Pick Your Pathway: How To Turn Your Book Into A Movie

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How To Turn Your Book Into A Movie

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Many writers dream of seeing their novel or nonfiction book turned into a movie. But much like trying to write in a genre with which one is unfamiliar, it can be a bit of a culture shock to shift from the publishing industry to the film industry.

The pathway that writers have traditionally taken to break into the book publishing industry is pretty straightforward: Write book -> get agent -> agent gets book deal. Of course, there are increasing variations on this method—thanks to the self-publishing and digital publishing explosion—but for the most part, the traditional channel has been pretty well-established.

In the film industry, however, the path to getting a book turned into a movie is not so “standard” or typical. There are many different inroads into the movie industry—not all of which are familiar to someone whose main business is putting words onto a page.

If you want to turn your book into a movie, whether you’ve written a novel or a memoir, be prepared to start doing some legwork, trusting your instincts, and feeling your way into the movie biz with lots of research, professionalism, and hard work.

Turn Your Book Into A Movie: Choices To Be Made

Choosing what to pitch: book or screenplay?

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People in the film industry want to know one thing: “Is it a movie?”

By pitching your book out of the gate, you have the chance to show prospective producers your project in its purest form. If they can “see” the movie adaptation of your book just from reading it, you’re in good shape. An interested producer will make an offer to option your intellectual property (more on that later) and eventually hire professional writers to adapt the book into a screenplay.

However, not all books are written in a way that can immediately call to mind how it will look on screen, which may cause people to turn it down.

If that’s the case, you might want to consider getting your book turned into a screenplay first and then shop it around. This will help agents and producers visualize the final product in a format with which they’re more familiar. Plus, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of a studio-hired writer taking over your story, skipping forward to pitching a screenplay will help you maintain more creative power.

Which brings us to the next choice you’ll have to make…

Adapting your book into a screenplay: Hire or DIY?

If you have a substantial budget, you can hire a professional screenwriter to turn your book into a screenplay for you. In general, hiring a writer who has a stellar reputation in the industry for writing your kind of movie may help your story impress the right people, and gives you the ability to choose exactly who you think is right for the job.

If you don’t have enough money to hire someone to write your screenplay, however—or if you simply don’t trust another writer with your baby—you can take a crack at adapting it yourself. But keep in mind: Screenwriting and book writing are two totally different animals, not just in structure, but in execution as well. While prose depends on well-written narrative to create images in the readers’ heads, a screenplay relies heavily on dialogue and action to tell the story with little to no narrative text in between.

Make sure to do your homework, read a lot of screenwriting books, and maybe take a few classes before you attempt to make the jump. You can also hire a consultant to help ensure that you’re taking your book from text to screen in an effective way. Read more: Five Resources for Screenwriters.

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Should you sell your project or option it?

Here is where the movie biz lingo starts to kick in. If you’re shopping your book’s film rights around, you have to wait until someone offers to option it. If you’re pitching a screenplay version thereof, there may come a time when you’ll have to choose between selling and optioning.

Not sure what any of that means? Don’t worry—we’ve got you covered.

Say you have a great book and have secured an agent who, in addition to pitching it to publishers, can connect you to a film agent or help you shop the film rights directly. A producer might come along and offer to option it. In this scenario, you would basically be agreeing to give this person exclusive rights to the possibility of getting your book made into a movie. The length of an option is typically 12 to 18 months, often with the option to extend.

This can get a bit tricky, depending on how reliable the producer is. There are a few steps between the book being optioned and the film getting made, but realistically speaking, the former doesn’t always guarantee the latter.

Worst case scenario: A producer options your book for a year and leaves it to collect dust on a shelf. Or even worse—the entire project gets stuck in developmental hell!

Best case scenario: A producer options your book for a year and gathers enough energy around the project to secure reputable screenwriters to adapt it, investors to fund it, and a director to make it all happen. There are few hiccups along the way and voilà—the movie gets made!

Just keep in mind that during the time your project is optioned, no one else can buy or option it—no matter how much money they’re offering.

