Submission Guidelines for Writer’s Relief

Whether or not the Review Board sends you an invitation to join our client list, every writer who applies to our Full Service will receive a FREE copy of our digital workbook The Goal-Oriented Writer: How To Define And Organize Your Writing Goals once they’ve completed the form.

Wishing someone would help you research and prepare your submissions to literary agents and editors? You’ve come to the right place!

Writer’s Relief (est. 1994) can save your COUNTLESS hours of struggle and may be able to improve your acceptance rate. See our Services page for plans and pricing.

Writer’s Relief cannot accept every writer into our Full Service program (we accept about 20% of authors who apply). Clients’ writing must be strong and appropriate for submission.

Read our Submission Guidelines below!

FAQs for Review Board Submissions

What is my financial obligation if I submit my work?

Consideration is free and confidential. If you’re accepted, we’ll send you an information packet. At that point, if you would like our time-saving and effective help making submissions, you’re welcome to join! And if you don’t opt into the intensive Full Service, maybe you’ll check out our A La Carte services. It’s up to you!

If my work is accepted, how long will it take before you publish it?

This is a great question. We DON’T publish any work. We are not a publisher, literary agency, or publicity firm. We’re an author’s submission service; we help authors make submissions to literary agencies and literary journals. Our work is based on flat fees. Please take a moment to learn more about Writer’s Relief before deciding whether or not to submit for consideration.

How do I know you won’t steal my writing or my idea?

We think there should have been a special canto of Dante’s Inferno dedicated to plagiarists. We won’t steal your work or your ideas. We’ve been in business since 1994; we live to help writers, and we cheer when our clients reach their goals!

Can I submit my previously published writing or my self-published book?

If you are submitting a book, previously published and self-published works are welcome.

If you are submitting short prose or poetry, do NOT send previously published works—whether they appeared in print or online. This policy is necessary due to current industry-wide trends and guidelines.

Will you give me a critique of my work?

Nope. Sorry! Our response (whether we offer you a place on our client list or not) will indicate our feelings about your writing’s “submittability” (yeah—it’s a word).

How much does Writer’s Relief cost? Do you work on commission?

Please see our services page for our flat-fee pricing. We do not work on commission.

How long does it take to receive a response from the Review Board?

If you are submitting during a formal call for submissions (because you have an inside track as a subscriber of Submit Write Now!), then you’ll hear back relatively quickly.

If you are submitting outside of a formal call for submissions, we’ll hold your submission until we have openings for new clients writing in your genre.

I have another question. Can I contact you?

Sure! You are welcome to

  • Email your question to
  • Use our online chat feature during business hours
  • Call us toll-free at (866) 405-3003 and speak with a submission strategist
  • Visit our main FAQ page
  • Send a message via carrier pigeon…(Okay, maybe not this last one. Our dovecote is full.)

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions online via our Submission Form (files should be DOC, DOCX, or PDF). If you are not able to submit via our online form, please email to make alternate arrangements.

We are currently accepting submissions in the following genres:

  • Novels and nonfiction books (Submit the first 15 pages, a short synopsis/proposal, and a sample query if you have one). Your novel/memoir must be complete, and the ideal length for a completed book is 50,000 to 125,000 words.
  • Stand-alone poems (Submit 9-12 unpublished poems)
  • Short stories and personal essays (Submit three pieces, each under 3,500 words)

Click to upload your writing TODAY using our simple online submission form!

**We are NOT currently reading submissions in the following genres:

Poetry collections

We can’t work with poetry collections, but we CAN work to place individual poems in literary journals to increase your odds of publishing a collection at some point. Literary agents rarely will consider collections of poems. Publishers for collections are few and far between. We do help poets proof and format their poetry collections to submit to contests and publishers. Contact Read more about how to get your poetry collection published.

Children’s Books

We are not currently accepting books for young children, such as picture books. But we CAN help you get your book published with our e-book and interactive list of agents and editors who are reading children’s literature.

Freelance articles

We are not a freelance submission service. We work with CREATIVE writing only.


We are not currently working with chapbooks. The market for them is very specialized. Most chapbooks are published via competitions. We do help poets proof and format their poetry collections to submit to contests and publishers. Contact

Scripts, screenplays, plays

Sorry! We are not currently working in these genres.

Thanks for reviewing our submission guidelines. Our Review Board is looking forward to reading your work!

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