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Past Winners Of The Peter K. Hixson Award

2017 (Poetry & Short Story Genres)

Poetry Winner: Patti Swartz

Poetry wild card: Liz Bruno

Short story Winner: Matthue Roth

Short story honorable mention: Alexandra Rochman

2016 (Poetry & Short Story Genres)

Poetry Winner: Mary Newell

Short Story Winner: Melissa Heath-Lee

Short Story Honorable Mention: Bonnie MacDougall

Wild Card Winner: Serena Richardson

2015 (Poetry & Short Story Genres)

Poetry Winner: T.K. Lee

Short Story Winner: Katie McClendon

2014 (Poetry & Short Story Genres)

Poetry Winners: Ani Tuzman, Sheila Murphy

2013 (Poetry & Short Story Genres)

Poetry Winner: Brittany Tacconi
Poetry Honorable Mentions: Rachel Landrum Crumble, Robin Kalinich, Erik Richardson

Short Story Winner:
 Rachel Henry
Short Story Honorable Mentions: Elizabeth Klein, Aaron Schultz

Wild Card Winner: Lisa Sturm

2012 (All Genres)

Poetry Winner: Laura Wendorff
Short Story Winner: Josh DuBose
Book Winner: Barbara Cockrell

2011 (Poetry Only)

Lisa Cheby
Christina Kapp
Patricia McMillen
Lauren Yaffe

2010 (All Genres)

Poetry Winner: Kim Waggoner
(with honorable mentions for Heather Bartlett, Keith Gaboury, Marissa Mollot, and Adrienne Sneed)

Short Prose Winner: Elishia Heiden
(with honorable mentions for Byron Campbell, Pittershawn Palmer, and Maria Carvajal)

Book Winner: Rebecca Elswick
(with honorable mentions for Lynda Martin and Lynda Letona)

Wild Card Winners: Jackleen Holton and Daniela Petrova

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