If you’ve skipped forward to adapting your nonfiction book or novel into a screenplay yourself, it’s still possible for it to get optioned—or you might be able to outright sell it. Remember, you should always consult an attorney before trying to sell your book’s film rights or adapted screenplay. You’ll want to make sure the contract will result in you getting paid fairly—regardless of whether the movie is a box-office smash, is a flop, or never gets made at all.

For more about how much a screenplay can (and should) sell for, check out this great article by entertainment attorney Jesse Rosenblatt.

Some Other Options To Consider

Although the aforementioned scenarios are quite common in the book-to-movie industry, they’re not the only ways to get things done. Consider some of these alternatives:

Hit the best seller lists. If sales figures demonstrate that your book has caught the attention of readers on a grand scale, you’re much more likely to see your story optioned. However, given Hollywood’s current economic climate, you’ll really need to have a 50 Shades of Grey type of literary phenomena to get producers to fight over the ability to option.

Take the festival route. Let’s say you decided to adapt your nonfiction book or novel into a screenplay yourself, but you’re not crazy about the idea of getting involved with Hollywood just yet. Try entering it into a few film festival script competitions. It costs money to enter (not unlike contests that literary journals hold), but making it far can earn your money back—and possibly get potential buyers’ eyes on it.

Make it yourself. This is a little far-fetched if you’re solely a writer, as the art of filmmaking is no walk in the park. However, if you have enough money and the right training (or have friends who do), you could always take the indie approach and produce the movie version of your book yourself. Only attempt this if you know what you’re doing—otherwise, leave it to the professionals.

Turn Your Book Into A Movie

In any business, it’s important to make great contacts. If you’ve got big dreams of being a Hollywood blockbuster writer, then it may be time to launch yourself full-on into the Tinsel Town community.

But if you’re primarily a BOOK writer and hope to stay that way, your decision to tell your story in book form doesn’t mean there’s no chance of your book making its way into film. Just write the best story that you can—one that captures people’s imaginations in a big way—and you’ve already taken your first, most important steps.

Writer’s Relief can’t help you turn your book into a movie directly, but we may be able to help you find a literary agent, who in turn can help you get published by a major publishing house. That may lead to an increased likelihood of success if you then try to turn your book into a movie.

Read more about turning your book into a movie in our interview with Industry Influencer Michael Hauge.

Writer QuestionsQUESTION: What are some of your favorite movies that are based on books?


  1. Debby Hanoka

    Without a doubt, two novels by Ira Levin made into movies: Rosemary’s Baby and Sliver. All I can say is WOW.

  2. melissa

    my favorite movies that are based on books are:
    1. A Walk to Remember
    2. The Client
    3. Dear John
    4. The Lucky One
    5. Twighlight (All)
    6. The Notebook
    and a lot more.

  3. Tayler

    The Harry Potter series
    The Hunger Games Trilogy
    The Road

  4. Tom Walker

    Midnight Express was a great movie made from a book, so will “RUN TOWARD THE BLAZING SUN” Another exciting, true life escape story From Turkey during the 1971 Turkish uprising.

  5. Marlene Morris

    I would love to see Kathleen Woodiwiss’s book a “Rose in Winter” made into a movie.

  6. Jenna Holmes

    Hard Up, Ardon by Jimmy Perrin should be a movie. The second in the series is just about to be released and the third next year. Funniest thing I have ever read.

  7. Karen Jennings

    I would like to see Selfless Sacrifice by Sarah Ali made into a book, it’s such an inspirational book.

  8. Roger Conway-Hyde

    You have to remember the Lord of the rings – Trilogy. I have written a trilogy [book one “Until daylight breaks” and book two “two minutes to midnight” both part of the ‘Black flag trilogy’. Those who have read them have said all would make great movie’s, and that the books are “Page turner’s” we shall have to wait and see. But word of mouth seems to be the way they are both now selling.

  9. Hans Berger

    I have written a novel,based on a true story, soon to be published. I have had speaking engagements and I am told over and over, my book could be made into a riveting film.There wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.
    The title ” A Bridge to Cross” I depict my mother as the hero. We were pursued by Hitler when we were almost crushed by the Soviet shock troops. I was two, my sisters were 4, 7, and 9 years old.My mother saved hundreds of women from the Soviet soldiers from being raped. Many miracles occured which helped us to reach freedom.

