Our Favorite Costumes and Candies

by | Oct 30, 2008 | Humor For Writers, Writer's Relief Staff | 35 comments

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We asked the Writer’s Relief staff what their favorite costumes and candies are. Tell us your favorites by posting a reply!

Costume: Ninja. Low maintenance, high recognizability. Plus black works well on Halloween.

Candy: Milky Way. I could make up some fake answer about the galaxy, endless possibilities, or something equally ridiculous, but really it’s just chocolate + nougat + caramel = win.

Costume: Years ago I had a clown suit with tan and red stripes. The big, red nose wasn’t necessary.

Candy: Dark chocolate.

Hermine (Guess who she is related to!)
Costume: Black French Poodle—all handmade, very creative.

Candy: Chocolate-covered marshmallow ghosts by Russell Stover.

Costume: I love Roseanne, and that show had the best Halloween episodes. One, in particular, that sticks out is when Roseanne and Dan dressed up as a dead ventriloquist and his dummy. They performed onstage for their friends, and when the song ended, Dan drank water and it came pouring out of the holes in the dummy’s (Roseanne’s) body. LOL…

Candy: That’s easy. Candy corn. It’s awesome, heavenly, and oh, so bad for you, but it makes me happy. So, please, everyone…LOTS OF CANDY CORN.

Costume: Honestly, I love ghost costumes, the real simple ones with just the two holes for eyes and a giant sheet over your body. It’s so simple yet it freaks me out! It reminds me of the original Halloween movie.

Candy: I love pumpkin spice chocolate…it’s just perfect for the season, and it makes me feel cozy.

Costume: Little Orphan Annie—I dressed up as Annie when I was in grade school, and everyone loved it because I had the dress and big, curly wig. I should totally have my mom see if she can’t dig out one of those pictures. It was a hoot!

Candy: Candy corn—Pure sugary goodness!

Costume: One year my dad made these hot-pink earrings that attached to a battery pack and blinked on and off. Unfortunately, they kept short-circuiting and shocking my earlobes. But I was determined to keep them on—it’s all about aesthetics!

Candy: Snickers.

Costume: Hmm… I like it when people dress as inanimate objects, like, say, a box of crayons. And homemade costumes are, by far, superior. I think it shows off creativity and dedication to the sport of dressing up.

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Candy: Happy Apples by Laurie’s Candies (local homemade candy). Happy Apples are apples dipped in caramel, enrobed in chocolate, and decorated with a candy face (like M&M’s for eyes and candy corn for a nose, licorice whip for a mouth). You may not find them by going door to door, but Laurie’s Candies has made these treats for the past 15 years—or, at least, that is as long as I can remember! When I see those smiling treats in local markets, I know October has come and my favorite holiday, Halloween, is around the corner. When I lived in Boston, my parents would send me Happy Apples in care packages to remind me of home. I look forward to their arrival every year as a gentle reminder that some things don’t change!

Costume: Ghost.

Candy: 3 Musketeers.

Costume: (This is hard because I like more than one) Elvis.

Candy: (Ditto) Snickers bites (dark chocolate).

Costume: My favorite Halloween costume was one my mom made. She teaches elementary school and, therefore, dresses up for her kids each year. A few years ago my mother poked two holes into the bottom of a trash bag for her legs, stepped inside, filled it with fallen leaves, and tied it loosely at her waist. She made a sign that she wore around her neck that read “Tuesday’s Pick Up” since that’s when the yard waste was picked up…

Candy: My favorite Halloween candy is ANYTHING that involves peanut butter.

Costume: Undead Lincoln (Abraham Lincoln as a zombie), Robin Hood, Ghostbuster.

Candy: Chocolate Peanut Butter Marshmallowed Candied Apple.

Costume: Witch (I love the hair).

Candy: Candy corn.

Costume: For Halloween when I was in seventh grade I dressed up as a “Widow’s Web.” It was basically a long, black dress and had a black, sheer shawllike piece with pointed edges, a high collar, and white silk screen print (made to look like a spiderweb) that went over it. Included in my ensemble was makeup (black lipstick/nail polish and white face paint) and a hair clip that had a big, creepy-looking spider on it. I wore my hair half up in a bun, with the spider clip over the bun. I loved that costume and so did my fellow classmates! From the back it really looked like a creepy spider perched high in its web, waiting to attack!

