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True Story: Perseverance Pays Off

We’ve got an awesome true story for you, writers.

It starts like this: One of our clients received a literary agent manuscript request recently.

Honestly, this happens a lot in our office. What makes this particular request so inspiring is the backstory.

The writer’s manuscript was originally submitted some time ago. But there were no takers. While some writers might have been discouraged by dozens of rejections, this particular client held her head high.

Years passed. Determined to find a home for her book, she revised her manuscript, came up with a killer new title, and had us revise her query letter. Then, she resubmitted—to agents who hadn’t seen the project and to a few who had.

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And—surprise—there’s been significant interest in the book!

Here’s what got it done:

Determination: As writers, we will face seemingly endless rejections to our work. It is our task, however daunting, to remain strong-willed and determined.

Patience: Requests like this don’t appear overnight. Time can be our greatest foe and our greatest ally.

Waiting: This is often the hardest part. Waiting for agents or journals to review our work is the best time to start on new work! Keep those creative juices flowing—and never ever stop.

Hope this will help inspire your day. It inspired ours!

One Response to True Story: Perseverance Pays Off

  1. Honestly, if I didn’t write all the time anyway, the entire process would be akin to madness! But stories like this suggest that some compensation could come from this passion, with persistent submission of work, that is.

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