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Writer: Tell Us What You’re Grateful For Today!

At Writer’s Relief, we know it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the good in our lives! What are we most grateful for? The click-clack sound of a keyboard, a cup of good coffee, a great book to read, inspiring quotes, the joy of an acceptance letter…and mostly, for YOU, dear writer!

We invite you to add some positivity to your day and post your message of gratitude to our virtual Wall of Gratitude. Visit and add to the wall whenever you want to share a moment of  thankfulness with other writers. You can post a note to our Gratitude Wall using this simple form.

Whether you’re a client, a subscriber to our free newsletter (Submit Write Now!), an admirer of our blog, or are just passing through, we love that you’ve stopped by to share a few words about something (or someone) you’re grateful for today.

Let’s fill this entire virtual Wall of Gratitude with all the things we’re thankful for as writers!

I am grateful for the opportunity to write for the Tupelo 30/30 Writing Challenge to raise funds for the press!

Glory C., Belmont, NC

I’m grateful for the ability read and write. The ability to read poetry, stories, news, anything, and to pick up pen, or press on a keyboard, and write out my own thoughts, poems, or stories, is a wonderful thing. 

Mary Diane H., TX

I am deeply grateful to be a part of a writing community that is so inspiring, creative, and resilient. Writing and publishing are powerful reminders of how we are all connected both in difficult circumstances and in moments of strength.

Catherine S., Little Falls, NJ

I am grateful that my personal life is filled with lots of positive activities, events, and emotion, and my work life is supported by fantastic coworkers!

Cathe B., Port Huron, MI

I’m so grateful and excited that a poetry journal accepted two of my poems for publication!

Carol P., Wanaque, NJ

I am so grateful for every member of our Writer’s Relief staff who care so much about our writer clients!

Ronnie S., Rehoboth Beach, DE

I’m grateful for amazing coworkers, a supportive family, and rewritable notebooks!

Kayla C., Commerce, GA

I’m grateful for autosave! And also for new journals and finding the perfect pen.

Erinn S., Albany, NY

I am grateful for the time I can make to write poetry. It seems like it’s over too soon. I wish I could dedicate 12 hours to reading everything and writing poetry.

Anna R., Stockton, CA

I’m grateful for the ability to read a novel in two days. I’m also grateful for the direction given to improve my writing from this wonderful writing community.

Turesa L., Southfield, MI

I am grateful for breath.

Vicki N., Minneapolis, MN

The little things in life that make me happy.

Tate B., Westchester, NY

Truly grateful for this community of writers and the immense knowledge base Writers Relief has provided during 2021.

Yvonne W.L., Kingston, Jamaica

I am grateful for weird woes in my life granting me a deeper understanding of myself, others, plus a growing awareness of an awesome artist/Creator enabling me to demonstrate a walled love unplugged.

Lucretia M., Chicago, IL

I’m grateful for the roof over my head and that I woke up this morning.

Jennifer T., Arlington Heights, IL

I’m grateful for support from husband, the great novel Bootcamp I’m in the middle of, and all the people who see some merit in my writing—also for my parents who passed on their love of writing.

Jane B., Clovis, CA

I am grateful for constantly striving for my goals, even when I am feeling beaten down.

Lydia R., Burnley, UK

I’m grateful for Writers Relief, my abilities for writing, editing, and all writers.

Nancy MD, Halifax, CA     

I am grateful for  a few things. The people who are genuine in my life. The little things in life. And the chance to see others happy.

Charlene M., Tampa, FL 

I am grateful for my father from whom I inherited my curiosity and love of learning. He is the reason I am a creative person.

Tori S., Phoenix, AZ

Grateful that I have at least one reader who likes my short stories. And grateful that I am still pursuing my dream of being known as a writer. And grateful that my typing speed has improved. 

William P., Artesia, NM

I am grateful that my debut novel, Nine Days, is getting great reviews.
I am grateful for the support of people I haven’t seen in 40 years; it’s humbling and heartwarming.

Judy L., Orleans, MA

Being alive to write stories that may one day impact many people’s lives in the short amount of time given to us all.

Clarissa R., El Cajon, CA

I am grateful that writing has no ceiling.
It grows as you grow: no age limit.
It expands as you learn: no fences.
It deepens as you look inward: no filters.
A writing career brings this: gratitude.

Rosanne U., Sarasota, FL

I’m grateful for smartphones as mini-computers that enable me to write even as I bedshare as a new mother, and everyone who has ever read my words (and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!).

Shahnaz R., Meios, Portugal

I’m grateful for the opportunity to publish with indie and micro-presses that can get my writing in front of new people.
I’m grateful for exploring and expanding!

