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New Organization: Diversity In Publishing | Writer’s Relief

A grassroots movement has responded to the need for more diversity in the publishing industry. According to this article found by Writer’s Relief in Publisher’s Weekly:

“Publishing staffers from a number of houses and agencies have recently gathered to form People of Color in Publishing, a grassroots organization addressing the need for greater inclusivity within all areas of children’s and adult publishing. The group was founded this past July by Patrice Caldwell, associate editor at Disney-Hyperion, with the aim of “supporting, empowering, and uplifting racially and ethnically marginalized members throughout the industry.” An official launch event was held on December 6 in New York City.”

Learn more about the organization here.

6 Submission Red Flags Literary Journal Editors Watch For | Writer’s Relief

What’s the best way to get an acceptance letter from a literary magazine editor? Savvy writers know the answer: write well and make smart, targeted submissions! But did you ever wonder how professional readers like literary journal editors slog through piles and piles of submissions without losing their minds? Red flags—things that indicate a problem… Continue Reading

Mentors Who Influenced Our Lives—And Our Writing | Writer’s Relief

January is National Mentoring Month! A good writing mentor can have a positive impact on your writing and even your life. A writing mentor is usually someone with experience who is willing to offer advice and constructive criticism—while also being your cheerleader. Sometimes, you can find this inspiration and guidance in a well-written book or… Continue Reading

Should You Have To Justify Being A Writer? | Writer’s Relief

In a recent issue of The Paris Review, Writer’s Relief found an article by Joe Fassler that ponders whether carving out time to write fiction is justified in this increasingly digitized world: “In general, the authors I talk to seem to agree: Writing is not something people do because they looked at the world dispassionately… Continue Reading

15 Exercises To Strengthen Your Writing | Writer’s Relief

There are lots of motivated folks whose New Year’s resolutions include exercising regularly and getting into tiptop shape. And Writer’s Relief knows that, for writers, there are many benefits to exercises that strengthen our craft (rather than our muscles). You don’t even have to break a sweat—but feel free to grab a water bottle or… Continue Reading

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