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Elite Full Service Details

Elite Full Service: Let Us Make Your Life Even Easier

starThanks for checking out our ELITE Full Service!

Before you learn about our ELITE program, start by learning about our standard Full Service.

Why? Because our ELITE program will give you everything that comes with our standard Full Service—plus much more!


Q: How Does ELITE Full Service differ from the standard Full Service?

A: Our standard Full Service makes it easier for creative writers to spend less time making submissions and more time writing. But our Full Service does require clients do some work. Standard Full Service clients must mail their hardcopy submissions from their home. They must also make their online submissions themselves (via email or via online forms). In short, our Full Service program takes care of everything except sending submissions out.

Our ELITE Full Service program takes it one step further: With ELITE, Writer’s Relief manages the entire submission process from A-Z, including mailing and emailing all submissions directly from our office, forwarding any acceptances and rejections to you, and essentially ensuring that clients do not need to lift a finger to send out a submission.

If you haven’t already, learn about our standard Full Service. And remember: ELITE is everything you get with our standard Full Service, and we’ll send out 25+ submissions every two months directly from our office on your behalf.


Q: How can I trust that you’re going to do a good job making my submissions directly from your office? How do I know you’re doing what you say you’ll do?

A: As always, our clients are fully in charge of their own submission process—even though we are doing all the work. We make sure our clients know exactly what is going on with their submissions at all times.

If you choose ELITE, we will maintain any electronic rejections and responses for you in a personal database. You will know what’s going on with your submissions at any given moment.

Once we let you know that you’ve received a rejection, acceptance, or other communication from a literary agent or editor, you will need to handle any direct correspondence on your own. Our submission strategists can advise you about what to say, but we will not write your emails and letters for you.

Q: What is the difference in cost between standard Full Service and ELITE Full Service?

A: Our ELITE Full Service costs $200 in addition to our standard Full Service fees, which are between $349 and $449 per cycle (one cycle is two months long; we submit your work once per cycle).

The additional ELITE fees cover the cost of our time spent making each of your 25+ submissions per cycle—one submission at a time, directly from our office. As you can imagine, it saves you hours of work!


Q: I love this! I want you to do EVERYTHING to manage my submission process for me. Where do I sign up?

A: If you are already a standard Full Service client and want to upgrade, just call your submission strategy team or new client liaison.

If you are not a Writer’s Relief client, you will need to submit your writing to our Review Board for consideration. Our ELITE Full Service is an intense partnership: We need to work well together, and we need to be sure that your writing is strong.


Q: Can I talk to someone about your ELITE Full Service?

A: Definitely! Call during business hours, toll-free, at (866) 405-3003 or email us anytime. You can also use our live online chat to talk to a submission strategist directly from your keyboard during our office hours.


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