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Writers: Our Top 3 Secrets For Getting More Acceptance Letters

Here at Writer’s Relief, we’ve been helping talented writers get published since 1994—that’s over 22 years of proven submission strategy success! We help poets and short prose authors place their work in literary journals. We help book authors connect with reputable literary agents. And today, we’re passing our BEST advice on to you.

  1. Put yourself on a submission schedule. We cheerfully encourage our authors to submit to 25+ new markets every two months. Of course, WE do all the heavy lifting for making submissions—everything from prepping materials to researching the perfect markets. But we feel that having a specific calendar for sending and tracking submissions is key.

Successful submissions can be a numbers game.

You’ve got to keep your writing circulating at all times.

  1. Don’t let yourself burn out. While we do recommend holding yourself to a tight schedule in order to reach your submission goals, we DON’T recommend creating a workload so intense that you’re going to get exhausted and quit. Burnout may be the number one cause of submissions drop out—and you can’t succeed if you’re not in the game.

If you’re feeling like you’re on the brink of submission burnout, something’s not working.

Time to make a change.

  1. Focus on your writing. If you create a submission strategy system that runs itself, you can free yourself to focus on your writing. Our submission strategists prepare our clients’ submissions to lit agents and literary journals, giving them more time to write.

We believe that our submission expertise, combined with our clients’ increased ability to focus more deeply on their own writing, makes for a better-than-average acceptance rate

Here’s how to put your focus back where it should be: on your writing.

If you wish you had more time to write—and that you didn’t have to spend so much time on the busywork and research needed to play the submission “numbers game”—we hope you’ll contact us.

We are currently accepting submissions from writers who would like to become Writer’s Relief clients. But we do not accept all applicants; only writers who are working at a high level will be invited to join our team

We have openings in the following genres:

Novels and memoirs


Short prose

Learn more about how to submit today!submitsidebar

DEADLINE: Friday, October 14, 2016

When making your submissions, don’t lose sight of how important your writing is. We’ll take care of your submission strategy with our 22+ years of expertise. You just write.

Bonus Secret: Find a balance. Whether you decide to create a long-term submission strategy on your own or to get some help, remember that finding balance is the best way to ensure longevity. When you have enthusiasm for your work—whether researching lit mags or tinkering with words—you’re more likely to find success.


Writer Questions


QUESTION: What part of making submissions do you least prefer?








3 Responses to Writers: Our Top 3 Secrets For Getting More Acceptance Letters

  1. Hello J. Moffett Walker,

    Thank you for your comment and interest in Writer’s Relief. You can submit your work to the Review Board when they are not actively reading, but it may take longer to receive a reply due to the amount of submissions received.

  2. I have a memoir I have been working on for three years. I am in the process of proofreading it again. I have not included any images as of yet.
    The Title is DAYBREAK,NIGHTFALL AND LIFE. It is about my growing up in MS during the 40s, 50s and 60s and becoming a wife, mother, educator and author.

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