Candy: Snickers fun-size bars are my favorite Halloween candy. Snickers bars are my favorite everyday candy, so getting them on Halloween is always a plus! There’s just something about getting the fun-size bars on Halloween that makes them taste better than the regular size on an average day (kind of like how turkey on Thanksgiving tastes better than a turkey dinner on any other day of the year), not to mention they are a perfect-size chocolatey snack for any time of the day.

Costume: The black Poodle costume my mother made for me when I was a child. It was passed around to many children over the years and won lots of prizes! Must have made an impact on me. I continue to love Poodles, and two of our office mascots are proof (Bella, a standard apricot, and Teddy, a rescued mini apricot). They’re scary smart!

Candy: Anything with chocolate and NO peanuts. I also love homemade popcorn balls.

Costume: My favorite Halloween costume would have to be Dorothy from The Wizard Of Oz. I have a complex, what can I say? Oh, wait…am I supposed to be picking my favorite male costume?

Candy: I’m going to stand up for candy corn here as my favorite Halloween candy, simply because almost all other candy is available year-round. And because I happen to think it’s delicious (we’re a small, small army, we candy corn lovers).

Costume: Ghost. It’s invisible.

Candy: Werther’s hard candy caramel drops. It sticks to the roof of my mouth and I love the buttery caramel flavor.

Costume: Mick Foley (Pro wrestler also known to be Cactus Jack, Dude Love, and Mankind); Superman (with Superdog); Ninja Turtle; Bob Dole.

Candy: Smarties (Nestlé Smarties), only sold in Canada and Europe, similar to M&M’s.

Costume/Candy: My parents really rose to the occasion for Halloween—very creative types. Long, long ago, when I was a wee child, they totally knocked themselves out and constructed an unusual costume for me: a small tabletop complete with a Halloween tablecloth, party favors, etc., featuring a pumpkin centerpiece (my head in a pumpkin mask). The absolute BEST THING about this outfit was that the little paper party cups were filled with CANDY CORN, my favorite Halloween candy. Pure bliss!

Although you didn’t ask, my least favorite costume? Mom and Dad’s version of the Pied Piper of Hamelin: I was forever tripping over the fake rats attached by fishing line to my shoes.

What’s your favorite costume or candy?


  1. Lyn Nave

    I liked Lisa’s story about her ears getting shocked and putting up with it anyway. Cracked me up!

    I think the costume I wore that got the most comments was the Stay-Puft marshmellow man thing that I did many years ago. Remember Mr. Stay-Puft from Ghost Busters? Oh yeah. SCARY!

    Favorite Halloween candy: Smarties American style. No chocolate, just a citric acid OD.

  2. Jacquie

    Costume: Cleopatra
    Candy: Candy corn

  3. Jack

    Costume – Invisible man. Especially useful around the office.
    Candy – Chocolate covered cockroaches. Nobody bums them from you.

  4. S. Susan VanLeeuwen

    OK, watch out, nerd alert! Favorite costume — Beauty school dropout! (From Grease when the pink ladies are dressed in ethereal capes and these giant sparkly roller headpieces during the dream sequence … insert song here.) Made it myself only not quite as fancy but very cool. Revived it last year and got nothing but compliments. On off years, the dress part makes a hip "bride of Frankenstein" outfit. The rollers are made of strips of aluminum cans (silver side out) fastened together in a giant "pyramid" (for lack of a better description; see movie) and wired to a white stocking cap. Added bonus, the metal acts like an antennae and I picked up some great stations from Guam! SS. VanLeeuwen

  5. S. Susan VanLeeuwen

    oops, forgot … favorite candy is Sundrops — healthfood store variety M&M’s.

  6. SilyPoet

    I designed a costume to fit me by measuring every single body part- since I am a rotund individual, it was a bit mortifying! A friend helped me sew it together, and for about five years running I was a pot-bellied dragon!
    I had feet that slipped over my socks that had claws, and wings glued to my back. I also made the mouth to move when I talked, and I could even eat! I am rather heavy-chested, so I had to have a pillow and some bath towels in the chest and belly to hide the fact I was a woman. I also wore this when I was pregnant, so all I used them was the towels. 🙂 A lot of people asked if they could have their picture taken with me!

    As for my favorite candy, it’s a toss up between Twix caramel and Milky Way. I don’t think the kids ever got to eat one. Ever.

  7. Vonnie Neyhart

    All I got was a rock. My mask was a frown face. My daddy didn’t want me getting any razor blades apple. Anyway I wanted to be a green alien. My favorite candy is little Reese’s peanut butter cups.

