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Vote For Writer’s Relief In The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

Vote For Writer’s Relief In The FedEx Small Business Grant Contest!

Vote for us here!

For more than twenty years, Writer’s Relief has helped creative writers target their submissions to the best-suited literary agents and editors. We love helping writers get the “yes” they were hoping for, whether it’s an acceptance from a literary journal or an offer of representation from a literary agent.

And along with guiding the submission strategies of our clients, Writer’s Relief is also committed to supporting the writing community as a whole through our blog articles, advice, scholarships for our services, and Publishing Tool Kits.

Now we’re asking for your support. Writer’s Relief needs your vote in the FedEx Small Business Grant contest!

The FedEx grant will augment our Peter K. Hixson Memorial Awards so we can help more writers achieve their dreams of being published. The grant would also allow us to upgrade our computer systems so we can continue to offer our clients the very best writing submission strategies.

We’re hoping you will say “yes” and support Writer’s Relief in the FedEx Small Business Grant contest. Follow this link and vote for Writer’s Relief today! Be sure to share this link with writers you know, and please vote every day that you can.

The more votes we get, the better our chances of winning and being able to use the grant to help more writers like you!

Thank you for voting for Writer’s Relief in the FedEx Small Business Grant contest!

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