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Where To Submit Poetry For Money | Writer’s Relief

Money For Poetry

Do you know where to submit poetry for money? Believe it or not, there ARE literary journals that are willing to pay their writers for poems. They are few and far between, but we here at Writer’s Relief know they do exist. Some literary journals receive grants or are university funded, so they are able to pay their poets a relatively small amount of money to publish their work. But most literary journals are unable to pay anything to writers who submit poetry.

Economics 101: Poets And Money

When you think of how poets are portrayed in popular media, they’re never living in big, Italian, marble mansions or driving high-end cars. Nope, normally poets are portrayed as struggling, striving, beating the odds. The words poetry and money aren’t exactly synonymous. And there’s a reason for that!

While writing poetry may be more popular than it has ever been in the history of the written word, reading (and buying) poetry is not exactly as cool as, say, reality TV. What that means is the profit for publishers who are accepting poetry submissions is negligible or nonexistent.

Also in recent years, a recession has caused funding of the arts to shrink—meaning literary journals that managed to make it through hard times without closing their doors are worthy of celebration. And those that can actually pay their writers are precious, if not rare.

Who Can Help Me Submit My Poetry For Money?

If you’re a Submit Write Now! subscriber, you already know the answer to this! Writer’s Relief helps writers submit poetry to literary journals (we also work with short stories, personal essays, and books). Of course, we know you want to get paid for your poetry. So if our authors do make any money from their submissions, we don’t take a commission. Our work is based on flat fees.

But here’s the caveat: If you’ve read the paragraphs above, you already know that few writers are paid for their poetry. That leads some people to wonder…

Why Do People Submit Their Poems If They’re Not Getting Paid?

In a perfect world, writers—especially creative writers—would always get paid for writing poems and stories. But most writers submit their poetry for publication not because they want money, but because they want a) a strong author bio, b) credibility, c) a resume/CV booster, d) to publish a book of poems with an indie publisher someday, and so they need to get their individual poems published in reputable lit mags.

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Paying Markets: Where To Submit Poetry For Money

Here are some ideas if you’re looking for a poetry publisher because you’d like to make a little money.

1. Tap into the greeting card market. Writing poems for greeting cards is a great way to make a little extra money on your poetry. You won’t get rich, but you’ll have fun! Read More: Writing Poems For Greeting Cards.

2. Submit to literary journals that offer payment or an honorarium. You’ll have to do a little bit of research to find the editors who are “right” for your unique poems. But here are just a few literary journals that (at the time of publication) are paying their authors for poems:

Alaska Quarterly Review
Ellipsis: Literature and Art

3. Submit to reputable poetry contests. Entering a poetry contest is an investment; most contests charge a fee. But if you win, you’ll MORE than recoup your payment. Note: This is if you’re submitting individual poems to a lit mag contest. If you’re submitting a chapbook, the prize is often in publication.

4. Submit to anthologies. Sometimes, individual editors who are putting together anthologies on select topics will pay poets for the verses. Find a list of anthologies/calls for poetry submissions here.

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