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Writer’s Relief Review Board

Writing and submitting should make you feel EXCITED! EMPOWERED! Not anxious and overwhelmed. Writer’s Relief is seeking submissions of poetry, short prose, and books for our Full Service. Please select your genre below to submit your strongest work for consideration.


Please Note: Our primary focus is on American markets. We target American literary agents for books. And for short prose and poetry, we target American markets and some overseas publications that accept submissions in English. Therefore, we can only work with manuscripts written in English.

If you are submitting a prescriptive nonfiction book for adults, please send your query letter, proposal, and 5 sample pages to with your complete contact information.

Keep in mind that if your submission comes when we’re not actively reading submissions, it may take up to two months to get back to you.

Whether or not the Review Board sends you an invitation to join our client list, if you apply to our Full Service, you will receive a FREE copy of our digital workbook The Goal-Oriented Writer: How To Define And Organize Your Writing Goals once you’ve completed the form.



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