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6 Amazing Ways Getting Published In Literary Magazines Can Help You Get A Book Deal | Writer’s Relief

  If you want to get a book deal with a traditional publishing company, consider this: Publishing SHORT fiction or nonfiction in literary magazines might be your ticket to full-length book publishing paradise!   Writer’s Relief Reveals A Few Of The Ways Literary Magazine Publications Can Contribute To Getting A Book Deal Listing literary magazine… Continue Reading

Are E-Readers “Greener” Than Traditional Books? | Writer’s Relief

  Whether you’re buying a book that is inked on paper or downloading a novel to read on a tablet or e-reader, your choice has an impact on the environment.   Find out whether your e-book is greener than your hardback book—Writer’s Relief suggests you read this article, courtesy of the New York Times.  … Continue Reading

Our Favorite Funny Literary Characters | Writer’s Relief

  April is Humor Month, so to celebrate, we here at Writer’s Relief have put together a list of our favorite literary characters—those we find humorous, witty, or who just make us laugh for one reason or another. Whether they’re characters who are written to be light-hearted comedic relief, or whose humor comes across through… Continue Reading

Happy National Poetry Month!

  Wondering about how National Poetry Month got started, and why the month of April was selected? Here’s the answer: Learn more at! “Inspired by the successful celebrations of Black History Month (February) and Women’s History Month (March), the Academy of American Poets established National Poetry Month in 1996. Along the way we enlisted… Continue Reading

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