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6 Common Mistakes That Can Cost Writers A Literary Agency Contract


You’re fishing for a literary agent, casting query after query out into the world, and hoping for a nibble. And then—yes! An agent is interested, curious, inquiring. You want to reel the agent in, but you must move carefully—if you pull the line too slowly or too quickly, your prize catch will instead be theContinue Reading

Featured Clients: Doug Sovern

Doug Sovern

Our featured client Doug Sovern is one of the most multitalented people we know! An award-winning journalist, songwriter, and bassist in two rock groups, Doug has added successful fiction writer to his diverse résumé. He broke new ground with his Twitter novel, TweetHeart, written entirely in tweets. Doug’s writing has been featured in numerous publicationsContinue Reading

Stories From The Trenches: Real Writers Sound Off About Making Submissions


A few weeks ago we asked our readers to submit their true stories about making submissions, and we were thrilled that forty-six writers took time out of their busy schedules to share their tales of hardship and success with us! You can find all of the original stories right here. Though it was difficult toContinue Reading

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