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A La Carte PLUS Services | Cover, Query Letter Writing, Submission Help

A La Carte PLUS

Our A La Carte PLUS Service offers all of the time-saving research and targeting of our A La Carte Service, but with the added bonus of cover or query letter writing.

If you’re not familiar with our A La Carte Service, start here.

Then, learn more about A La Carte PLUS!

What’s the basic difference between A La Carte and A La Carte PLUS?

In a word, your cover or query letter.

With basic A La Carte, we’ll research and target the 25+ best literary agents or literary journals for your unique submission. It’s a very personal process that assesses the style and topics of your work to pinpoint the best markets for your success. We do the research; you do the rest.

But when you sign up for A La Carte PLUS, our expert writers will compose your query letter or cover letter. We’ll craft your book blurb (if you have one), work up your author bio, strategically downplay any weaknesses while augmenting strengths, and write you a compelling letter.

It’s a collaborative process: we’ll need your suggestions and feedback. Once you have approved the text, we’ll research the 25+ best-suited literary agents or literary journals. Then we’ll individually address any print versions of your letter that are necessary, create mailing labels, create an interactive PDF file for easy online submissions, and send everything your way!

Learn more about how our A La Carte Service works—see what you’ll receive, what you’ll be responsible for, and how we target.

What comes with the A La Carte PLUS package?

When you sign up for our A La Carte Service, you’ll benefit from our expert targeting and letter writing.

–> If you’ve written poems or short prose, we’ll identify the best literary journals for your unique work.

–> If you’ve written a book, we’ll pinpoint the literary agents who will most likely be interested in your project.

You’ll also get:

  • A unique cover or query letter for your submission
  • Printed and addressed copies of your letter for any postal submissions
  • Mailing labels for any hard copy submissions
  • An interactive PDF that makes online submissions a piece of cake
  • Free industry-standard formatting guidelines
  • Thirty-day access to your online submissions database

You can also add Writer’s Relief expert formatting and proofreading. Just ask about getting a quote when you give us a call!

What makes Writer’s Relief letters so great?

Our writers are expertly trained. Writer’s Relief has been helping authors make submissions since 1994; we’ve had a lot of experience. We know what works (and what doesn’t). Few people who are helping authors write their query letters and cover letters have the scope and experience of the Writer’s Relief staff. We take a very personal approach to each letter and submission.

Dear Ronnie:

I want to summarize that my query letter is dazzling! No, there’s no way that I could have captured EXACTLY what my book is about in so compelling a style. THIS is what I am paying for, what I believe my novel deserves. What I have been unable to give it in the year since it’s been finished. Now we’re on our way. Thank you!

– Destiny K.

How much does A La Carte PLUS cost?

Our A La Carte PLUS Service includes everything that our basic service offers, plus letter writing and printing.

The first round of submissions will cost $250 in order for us to create your new letter and target your submission to the 25+ best-suited agents or literary journal editors.

Subsequent rounds of submissions that use the same letter will cost $200.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy! Just give us a call toll-free at (866) 405-3003. Writers outside the United States can write to info@wrelief.com or call (201) 641-3003.

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