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  • Regularly updated lists of writing contests, conferences, calls for submissions, writer services, and MORE!
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Whether you are a new writer, an intermediate writer, or a multi-published, award-winning writer, you’ll find excellent, cutting-edge information in Submit Write Now!. Get published using our tips!

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  • A synopsis tutorial to show you how to tackle the dreaded synopsis for your book
  • Helpful answers to the question “Do you really need an agent?
  • A lesson in identifying poetry contest scams
  • A list that will keep you from goofing up on the 20 most misused (and mistreated) words
  • A compilation of reputable writing contests organized by deadline and type
Submit Write Now! (an e-mailed newsletter) contains the best, most up-to-date information on publishing industry etiquette, creative writing markets, literary agents and editors, writing contests, anthologies, calls for submissions, grammar, usage, punctuation, cover and query letter information, submission techniques, publishing techniques, submission strategies for reaching literary magazines and journals, self-publishing, writing scams, writing prompts, and much more!


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“I really appreciated the Ready, Set, Write! series and have found lots of other practical information on your site. I’ve just ordered a print copy of your new book. So far, four agents have ignored my query and one has said that she is ‘not interested at this time.’ I am now drafting a more human and dynamic query letter, thanks to the guidance I’ve found on the Writer’s Relief site.”

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