  10. Shannon Salter

    I would love to see to my book turned into a movie. It’s a murder mystery set in London in 1814. It’s entitled The Abandoned Countess and tells the story of a lady whose husband disappeared and her desperate search to find him. It has action, drama, suspense and is seasoned with a little romance.

  11. Hans berger

    My manuscript, ” A Bridge to Cross” is about our family’s struggle during WWII when Hitler wanted to exterminate us. Us four children and my mother fled Hitler. We traveled on foot to Former Prussia where we were met by the Russian shock troops.
    Mt mother became the heroine, saving hundreds of refugee women from the Russians. At the same time she cared for us while there was no food, no shelter. We were desperate and close to death many times when we were rescued by God. There was no way to explain it. Angels in human form rescued us of which two were Russian soldiers. I should have the book published by April.
    Even my publisher said, it would make a great movie.
    Thank you for your time.

    Hans Berger

  12. Geoff Dale

    While my book was released as an e-book fairly recently and really hasn’t much time to build a substantial audience, I believe it would be a great movie. The title of my book is The Fine Art of Boxing: No Stooge in the Ring. It’s a fiction (with some facts) based on the early years of Larry Fine – the middle frizzy-haired member of The Three Stooges.
    As an alternative history, the premise is what would or could have happened if Larry had been able to pursue his interest as a youth, that of boxing. In fact, he was a successful amateur boxer (although no records exist) and had one pro fight – a success. His career was cut short by an irate father. My book is a ‘what if’.
    The time frame is the very early years of the 20th Century up to one month before the Great Depression.
    Just throwing it out there. Thanks. – Geoff

  13. Mihaela

    My story is about to be released as a book based on true story .
    Little girl of mixed race abounded by her mother for adoption in a eastern european country ,where rasism is an issue.
    Lucy is determined to find and reunite with her father , who she descover died when she was five and things are not simple because he was a President of a State .
    The story will take the reader through a journey that they won’t forget !

  14. Dave Sheskin (Major-ret.)

    I served 19 years for the illustrious Israeli Mossad. I’ve written 2 books about my assignments as a field agent, and have a few incredible stories to tell. My books are as follows; “Waltzing With The Wicked” and more recently, “Redemption Denied” I do believe that they are exciting enough to make into motion pictures. Thank you,

    Dave Sheskin (Major-ret.)

  15. David Nicholls

    Some good advice, which I thank you for. I too am one of those authors who believes their book would convert into a major movie, Fortunately, so do many of the reviews. The premise of the book is: Imagine a world without the internet. For some, this would be a catastrophe: for others, a Godsend. For one man, however, it has become a necessity and with his power and money, he is determined to see his fantasy turned into reality.

    OUTERNET examines the consequences of one man’s actions in a story of greed, intrigue and murder.

    Would be interested in any feedback.

    David Nicholls (D.P.Nicholls)

  16. Trudie Thompson

    I co-wrote Dreams Do Come True with my husband Lloyd, it is our story and it proves anything is possible and everything is achievable, all we need now is our film offer.

    “I am so very sorry…” The words were out. My mouth was dry, my heart was thumping, and my despair was clearly visible. And so began Trudie and Lloyd Thompson’s heart breaking 12 year journey of IVF treatment, losing a business and even bankruptcy. Through all of this, their love and their relentless enthusiasm kept them strong, and now they are sharing their unique and uplifting story with you. The twists and turns of fate, including an appearance on a TV home makeover show, brought Trudie and Lloyd closer together, and ultimately their courage brought them their most treasured dream; a family. Dreams Do Come True is a story of that courage, a story that proves that with love and determination, anything is possible.


