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“The Reason” Versus “The Reason Why:” Is There One Right Way?


For some writers—and especially the more persnickety members of the Grammar Police—the phrase “reason why” is a huge pet peeve. “Why” seems redundant when it follows “reason”; shouldn’t you simply say “the reason the cat jumped” as opposed to “the reason why the cat jumped?” Well, we hate to burst your bubble, but as perContinue Reading

The Money-Saving Guide To Writing Conferences: Save Hundreds Of Dollars With These 20 Tips


Smart career tips, networking possibilities, and craft development—writing conferences can be incredibly valuable to a writer. But they can also be prohibitively expensive! If you’re on a budget, these money-saving tips will help you plan an inexpensive trip that’s big on value but small on bucks. How To Find And Attend An Inexpensive Writing ConferenceContinue Reading

¡Ay, Caramba! To Italicize Or Not To Italicize Non-English Words And Phrases


As writers, we all want our work to have that special je ne sais quoi…or is it je ne sais quoi? How do you know when to italicize a foreign phrase in your writing? Unlike conjugating verbs in Japanese, the answer is easier than you might think. Single words or short phrases in languages otherContinue Reading

Stress-Free Mingling Strategies And Conversation Starters For Writers At Conferences


It’s not easy to walk into a room filled with strangers, mingle effortlessly, and chat comfortably. For many writers, this awkward interaction is the most dreaded aspect of attending a writers conference. But a writers conference offers you a priceless opportunity to interact with other writers, editors, and literary agents—so don’t let your inner introvertContinue Reading

The “Blond Or Blonde” And “Gray Or Grey” Debates

Blonde Gray Debates

Is your main character a blond…or a blonde? Or that grandfatherly antagonist you just created—is his thinning hair iron gray or iron grey? Stop tearing your hair out trying to decide! We have the answers right here. “Blond” vs “Blonde” The word “blond” has its origins in French, where it has both masculine and feminineContinue Reading

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