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Writer-To-Writer Reviews: The Shy Writer Reborn: An Introverted Writer’s Wake-up Call


As part of our ongoing “Writer-to-Writer Reviews” series, we’re thrilled to present this book review. The opinions in this commentary do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Writer’s Relief. Feel free to read this week’s featured book, and share your own thoughts about it in our comments section!

This Week: Veronica Bergschneider’s review of The Shy Writer Reborn: An Introverted Writer’s Wake-up Call by C. Hope Clark (FundsforWriters, 2013)

In The Shy Writer Reborn: An Introverted Writer’s Wake-up Call, C. Hope Clark provides useful information for introverts and extroverts alike on the art and craft of writing. Clark includes charts and other visuals along with her advice on how to use your personality to its fullest through the written word. School teachers and counselors looking for innovative ways to educate the future writers of our world will also find this book an excellent resource.

The charts and surrounding prose show readers how to best operate as a writer and then how to expand their reach to those on the more extroverted side of the personality spectrum. This allowed me to see more fully how audiences and those I assist with their own writing can relate to various types and levels of creativity. Where one person may need rhyme due to a love of music and rhythm, another may require the simplicity of English-class type prose to learn a new concept.

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Clark’s avoidance of a preachy tone in this how-to guide on writing makes it relatable and useful to the reader. She also provides opportunities for reflection and writing practice at the end of each chapter. These tools encourage the writer to begin (or to resume) recording his or her reflections, whether in a journal or in a book for publication.

Through The Shy Writer Reborn, I received the gentle push I needed to begin refining my own series of essays geared toward helping other in-laws of dementia patients. Without Clark’s wisdom and suggestions, my writing would have probably stayed in my own journal. I also gained the courage to explore more genres than I thought possible. Although the book is entitled The Shy Writer Reborn, all people can benefit from reading C. Hope Clark’s work.

About The Contributor

Veronica Bergschneider’s book of essays, Don’t Forget the In-Laws: The Other Side of Dementia’s Fence was published 2014. In it, she describes what the disease does to a patient’s in-law and how to handle it through the lens of her experiences with her mother-in-law. Learn more on her Facebook page!

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