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Most Popular Writing and Publishing Articles: Learn How To Get Published

Below you’ll find a list of the most popular and helpful articles on our blog about writing and publishing. These articles will help you learn how to get published. If you enjoy these articles, be sure to subscribe to our e-publication, Submit Write Now!, and you’ll get articles like these delivered to your inbox weekly. Enjoy!

List of writing contests, writers conferences, calls for submissions, recommended reads, and classes for writers, and more!

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Cover And Query Letter Writing
* Cover and Query Letter Writing: The Basics
* Checklist for Creating Cover/Query Letters
* How To Write A Killer Book Blurb For Your Query Letter
* Your Professional Writing Bio: How To Write A Bio In A Query or Cover Letter
* Query Letters: When (Not) To Talk About Multiple Books
* Top Query Letter Mistakes: Avoid These Amateur Errors
* How To Write A Query Letter For A Short Story Collection
* Is Your Book Literary or Mainstream Fiction?
* The Rules of Genre Fiction; Find Out If Your Book Meets Agents’ And Editors’ Criteria
* Striking the Right Tone in Your Cover Or Query Letter
* Pseudonyms: Using A Pen Name In Your Query Letter

How To Publish A Book
* Literary Agents: What They Do (And Don’t Do) For Writers
* Editors 101: What An Editor Will And Will Not Do For Your Writing
* How To Research The Best Literary Agents For Your Book
* Top Reasons To Query Agents First
* What To Do When A Literary Agent Requests Your Book
Warning Signs: How To Spot a Literary Agent Scam: Part One
* When A Literary Agent Requests An Exclusive: Solutions For Sticky Situations
* Nine Questions To Ask A Literary Agent
* Can A Book Excerpt Get Your Manuscript Published?
* Top Ten Ways To Annoy Literary Agents
* How, Why, And When To Write An Introduction To A Nonfiction Book

How To Publish Poems
* How To Submit Poems to Literary Journals and Magazines
* Writer Beware: The Seduction Of Poetry Contest Scams
* Poetry Turnoffs: Styles and Formats That Make Editors Cringe
* Seven Techniques You Must Know To Make Editors Notice Your Poetry
* How To Publish A Book of Poems, A Chapbook, Or A Collection
* The Language of Musicality in Poetry: Vocabulary for Poets
* Un-Think Your Poetry: How To Write Better Poems
* The Healing Power of Confessional Poetry
* Five Ways To Make Money As A Poet
* Poetry Is A Lifestyle Choice
* Ten Ways To Make Your Poems Stand Out In A Crowd

How To Publish Short Stories
* Short Story Checklist: Techniques For Getting Short Stories Published
* Why Length Matters When Submitting To Literary Journals
* Five Strategies To Make Your Short Story Stand Out In A Crowd
* Short Stories: Start Off With A Bang
* How To Publish A Short Story Collection
* Defining Short Prose: The Difference Between Stories, Essays, Memoirs, and Mixed Genre

How To Publish Nonfiction (Books And Essays)
* The Art of the Nonfiction Book Proposal
* The Art of the Personal Essay
* Creative Nonfiction: How To Stay Out Of Trouble
* In With The Old; Publishing Memoir In The New Year
* Defining Short Prose: The Difference Between Stories, Essays, Memoirs, and Mixed Genre
* How To Publish A Collection Of Essays

Online Writing And Publishing
* Online Submissions To Agents and Editors: Why They’re Here To Stay
* Online Literary Journals: The Cutting Edge of Publishing
* Online Submissions: Mistakes Writers Make When Submitting To Agents And Editors Online
* What Is Considered Previously Published Writing?
* Online Literary Journals: How To Determine Quality And Reputation
* E-mail Or Email? Website or Web site? Online or On-line?
* Notes For Sending E-queries To Literary Agents And Editors

Submission Strategies, Tips, And Etiquette
* Creative Writing Submission Etiquette: Submitting To Literary Agents And Editors
* What Are Literary Journals And How Can They Benefit You?
* Five Ways To Get More Acceptances
* Who Is Publishing New Writers?
* Seven Ways To Build Your Reputation As A Creative Writer
* How Much Money Can I Make Writing Stories, Poems, and Books?
* Building Publication Credits (Why Your Bio Counts)
* Get Publishing Credentials: How To Build Up Your Writing Bio Super Fast
* Who’s Who Directories and Awards For Writers: How To Identify Disreputable Organizations
* Why Length Matters When Submitting Your Stories And Poems For Publication
* Basic Vocabulary And Terms In The Publishing Industry
* What Is Considered Previously Published Writing?
* Choosing Point of View
* File Management For Writers
* Responding To Rejection
* Urban Legend: The Poor Man’s Copyright
* How To Meet A Deadline

Getting Help With Your Writing
* How To Find and Choose A Critique Partner
* How To Choose A Freelance Editor For Your Writing
* Working with a Writers’ Group
* How To Get Help With The Writing Submission Process
* Getting or Giving The Gift Of Time To Write

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