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Can Unpublished Authors Get Literary Agents? You Bet! Here’s How

Can unpublished authors get literary agents You bet Here's how_FI

Some unpublished authors still believe that old chestnut, “you have to be published to get published.” But here at Writer’s Relief, we are often able to connect new writers with literary agents. Yes, the statistics may seem daunting and insurmountable—but it’s not impossible to get a literary agent even if you’ve never been published. Here’s how! Six Steps… Continue Reading

10 Doggone Famous Dogs From Literature

10 Doggone Famous Dogs From Literature_FI

Some of our favorite literary characters have wet noses and wagging tails! To celebrate man’s—and woman’s—best friend, let’s take a look at some famous dogs from literature. Check out our list below, then sit! Stay! Read! Argos – One of the first dogs featured in Western literature, the canine from Homer’s Odyssey exemplifies a dog’s loyalty—as Argos waits… Continue Reading

Planning A Reading Tour? There’s An App For That!


Authors who actively promote their own writing wear lots of hats: press agent, writer, negotiator, publicist, organizer, etc. That’s why Poets & Writers created this cool app for authors to help them manage their public appearance schedules. And the reading dates and information will be posted on the P&W website for a little extra exposure!… Continue Reading

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