  17. J. U. Burton

    I would love to see a movie of a successful white family, living the successful life. They have 3 children between 12-17. The family is prejudice; however nobody in town knows that the wife was born black until a complication in her fourth pregnancy (which the doctors had advised the couple to terminate due to the seriousness of the illness and her age -45) reveals that she needs a match to provide some rear gene related issue to have a successful birth. A country search comes up with one match. Which the doctors realize was such an accurate match they had to be related; but this man was black. Time reveals who the donor is. Her husband feels betrayed. On reflection she never commented on occasions when he criticized colored folks. The wife tries to deny something she has denied for years. A life she vanished from some 28 years ago. Her dad had married a blond woman from Sweden. Her father’s mother was also white, but died years before his children were born. Her family after using all they had to send her off to one of the best school in USA had never seen her again. she was the first of 8 children. the family had to adjust. She had written only once, asking them not to worry about her she would never return to the dingy life. she had hurt her parents. Her parents suspected that the woman needing the medical assistance could have been their child. His mother had died due to the same complication in child birth and he battled. His other children, although a deep struggle had been all very, very successful individuals. It turns out two of the doctors serving on her medical case were her siblings. The minute she left home she had completed her transformation (texturizing her hair was all it took – it had a glamorous color )her identity, because of childhood challenges with being the only “white girl” in her school growing up. Her 4 brothers and 3 other sisters passed for black. It turns out after many serious and emotional scenes of acceptance/rejection – from even her husband – the fourth child near the end of the movie is born black…and is the identical image of the mother when she was young. Long woolen pigtails. The movie ends after a lot of pain, confession, forgiveness and love. The fourth child is shown at an age of btwn 7 to 12 when the movie ends.

  18. J. U. Burton

    *….he battled whether to help this person; but he knew he had to do the right thing, regardless of who this person turns out to be. Denzel Washington is the dad. Some porcelain looking children meet their black grand father, who they learn to love almost immediately…though being brought up prejudice.

  19. Maya

    The Normal Heart (Matt Bomer is amazing, great actor). Also I’m sure Fifty Shades of Grey will be a great movie when it comes out on Valentines Day.

  20. Dennis

    I read a book called sea of red and black by Shaun Hudson on my kindle. I hope that gets made into a film, lord of the rings meets dawn of the dead. It’s epic

  21. Jack Kantorczyk

    I believe, a good movie base on the story of my book “The Rock Climbers”(www.therockclimbers.com)will honor not only all my former fellow climbing partners but also honor millions active climbers and enthusiasts as well as sympathizers of that sport and at the same time shows to the general public why people are often willing to risk their own lives by climbing dangerous peaks.

    My book follows five young rock climbers ascending the Pirin Mountains in Bulgaria to ready themselves for a later expedition up the highest mountain of the world. This trek is meant to prepare them for truly stressful climbing conditions, checking their mental and physical usefulness and their ability to stay lonely in the harsh mountain environment. During this climb, they must prove themselves able to live together and help each other in perfect harmony and friendship, and, most importantly, prove that they can climb along often unstable and treacherous rocky vertical walls. Aside from the environment, they must overcome stress and physical exhaustion while being aware that the border between life and death is often very thin up there.

    During the stay in the mountains a serious accident happened when one climber fell 60 feet, a plunge it usually end up fatal. Fortunately, it had a happy ending, thanks to events I would describe as mysterious and unusual, a close call that inspired me to write about “The Rock Climbers” book (published by Xlibris).

  22. ann davey

    I would love to see Beyond Graces Rainbow by Carmel Harrington made into movie .Such an inspiring book and also a best seller ..

  23. Irma


  24. Hans Berger

    My book was finally published back in April this year. Sales are terrific and the comments I have received are astonishing. I didn’t think it was that great of a book, but people love it. It’s a page turner for sure. They tell me, once you start reading it, you can’t put it down.
    I am looking for a film producer to turn it into a screen play and from there, a movie. Professionals tell me it would make an awesome movie.

  25. Blas Alberto Camilo

    I wrote the book: one reality in innumerable realities and I´m interested in presenting it to a cinematographic agents. I’m sure that it will be interested for them. It´s a new topic.

  26. mikayla

    Conflict- There is a swirly twirly pool of strawberry creme. Someone keeps on stealing the recipe to Santa’s Swirly twirly pool of strawberry creme and he needs help finding out who has been stealing the recipe. In which Santa gets very tired as he has a busy schedule. It runs out that Santa uses children for this adventure by using a book. There a slushy marshmallow tries that are taking the recipe and making it their own.