  8. Debby

    My personal favortie costume is an oversized green sweater, brown tight pants or leotards and condums (unopened) attached to the sweater with self-adhesive male velcro. The costume? A rubber tree, of course. For a less risque version replace the condoms with gum sticks and switch to a gumtree.

    Cute stories, all.

  9. Paula

    My favorite costume is a long, fluffy nightgown and fuzzy slippers. That way, when the last trick or treaters have been given the last of the treats, i can go right to bed!

    My favorite candy is frozen Reeses Peanut Butter Cup miniatures. It’s difficult to limit myself to just a few because they are so over the top when frozen.

  10. Jeff

    I keep my cubicle cluttered with every sort of crap, that way I can easily hide my flask, pot, weapons, etc. I’ve even got a trash cave in one corner where I entertain Carmella, the cleaning lady.
    As for my costume this year, I’m going to show up at the office as Gort (actual size) from The Day the Earth Stood Still and make a serious attempt at gaining vengeance against my enemies. Those on my death list include: coworkers, boss, maintenence staff, parking attendants, a few people across the street . . . basically, anyone foolish enough to defy me or Klaatu.
    Candy? Sour Head Bomb Explosion droplets, what else?

  11. Judith Ingram

    When I was about 10, I had a costume that required a white wig, which, VERY unfortunately, was made out of fiber glass. For weeks, my neck and back itched unmercifully.

    My favorite sweet is whiskey.

  12. Rekaya

    My favorite Halloween candy is miniture snickers. My favorite costume as a child was Wonder Woman.

    Rekaya Gibson, Author
    The Food Temptress

  13. carol yvette smith

    the cutest costumes i’ve seen have been the four or five year old lions and the five year old princesses. the bell rings. you open the door. and smiling up at you from the direction of your knee caps is a little orange creature with long white whiskers and a wagging orange tail. "twick nor tweet" the little creature says as he or she holds up their plastic matching orange pumpkin. the cub-like grin on the face is precicous while the whiskers are wiggling.

    then the door bell rings again. and there are 2 goblins, 2 ghosts, a witch and a princess in pink. cute is beyond words. the parents stand back smiling behind their brood of beasties. the wand carrying pink clad princess in her tutu looks up and says in a whisper, "candy please".

  14. Lisa V.

    Mainly my kids do the dressing up for Halloween, but occasionally when I’m in the mood I too dress up for Halloween because how fun is it to become someone else for a day! In recent years I’ve been Raggedy Ann (many of the grade school kids had no idea who this character was! So sad!), a witch, and a cat complete with long black tail. Probably my fav one was when I was in college I created this in-patient crazy looking get up with a straight jacket, hair sticking up all over my head, and white face makeup with ruby red lips. I was very scary!

    Fav candy: Twix or Almond Joy.

  15. Destiny

    My favorite Costume was from back when I was a teenage and I went trick or treating with a group of teens. I went as a female version of the crow I got the idea from one of my favorite films The Crow starring Brandon Lee.

    My favorite Candy-Reese Cups give me a glass of milk and I can eat a whole bag full.

  16. Ruth Gilbo

    We had a party one year for the extended family – roughly 170 people showed up, and everyone came in costume. I will always remember a few: A cousin showed up in black turtleneck and tights, with socks, underware, bras, etc hanging off her – she was ‘Static Cling’. We had one nun, one HarriKrishna handing out real dead roses, one monk that looked like Uncle Fester, a priest, and Jesus Christ. (That photo is histerical). An Aunt and Uncle came dressed in 50’s hop with saddle shoes and poodle skirt and football uniform. My brother came dressed in red sweats and had stuffed himself to look overweight (bottom and top) white gloves, and scary mask. We kept asking all night, I have’nt seen David, was he supposed to come? He was there all along, people talking about him – unknowingly – right to his face! My dad came as Yasser Arafat. He didn’t anything more than the checkered headdress – without his glasses on, he looked the part. Someone wrapped himself – totally wide strips of white gause – the mummy. He couldn’t sit so he stood at the bar all night.

    Favorite candy – candied apples

  17. Kathleen

    Worst costume: the year my mother decked out me and my sister, four years younger, as an organ grinder (me) and a monkey (her). It was a transparent ploy to turn me into my sister’s handler…she was literally attached to me.

    Best costume: a red devil mask which, it turned out, scared my sister so much that at its mere mention she would run away shrieking! Mwah-hahahhh….

