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Writer-to-Writer Tips: Cheap Postage, Overused Words, Self-Editing

What If, Overused Words, Trimming, and Postage: Some Random Tips For Writers From Our Readers

S.L. Dwyer writes, “I keep a note over my computer that reads ‘What if…’ and beneath that ‘And then…’ This helps me to focus and keep the story moving forward.”

Charles Edward White recommends keeping a list of words that you tend to overuse. “Words on my list include: got, some, it, of, pretty, big, really, had, even, always, never, and special.”

Lee D. Wilson suggests that writers should “Get the the’s out” by deleting pesky articles and other unnecessary words. The, an, that, it, and a can clutter and bog down an otherwise tight sentence. “Careful inspection will reveal that we don’t need those tiny words in most cases, and where they are needed, we can also reduce supportive words that often get added into sentence content with them.” Learn more about how to avoid wordy writing.

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Lisa, a Writer’s Relief staff member, offers a tip about mailing book-related items. “I mail my books and manuscripts via USPS using the ‘media mail’ rate because it’s often much cheaper. Yesterday I mailed a box of ten paperbacks for less than three dollars.” If your package contains only books and is not a rush delivery, ask about the media rate. Just be aware that the post office can technically open your package if they need to in order to confirm that it contains just books.

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One Response to Writer-to-Writer Tips: Cheap Postage, Overused Words, Self-Editing

  1. Flat rate priority mail is wonderful also – I mailed a lot of hardcover and paperback books that way and saved a ton!

    God bless, Anne Marie :)

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