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The 3 Imaginary Terrors Writers Are Afraid Of (And The Real Danger Most Writers Ignore!)

Imaginary Terrors Writers Afraid Of

With Halloween approaching, children’s thoughts are filled with zombies, vampires, and other bugaboos.

As adults, we think we’ve outgrown our fear of the bogeyman.

But the truth is, many writers are haunted by paralyzing, seemingly monstrous fears when it comes to submitting, publishing, and building a reputation.

Don’t Let These Imaginary Monsters Hold Back Your Writing Career!

Fear #1: Not being good enough as a writer.

When that piece you were sure was a winner instead gets rejected, it’s easy for your confidence to crumple like a trick-or-treat candy wrapper. Take heart in knowing that every writer hits a rough patch now and then. It’s just temporary.

Fear #2: Being judged for being unpublished.

Many writers worry that being unpublished will keep them from getting published—but that’s not the case! At Writer’s Relief, we’ve had MANY writers come to us without any publication credits who, with our help, went on to garner major literary awards, or publication in literary journals, or even agents. Does a “dream come true” deal happen to every writer who works with us? No. But those who have talent and dedication see a steady, measurable improvement in their acceptance rate.

Right now, Writer’s Relief can make sending your submissions to literary agents or to creative writing publications a lot less scary—and a lot more successful!

We’re accepting new clients on a limited basis only until October 15. We’re reading for POEMS, BOOKS, and SHORT CREATIVE PROSE (fiction and nonfiction). Consideration is free, confidential, and incurs no obligations. Our services have been highly recommended in the publishing industry for 20+ years.

Our elite client list has included talented new writers AND bestselling veterans. They all have the same thing in common: they want to make strong, regular submissions, but they don’t want to deal with all the hassle, paperwork, and frustration. Our clients would rather be writing!

Writer’s Relief can work with you to develop a personalized submission strategy—no submission spam, ever! We’ll take care of everything. You just write.

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Fear #3: Asking silly questions.

Many writers button their lips when they should be speaking up. No one wants to look ignorant, but remember: Every writer is a NEW writer at some point. And veteran writers know the value of asking questions.

The trick is to ask questions in a safe, supportive environment and to get the answers from people who have lots of proven experience. Our clients value the support they receive from their personal submission strategists here at Writer’s Relief. There are no silly questions—the only thing silly is not to ask!

And What’s The #1 REAL Career-Killing Danger Most Writers Ignore?

*Having A Weak Submission Strategy*

Even the BEST writers will fail to get published if they’re not consistently submitting professional, well-targeted submissions.

And yet, few writers working on their own have a practical, viable PLAN for making submissions. Successful submissions can be a numbers game—so that means investing time in planning, researching, and executing a long-term submission strategy.

That’s where Writer’s Relief comes in!

Our submission strategy has been recommended for 20+ years because we get results.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

Do you want our creative writing submission expertise to

improve your submission strategy

AND save you time?

Then don’t be afraid to…


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Writer QuestionsQUESTION: How many submissions will you make in the next month?

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