

  • Goodreads – You like books. Other people like books. Hence, Goodreads.
  • Twitter – Low-commitment social networking. Tweet from your  phone: at the post office, in line at the bank.
  • Facebook – It’s not just for Farmville anymore.
  • Tumblr – Share interesting writer-related images.
  • Pinterest – Your online writing dream board.
  • Google + – An easy and fun way to reach new audiences.

Networking In The Publishing Industry

Do you have designs on agents and editors? Want to impress audiences and fellow writers? There’s a good way and a bad way to interact with colleagues in the industry. These articles will help you not look like a wallflower.

Looking Gooood; Developing Your Reputation

Let’s face it: As a writer, you want to look good on paper. And e-ink. And pixels. When you’re marketing and promoting, it helps to have a great author bio. Here are some tips to help beef up your writing credentials.

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