    Favorite candy: all of them, in their wonderful variety, dumped on the floor at the end of the night to be sorted, sampled, and traded.

  18. Sue Hand

    I’m with Frank. Dark chocolate all the way. What could be better than a piece of dark chocolate fresh-made candy, maybe with coconut cream inside or a dark chocolate "turtle"?
    Or a piece of lava cake, with molten dark chocolate. I defy anyone to come up with something more tasty. It’s candy for the adult, epicurean palate! I used to like milk chocolate as a child but now can’t eat it. Don’t they say dark chocolate is good for your heart? Has anti-oxidants or something good?

  19. carol yvette smith

    back in my day we were to poor to have ready made costumes. we were not creative enough to make outlandish costumes. we just carried our safeway brown paper bags and muttered trick or treat just to get our stash.

    those were the times before the razor blade apples and poisoned candies. before you had to be sure all your candy was properly wraped.

    i felt sad for me and my two sisters walking around in average muggle attire (description now made famous by harry potter for humans who are magically challenged), when other kids were decked out in their halloween ‘nines’.

    my brother had made his own make shift costumes. he was the creative one. how and where he got his ideas who knows. as he began his halloween walk of shame, star wars and presidential masks were the rage.

    he’s way older now. he sees to it that his sons have the best in halloween fright masks and costumes. he even has his own favorite redskin horror head to wear himself. and now the favorite halloween is harry potter.

    he brings his boys over to our mom’s so his kids can have that halloween adventure like he had. he always seemed to collect the most candy when he was a preteen. never shared his halloween stash with his sisters. he got sick every morning after munching his hallowed treats all night. his sons do the same now. eat all their halloween stash of candies and are sick the next morning. a few sips of milk of magnesia usually helps calm their innards.

    i do think there oughtta be an age limit though. after sixteen, stay home. adults can have the excuse of being with their little bundles of joy, but to each his own. i don’t want to be a halloween grinch.

    favorite candies really only got better when my brother crashed our halloween early evening haunts. bay ruths, hershey bars and those tasty reese’s cups. i did like candy corn. but once you get that familiar taste of sugar, well, enough of that stuff i say. but it wouldn’t be halloween without it.

  20. Phil

    After my gray hair overwhelmed the original dark-brown color, I "became" Eddie Munster at an office event. Among other things, I dyed my hair jet black with that wash-out stuff. I was very surprised when I didn’t get get much reaction. In fact, people seemed to be avoiding me. I found out later that everybody presumed I had actually dyed my hair and didn’t want to mention it.

  21. Writer's Relief Staff

    Posted for Patricia Anne Elford–

    My favourite costume? A difficult decision. In second place was my Halloween dance costume: Miss Trash Can. Thinking that I wouldn’t be recognized, I wore a one-piece bathing-suit with black semi-sheer tights underneath and streaky black-over- white-dyed heels. I had false eyelashes made of black construction paper, a large hand-made fly on my shoulder, a "Miss Trash Can" sash and a tin can bracelet. I sashayed into the room. Someone called out my name, and my bravado fled.

    First Place: At about age 10, I wore a long black velvet dress and old-fashioned bonnet. I carried an unfolding lady’s celluloid fashion fan from days gone by. It had little pockets into which one tucked perfumed cotton. One wave, and the gentlemen would be yours, I gather. I still have the fan, and one gentleman.

    Favourite Candy at the time of the velvet dress: Marshmallow strawberries. The red dye served as lipstick.
    Now? a particular kind of chocolates, NOT from a health food store.

  22. J. M. Cornwell

    My favorite costumes change with the years. At 14 I was Marilyn Monroe with my mother’s favorite platinum wig and black stilettos and a hand crocheted blue dress I found at Goodwill, so famous movie queens were my favorite until I hit my 20s and 30s. Then it was a djinni that I cannibalized from cocktail dresses with lots of filmy, transparent veils. But the most favorite was a cat and I did a very elaborate makeup. It was somewhere between Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman and Cats on Broadway.

    Favorite candy: anything with toffee in it, caramel apples and popcorn balls.

  23. David Bueno-Hill

    Favorite Costume-Anything with skulls
    Favorite Candy-Any thing with strawberry/cherry syrup posing as blood.

    I live in the hood, South L.A. and last year some 15 year old kids come to my door without costumes. They killed it. One girl stuck her head in my house and said, "Damn, you must be rich." I can’t deal with that this year and my little one is 2 so he can walk now. We’re going to the good neighborhood to trick or treat. He’s going to be an adult and I’m going to be a baby. No diaper, just one of those adult sized zip-up pajamas with the feet. Oh, and a bonnet. Yeah, I know.