    Their only weapon are rotten candy canes that leave a smudge after an object has been painted. Another random weapon they use is out numbered chocolate chips that blind you and spear mini candy canes.

    The marsh man and marshmallow tribes human size marsh man with chocolate feet. The marshmallow man comes up from the book the kids find. Santa’s north pole that he lives in is in the book. Because they read the book. The day is saved by climbing onto of rocky mountain road and grabbing a piece of the mountain and throwing it into the swirly twirly pool of strawberry crem’e.

    With a penguin who is a genie. The penguin can’t change the past it hurts too much. From falling out of a donation truck and landing on the street. until the bus comes and picks it up. The marshmallow tribes refuel their rotten candy canes by going to the swirly twirly pool of strawberry crem’e. What caused the marshmallow tribes to become angry is that they ate too much flour. When they’re only suppose to eat sugar.
    Update : you need to look at question part one to see what this is. it is my conflict to my book that i am trying to write.

    This is what I think hollywood producers would want for middle grade after it is written into a book.

  27. co

    My favourate on are:

    War Horse
    The Jungle book (Not watched)
    Charlie + the chocalate factory

  28. Kathe

    I wrote a book call “Journey into Forever which traces the lives of two lovers who meet lifetime after lifetime. Their first meeting is in ancient Egypt, then again in Africa and finally in New York in the 80’s. I would love to see it in a movie. it has action, intrigue, and lots of romance.

  29. Shaunna Scallon

    I would love for my mystery novel, “Oasis of Truth” to be made into a movie…I’m thinking along the lines of a Hallmark made for TV movie. It takes place in Austin, Texas and highlights law enforcement, children suffering autism and a woman steadfast in her faith. She is coping with the death of her fiance and is searching for his missing little boy who suffers autism. She believes he was kidnapped in Venezuela. The story is an old fashioned romance with a good dose of murder and mayhem!

  30. Dorothy Henderson

    I wrote a book a while ago. It needs to be re edited. I had it self published. It is called Veronica’s Challenge, published by Author House. I believe it would be good enough to become a TV Movie. It is about A woman who is engaged to A man named Trevor,her name is Veronica.

    She is a Dolphin trainer, she has an accident, and become blind while working. She meets this woman who bwcomes her nurse. They become very close. Their is more, It a romantic lesbian story.

  31. Donna Ketchbaw

    I have been told that my fiction novel, Savannah’s Choices, would make a great movie; in the genre as The Notebook, Dear John, or the TV series, Dallas. Currently, I am looking for a film agent. If anyone knows how best to locate one, please email me.

  32. David Garcia

    Geeze! Everybody writes about everything, don’t they? But mine, of course, is special. It’s arms are wrapped around “The Fighting Hamakua”, a ship I sailed during WWII. Too slow to run from a fight, we sailed alone because no convoy would have us slowing them down. Thus the story about an old, worn out, converted cargo ship, armed to the teeth, yet denied being part of the fray, sought out by an enemy sub intent on sinking such an easy prey and the running battle they both rather enjoy, fills my pages with action-packed adventure, romance sex and the enemy with a generous sprinkling of humor helping it along. Caressed with tenderness and composed with caring hands, each chapter, a story in itself, it is, indeed, movie making fodder at its best. Need I say more…?

  33. Ben@McConley

    You can hire a professional screenwriter.Hiring a writer who has a stellar reputation in the industry for writing your kind of movie may help your story impress the right people, and gives you the ability to choose exactly who you think is right for the job.

  34. Dean A. James

    Don Piper wrote his book “90 Minutes in Heaven” in 1995 and has since sold over 7 million copies. The movie of the same title was made into a movie and will be released in the Fall of 2015. It is an incredible story…and yet, I think I have a story that can actually top this one. I also was involved in a fatal car accident which resulted in my death – albeit temporary. I had what many call an N.D.E.(Near-death Experience) and I remember every detail about what I saw and what I heard after my death. I can also completely recount the actual miracle that not only spared my life but also the miraculous healing that happened which completely healed my broken body and blew my Doctor’s mind. Many people that have read my story have urged me to pursue it’s potential for a movie. Thank you for sharing the above article with me and I will follow your advice in my efforts to spread my story of how merciful God was to me in sparing my life and to heal me so that I could tell people about what He did for me. Thank you again!

