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The History Of Ghost Stories | Writer’s Relief

Along with providing a glimpse into the human psyche, ghost stories through the ages often feature the afterlife activities of notable historic figures—including some authors! According to this article found by Writer’s Relief on the History website:

“The author Mark Twain is believed to haunt the stairwell of his onetime Village apartment building, while the ghost of poet Dylan Thomas is said to sometimes occupy his usual corner table at the West Village’s White Horse Tavern…”

Read more about the history of ghost stories here.


Question: Ghost stories: True or false?



7 Signs A Literary Agent Will Treat You Right | Writer’s Relief

When you’re trying to find a literary agent to represent your novel, memoir, or other nonfiction book, Writer’s Relief reminds you to be careful: Just because a literary agent raves about you and your book, doesn’t mean he or she will be a good agent for you. So how do you know which agents are… Continue Reading

5 Of The Creepiest, Crawliest Books For YA Readers | Writer’s Relief

For brave readers, October is the best month to enjoy the works of classic horror novelists like Stephen King. We think teens (and adults!) searching for a scare will love these lesser-known books too! But be warned: Some of these are more than a little frightening and may not be best for younger teens. Get… Continue Reading

Should You Use Uncommon Or Unusual Words In Your Writing? | Writer’s Relief

A writer’s natural love of words can lead to wonderful reading and interesting writing. But sometimes, a logophile’s good intentions to introduce the world to unique vocabulary can backfire. Is it time to put away your dictionary and revert to a middle-school word list? Writer’s Relief explains why you might want to avoid uncommon words… Continue Reading

A Writer Tells The True Story Of Her Cover Art | Writer’s Relief

Readers here at Writer’s Relief love this Huffington Post article from author Holly Robinson with its inside look at the truth behind how big publishing houses design their cover art. Holly dishes on marketing forces and personal preference. “As a contemporary fiction writer with New American Library/Penguin, I provide a synopsis of the book to… Continue Reading

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