  24. Reba

    When I was too old for such things, I made a tomato costume, which was pushing the limits of my sewing ability. I ended up looking like a big red blob, but at least it was a change from my usual "hobo" costumes!

    And give me chocolate. Any kind of chocolate, but preferably Almond Joys…

  25. Joan

    Costume: Ballet tights with tutu (of course on me, it’s a three-three) and a Barack Obama face mask. Total antithesis.

    Candy: Candy corn. Lots of it. All the time. Any time. Now!

  26. Angela Posey-Arnold

    My favorite costume was one year when I was in nursing school. I worked 3-11 at the hospital and several nursing interns dressed up in old green scrubs, mask, gloves, hats, shoe covers, the works. Then we squirted each other with fake blood. Dropped by walmart and bought a handsaw each. Squirted those with blood too.
    Then we crashed the halloween party–My hubby says that was the night he KNEW he loved me. hahahahaha
    Favorite Candy–M&Ms anyway, anywhere, anytime.

  27. Angela Posey-Arnold

    You are right –this was fun–you guys are a hoot.

  28. Melanie Pering

    Favorite Costume: a pumpkin costume my mom made for me when I was about three. It was quite humorous and we have the pictures to prove it. lol!!!
    Favorite Candy: Peanut M&Ms.

  29. M. Martin

    Favourite Costume: This year– Captain Jack Sparrow’s sister, Jill Sparrow.

    Favourite Candy: 100 Grand Bars!

    There should never be an age limit on trick-or-treating. Ever. The day there is an age limit put on trick-or-treating is the day I move to a more capitalistic country. My personal goal is to trick-or-treat every year of my life; I don’t want to look back and be able to say that there was an opportunity to have fun I didn’t take. So far, so good!

    -M. Martin

  30. carol yvette smith

    i almost forgot about the one memorable halloween costume we were able to put together for halloween. remember those cat and dog masks in breakfast at tiffany’s. the movie with audrey hepburn. well, the five and dime store was where we got our little cat faces. that little elastic band that held the mask on would always pop off. well, at least it was festive.

    somehow, i got a response about never being too old for halloween. sorry. but when you answer the door and a youngster is towering over you like a living frankenstein…..well, just a bit too scary for me. peace.

  31. Liz

    I LOVE the "rubber tree" mentioned above. I guess my favorite from a co-worker was a cereal killer. All she wore was gray sweats and sneakers. She carried a toy knife and, oh yes, she had small cereal boxes glued all over.
    Mine was a gypsy fortune teller. I wore a long flowing skirt of many colors and similar long-sleeved top, long earraings. My prop was my husband’s bowling ball. It was clear with a skull inside. I covered it with a white gauzy handkerchief until I started telling someone’s fortune. One of the salesman looked into my crystall ball and said "I can see I’m going to have a bad day."

  32. WR Staff

    Posted for Marilyn Ringer:

    My favorite costume was "Annie Okie" complete with my own boots, rifle, hat, cowgirl dress, and Oklahoma accent which kept my California friends entertained all night and when "Whatever spends your spurs" became words to live by. None of them had every heard me speak my mother tongue and it was a blast. Just glad I hadn’t plum forgot the idioms of my youth. As for candy I’m a dark chocolate gal through and through. Hope y’all have a great Halloween. Do you know the plural of y’all? That would be all y’all.

  33. WR Staff

    Posted for Mary Diane:

    My favorite costume was as a witch when my niece and nephew were very little. I was so excited to scare little Matt in my witch costume, and I remember getting out of the car and trying to sneak up the yard of their apt complex. Matt was standing out on the lawn and goes: "Hi Mary!!" Oh well… can’t fool these kids. I sure miss trick or treating with them.

    Candy: Candy corn–there are more of us than you think! and bite-size Milky Way. Happy Samhain and Trick or Treat Everyone!

  34. Erich

    I see my favorite costume in the store windows. My favorite candy is a candy corn dropped in a Guinness.

  35. Anne L

    This year, for a party, I dressed up as Hermione Grainger, which has to be my favorite ever. Found skirt and sweater at Goodwill, already had suitable socks and shoes. Ordered the robe online because after sewing costumes for my kids for years I was tired of sewing. Alas I did not win the prize, because the winners were Samurai Warrior, Bride of Frankenstein, and one who came as both presidential candidates.



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