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Category Archives: Writing Career

6 Signs Your Writing Career Is On Track (Even If You Don’t Think It Is) | Writer’s Relief

At some point, every writer feels less than optimistic about accomplishing his or her dreams as a writer. But if you’re feeling like gloomy gray clouds are shadowing everything you write, here’s something to brighten your day: Just because you worry that a future as a writer is out of reach doesn’t mean it actually… Continue Reading

8 Writing Career Strategies That Help You Always Do Your Best Work | Writer’s Relief

Your writing career is more than just the moments you spend actually writing. To make the most of the time that you’re able to dedicate to the craft you love, look at the bigger picture and establish habits that will support your writing career throughout your entire life. Writer’s Relief’s List Of Lifetime Habits All… Continue Reading

8 Writers Who Crossed Over From Other Careers | Writer’s Relief

When you’re reading the latest best seller from your favorite author, you might think he or she was born with a pen in hand, destined for literary greatness from day one. But the truth is, most successful authors had day jobs just like the rest of us! And often, those careers served as inspiration for… Continue Reading

Get Paid: Writer’s Relief Tells You How To Publish Short Stories For Money | Writer’s Relief

Believe it or not, it is possible to make a little bit of money publishing short stories. While short story writers might not make enough money to pay their mortgages, smart writers who are dedicated to developing a strong submission strategy may find that it’s possible to get paid for writing short stories. Writer’s Relief… Continue Reading

Administrative Professionals’ Day: A List of Things Other People Can Do For Your Writing Career | Writer’s Relief

On April 26 (Administrative Professionals’ Day), people across America take a moment to recognize the supportive and critical work that administrative professionals do all year long. Here at Writer’s Relief, we consider ourselves to be administrative professionals—personal assistants who specialize in helping writers get published. We’d even go so far as to confidently say that… Continue Reading

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