  35. Ellen

    I liked seeing Secretariat and How to Train Your Dragon as a movie, they were so moving, I always imagine my stories as movies and then put them on paper, it really helps to get the feeling in their.

  36. William F. Polden Sr.

    I have been writing books that should have been ‘movies’ all my life. Teaching myself screenplay & scriptwriting to late in the game.. Sigh, it’s just so sad that one of my best works is stuck in book form and will never make to the silver screen.. Oh, the title? Not that anyone’s going to actually listen///
    ‘The Best Present I Ever Had’.


    I am a first time author. My book is called SOUL SURVIVOR. It’s a true story of my life as a survivor of many things. Child abuse at age 3 by my father and losing my mother at age 5. 13 foster homes and finding out I have the cancer gene and the choices I made to save myself.

    Finding Jesus and the man of my dreams I feel my incredible story would make a great movie. I hope one day this will come to pass. My book is available online but I tell my friends to please go to barnesandnobel.com to order it. If enough people order it there it will actually end up on their book stands.
    God Bless you all

  38. Andrea feinberg

    I have also written a book with my sister memoirs of a wartime romance another true story about our parents journey and fate headed to the South Pacific on a ship as an Orthodox Jew and a Methodist farmers daughter during World War Two romance during wartime,fate of separation and return against parental disapproval.
    We are eager for screenplay or theatre production. Any suggestions for that venue?

  39. Norris Roberts

    Mama Is Still Here!
    A mother and son’s Alzheimer’s Journey.

    Dear Norris,

    You’ve written a beautiful book. The story is warm and loving in spite of the devastating effects of that Alzheimer’s inflicted upon your beloved Momma.

    I feel that families and caregivers would benefit greatly from reading your story – helping them to understand what’s coming as the disease progresses in their loved one.

    This story would make a wonderful Hallmark movie; somewhat reminded me of The Notebook. I wish I had those connections to pitch your story.

    Kind regards,

    Helen Cook
    Primestar Publucity

  40. Davies

    Got a great book that am writing but upon thorough analysis, I’ve concluded that it can be better put in a movie. Any help guys? All help is highly appreciated

  41. brian holliday

    I have a trilogy entitled – from book one to three, ‘The Bone Exchange,”A Remnant of Evil’, and ‘The Final Cut’, but due to the supernatural horror and explicit content I find myself in a niche market with regards the public. My dream of the trilogy being made into a film stems from the fact that I completed it in book form first so it has substance to be converted into a screenplay. Personally I would complete the manuscript then look at turning it into a screenplay afterward.

  42. Mosetta M. Penick Phillips-Cermak, Ph. D.

    I would love to see the Patricia Montclair’s books Summer Lust turned into a movie. It is the most romantic fantasy I have ever read.

    Of course I would love to see my own novel, The Book of Moncoto, made into a book. It is a middle grade fantasy with high adventure,

  43. Frederick W. Sarkis

    I’m a WWII Veteran. Prisoner of the Truck is the name of the book I authored 17 years ago. This book led to the creation of a not-for-profit website called YesPa.org – also 17 years ago. Yes Pa is a digest of Prisoner of the Truck. Over 1,700 schools have downloaded the Yes Pa book. I have had dozens of kids say to me. “Mr. Sarkis, you story would make a great movie, since it would be an inspiration to moms, dads and kids. Also juvenile prisoners who could turn their prisons into study centers as you did on your father’s truck. I just pray that his comment ends up in the hands of pros who can help me.

  44. site

    It’s a good idea to turn your book into a movie, but it’s quite expensive!I’m very proud of you, guys! You must publish your stories, novels, and books online. Our reading audience will accept them for further reading!

