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What’s Cooking? The Writer’s Relief Recipe For A Successful Submission Strategy

What’s Cooking? The Writer’s Relief Recipe For A Successful Submission Strategy

Hungry for better results when making your submissions to literary agents and editors? Writer’s Relief has been serving up the very best submission strategies for writers since 1994. Our recipe for success is based on years of testing and perfecting the right blend of ingredients—and now we’re sharing the secret recipe with you! So grab a plate, tuck in, and enjoy!

Writer’s Relief Recipe For The Best Submission Strategy

The Main Ingredient: Quality Writing

This is the meat of any successful submission strategy. Whether you’re new to the writing table or an old pro, it’s important to continually hone your craft and develop your writing skills to ensure you’re sending out your very best work.

Carefully Measure and Mix in Good Proofreading and Formatting

Bad spelling errors, grammar mistakes, and poor formatting will spoil your writing and leave a bad taste in any editor’s or agent’s mouth. So mind your pints (Ps) and quarts (Qs)!

Combine Two Heaping Portions of Research and Targeting

This is the most time-consuming step in the recipe, but the results are worth it! Identify the right markets for your work with research, research, and (you guessed it!) more research. Then send your writing to the literary agents or editors most likely to be interested in your genre and voice.

Add a Dash of New Markets

Spice things up—don’t keep submitting to the same agents or journals over and over. Target new markets based on all that research you’ve conducted. Throw in some new, unexpected, untried markets, and you may be pleasantly surprised by the zesty outcome!

Set the Kitchen Timer for Regular Scheduling

Consistency is imperative. Submit too little or too sporadically, and your strategy will be lopsided and half-baked. For the best results, make a schedule and keep it.


Once you’ve submitted your writing, relax. You’ve sent your finest work to carefully targeted markets—now it’s time for a big splash of patience and positivity. And maybe some ice cream to celebrate with!

The Icing on the Cake…

Getting an acceptance from a journal or a request for more pages from an agent!

Once you’ve had a taste of success, you’ll definitely want seconds—and thirds. But if you keep getting burned by all the time and effort needed for a great submission strategy, Writer’s Relief is ready to tie on an apron and lend a hand. Just bring your appetite!

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Writer QuestionsQUESTION: Which submission strategy ingredient do you think is most important?


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