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How To Fire Your Literary Agent


After much consideration and carefully weighing all the pros and cons, you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to fire your literary agent. Now the question is: Where do you start? First things first: Review your literary agent contract to understand the ramifications of your decision, since every literary agency handles this issue differently.Continue Reading

5 Techniques To Develop Your Short Story Into A Novel


So you’ve written a short story. You’ve revised it, edited it, and condensed it down to 3,500 (or fewer!) words of perfection. Then a thought crosses your mind: After all that work cutting out words—should I now add thousands more and turn my short story into a novel? The answer is…maybe. Five Ways To TurnContinue Reading

5 Ways To Write Characters That People Care About


In a previous article, we explored five ways to make your characters more three-dimensional. Once your characters are believable as living, breathing individuals, the next step is to make readers care about them. When readers are invested in the characters’ struggles and personal stories, they are much more likely to keep reading. Here are five ways toContinue Reading

Featured Client: Laura Schulkind

Laura Schulkind

Our latest Featured Client, Laura Schulkind, does it all. Poetry, short stories, even a novel—Laura has tackled them all with skill and success. Her poetry, while often light and conversational, also addresses powerful, universal topics such as human nature and interpersonal relationships. In her prose, Laura’s characters are flawed and three-dimensional to the point thatContinue Reading

Interview With An Author: Jennifer Finney Boylan

Jennifer Finney Boylan

In our Interview With An Author series, Writer’s Relief asks professional writers to share their tried-and-true secrets for publishing success. Professor Jennifer Finney Boylan is the author of 13 books, including the best-selling memoir She’s Not There: A Life in Two Genders and the newly released Stuck in the Middle with You: Parenthood In ThreeContinue Reading

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