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Is It A Memoir Or An Autobiography? | Writer’s Relief

Happy Lifewriting Month! Ever wonder why people today seem to publish “memoir” over “autobiography?” According to this article Writer’s Relief found in Signature:

“It used to be simple: famous people wrote autobiographies; nobodies wrote memoirs.”

But today, books by famous people…

“… read much more like memoirs—what used to be autobiography’s emotional, disreputable little sister, and now has become such a dominant nonfiction genre that it’s hard to find a traditional autobiography anymore.”

Read the whole article here.

How Gratitude Can Make You A Better Writer | Writer’s Relief  

As an author, you know the writing life can sometimes be lonely, thankless, and grueling—and don’t forget the rejections! But writers can also find great joy and success in their craft, and often the deciding factor between a frustrated writer and a successful author is attitude. Writer’s Relief knows there are many benefits to being… Continue Reading

5 Reasons We’re Grateful For Writers Who Are Veterans | Writer’s Relief

This Veterans Day, Writer’s Relief wants to remember the positive impact writers who are veterans have on our lives and on the world. Add your voice in our comments section! Why We’re Thankful For Veterans Who Write Writing about conflict takes courage. Writing about war requires that writers dig deep into their memories, feelings, observations,… Continue Reading

The History Of Ghost Stories | Writer’s Relief

Along with providing a glimpse into the human psyche, ghost stories through the ages often feature the afterlife activities of notable historic figures—including some authors! According to this article found by Writer’s Relief on the History website: “The author Mark Twain is believed to haunt the stairwell of his onetime Village apartment building, while the ghost of… Continue Reading

5 Of The Creepiest, Crawliest Books For YA Readers | Writer’s Relief

For brave readers, October is the best month to enjoy the works of classic horror novelists like Stephen King. We think teens (and adults!) searching for a scare will love these lesser-known books too! But be warned: Some of these are more than a little frightening and may not be best for younger teens. Get… Continue Reading

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