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Summer Writing Prompts: Your Next Inspiration Could Be Hidden In One Of These 6 Images!

writing prompts

Happy summer, writers!

We challenge you to take five minutes today to write a response to one of our summer writing prompts below. You can dash off a poem, a memory, or bit of fiction. We would love to read your creative responses! You’re welcome to post what you write in our comments section (just know that if you do, the material may be considered previously published). Enjoy!

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Summer Writing Prompt Image #1:

They say lightning never strikes twice…but what if it did? What does this scene conjure up for you?



Summer Writing Prompt Image #2:

A hidden summer garden always attracts visitors, from blue jays to sleepy cats. But what would you do if you found this?


Summer Writing Prompt Image #3:

You don’t realize it right away, but someone who was once very important is standing behind these balloons. What do you do when the balloons are set free?


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Summer Writing Prompt Image #4:

A perfect summer evening—until…


Summer Writing Prompt Image #5:

It’s a hot day. Your car needs washing. It should be routine, but it isn’t.



Summer Writing Prompt Image #6:

You’ve been called by your mysterious new boss for a meeting at his/her home, and when you arrive this is what you see…


Happy writing!

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