  45. Diana

    My great grand father was Fred Archer a famous jockey, I have just written a love story about Fred And Helen, his wife who died after childbirth, Fred was distraught , and 18 months afterwards tragically took his own life, I have focused on his childhood and finding the love of his life, half fact half fiction, but the truth was that Fred was an amazing Jockey and when he died thousands went into mourning , as he was only 29, so my story has secret love affairs , hardships in the jockey world, great loves , life over 140 years ago, it would make the most wonderful love story that the film world has seen for years, ” Just one more smile” by Diana Reynolds I’m 63 yrs now and my dream is to see this happen ! X

  46. Larinna Chandler

    My favorite movie? I have so many from so many excellent books. The one I’m most looking forward to? MY book, “Running to Never!!” 🙂

  47. Tenike

    I generally love to read different novels. Some of my favorite books were made into films:
    1. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    2. Fifty Shades of Grey
    3. Jungle Book
    4. War Horse
    And the list goes on of brilliant books and movies.

  48. Morana

    I have a book on Wattpad called ‘Vampire Blood Drive’ under the username @MoranaTheVampire
    It’s written with detail and lots of dialogue which can easily be adapted to screenplay. However, it would benefit from the book side of a movie. I’ve dreamed of starring in my movie in the future, so I will think about it <3

  49. Brianna

    I am in the middle of writing a book called The Supernatural, it is basically about supernatural beings and the mysteries they have to solve about the past. It has suspense, romance, action and adventure. I always vision it being a TV series or movie. For some reason I have a dream of starring in it some day. Thanks for the advice.

  50. Robert Conard

    I have completed the the first books of a trilogy. The Saga of Kee, the most powerful dragon of all time and the story of two teenage princesses desperate quest to find him.
    I am currently on Amazon and several book stores. The books are doing quite well and I will be selling at comicons this summer. My readers tell me they would make a great film. I am redoing my website.

  51. Noor

    I just started writing a book called “PAST”. I reckon I should change that name because, the book is more about a girl fighting her way through tough tasks, continue her way even if she finds out that all the ones she loves will die, and she has to kill the president (who is actually her father and he killed her parents who adopted her). You know I dream my book will become famous and that I will be a really famous author, but I also dream of becoming a really famous actor who plays in my own book. But anyway this really helped me a lot.


  52. marvin

    I just finished publishing a book call MY UPHILL BATTLE, I would love to make it a movie.. does anyone know approximately how much does it cost for the screen writing?

  53. Chris Jauncey

    I have written my book “Ciffy’s Tale” based on my life after losing my mom as a child, and thought it might make a decent movie, the nearest movie is “Kes”, how would I go about finding someone reputable to turn it into a screen play to see if it is a viable product?.

    Mnay Thanks,
    Chris J.

  54. terri kim

    “Redemption in Time” by William Clark. Amazing.

  55. Thomas DiPaolo

    I have a published, as well as novel non fictional book on Amazon. And, I am seeking a movie production company to make a fictional and very profitable movie/television version. Thus, I am seeking serious minded individuals only!!!

  56. Clem de Marigny

    My book was published by Pam McMillan . Sold over 30,000 copies in 3 months.
    Have been approached by a production company for the rights . an offer is on the table option’s etc .
    Do I still need an agent or would a movie lawyer be better.

    • Writer's Relief Staff

      We are not lawyers, so we are unable to offer legal advice. We would advise talking to an entertainment lawyer to go through the offer with you.

  57. Paul Daze

    My book “Trippplets The New Beginning…” could easily be made into a movie, because it began as a movie. Let me explain. Ten years ago, I awoke to see a phenomenal vision in front of me. It was “Trippplets”, the story that I shelved in the mid eighties for the lack of creative energy. God presented the new and complete version to me on a cold January morning, that captured and tugged on every emotion I have. Many will find that a full-length motion picture, floating in mid-air, is a hard pill to swallow, but I’ll be more than willing to take a million polygraph tests to prove to every doubter that it actually happened. Now just by the miraculous way “Trippplets” was created, if movie producers don’t think it could qualify to be on film, then I don’t know what kind of story they’re looking for.

  58. Ernestine Terrell

    I wrote a book about my life… It is about surving domestic violence. I JUST WANT THE BOOK turned into a movie or short film.. How can I get book into the hands of a producer…


    I would like to see The Mirror From the Barn, by Laurie Thornberry become a movie. It has constant motion throughout the book. It is thrilling, intriguing, suspenseful, and all out scary.
    Well written.

    • Blog Editor

      Thanks, Laurie!


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