Douglas W., Simi Valley, CA

I’m so grateful for a wonderful husband (our 25th wedding anniversary is next week) and adult son who support me in all my creative endeavors!

Janet B., Nemacolin, PA

I am grateful for everything that’s coming my way which is indeed making me a beautiful person in and out. Every day I find something to smile at and be grateful about having that in my life.

Madhuri R., Bengaluru, India

I am grateful to finally have a room of my own in which to write.

Nancy A., Chula Vista, CA

I am grateful for the wonderful care by Dr. B’s team at Virtua-Penn. This team is AWESOME! You are very much appreciated. It was emotional moment to ring the bell. So glad I did!

Dorothy Ann D., Mt. Laurel, NJ

I am grateful for my husband who has pushed me to follow my passion of writing. He doesn’t give up on me even when I do.

Kasturi S., West Hills, CA

I am grateful for finally starting my newsletter, Tobe’s Nuggets.
It’s the beginning of great things for me on LinkedIn. I’ve been bonding and learning so much from this amazing community.

Tobenna N., Asaba, DE

Completion of another year. The time and opportunity to start learning to write.

Dennis A., Mustang, OK

I am grateful that I found the love of my life, and we healed each other’s wounds. Having this stability and happiness in my life has given me the incentive to rediscover my personal  life mission.

Noreen B., Jamesburg, NJ

I’m grateful I get my keep my dog and I will keep submitting query letters to agents to try and get one in 2023.

Janine F., Audubon, NJ

I am most grateful for having found time, albeit my later years to hobbies I love 💕 I find great fulfillment in writing poetry, art, and arts and crafts.

Anna R., Stockton, CA

I am grateful that I launched “I Love To Write Day” as a grassroots campaign to have people of all ages spend time writing every Nov. 15th.  We recently celebrated the 20th anniversary of ILTWD!

John R., Bear, DE

To my monsters, who whisper I can’t, and to my family, who shout that I can. I am always grateful to both.

Jordan K., O’Fallon, MO

I am so grateful I was born in a country that required education and that I learned to read and write. Reading saved my life and now I have a memoir published explaining how.

T.D.K., Alexandria, VA

Writing grew to envelop my thought process. It digs into my psyche and uncovers hidden gems that sparkle and shine in the daylight. It has uncovered my voice, my soul, and my intrinsic value.

Lauren S., Federal Way, WA

I’m grateful to have my writing spark back. It’s been a rough few years mentally & physically, but I’ve rediscovered my love for the craft & I’m thankful to have it.

Brandon M., Louisiana, MO

I’m grateful that my words are being read by at least one person.

Samantha W., Long Island, NY

I am grateful for my family. I am grateful for everything I have gone through because it inspires my writing, and writing is my biggest outlet. I am grateful for my work environment where I can also write.

Dee M., Chicago, IL

I am grateful to those who read to me as an infant, giving me a deep love of books; to those who taught me to read and write; and to those who supported me through the doubts of becoming a writer.

Peg H., Springtown, TX

I’m grateful for summer shade and winter blankets, for the airplanes I travel in and the home I return to, for loud laughter and comforting quiet.

“For everything there is a season…”

A.K., Daytona, FL


Devansh M., Bangalore, India





I’m grateful for family and friends who encourage me to keep writing. I’m grateful for people with talents I don’t possess who step up to offer their skills and/or advice. Grateful for words!

Lisa B., La Quinta, CA

I am grateful to write as an opportunity to process my traumas in a creative way, rather than a destructive one.

Cheyenne C., Honaker, VA

I’m grateful for the wonderful books I have read. They taught me how to write and to love writing.

Jeanne D., New Providence, NJ

I’m grateful for coffee and pondering time in the mornings! I’m also grateful for the people I’ve met on my writing journey.

Stefanie P., Christchurch, New Zealand

For launching I Love To Write Day in 2002 as a grassroots campaign to have people of all ages spend time writing every Nov. 15th.

John R., Bear, DE

I am incredibly grateful for the words that soothed and healed my soul and the thoughts and emotions that compelled me to write.

Lolita L., Leavenworth, KS

I am so grateful I survived COVID 19. I was in the hospital with pneumonia in both lungs, I have diabetes, high blood pressure, and other high risks. I am happy to be alive and can still work.

Felicia L., Pittsburgh, PA

I’m grateful to Writers Relief: Because of you, I published two short stories and four essays this year!

Cindy M., Kailua Kona, HI

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WHY? Because our insider
know-how has helped
writers get over 18,000 acceptances.

FREE Publishing Leads and Tips! Our e-publication, Submit Write Now!, delivered weekly to your inbox.
  • BEST (and proven) submission tips
  • Hot publishing leads
  • Calls to submit
  • Contest alerts
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