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Writer’s Relief Named One Of The 100 Best Websites for Writers in 2017


Break out the bubbly—we’re celebrating! Here at Writer’s Relief, we couldn’t be more excited about being named one of the top 100 Best Websites For Writers In 2017. You’ll find us listed in the Publishing category. Here’s what the kind folks at The Write Life had to say:


  1. Writer’s Relief

For more than 20 years, Writer’s Relief has helped creatives successfully submit their writing to literary journals, book publishers, agents and more. The staff’s blog is full of publishing tips, and they also have a paid-subscriber-only classifieds section listing contests, conferences and residences.


See the criteria Writer’s Relief had to meet in order to qualify for the list, which post of ours was a fan favorite, and more here!




New Writers: How To Get Your First Publication From A Literary Journal

You’re a new writer ready to pursue your first publication credit, but you’re hesitating because of the what ifs. What if your writing isn’t good enough? What if your submission screams “newbie”? What if you have to be published to get published? It’s easy to let indecision and the what ifs stop you from submitting… Continue Reading

What You Must Know To Make Effective Submissions To Literary Agents And Editors

Ever wonder why ballet dancers spend so much time doing barre work (lots of toe pointing and repetitive arm lifting) when they could be dancing instead? It’s because their art form stresses a practice that many writers tend to forget over time: the importance of returning to the basics, again and again. If you’re just… Continue Reading

Submission Strategy Hacks For Writers Who Hate Making Submissions

Many of the authors who submit a writing sample to Writer’s Relief come to us for help because they love writing, but they hate researching and preparing submissions to send out to literary markets. Signs You May Be Slacking on Your Writing Submissions: You honestly mean to read the lit mag submissions guidelines page—you really… Continue Reading

How And Where To Submit Creative Nonfiction For Publication

Creative nonfiction is fast becoming one of the most popular literary genres. But it’s important to find the right publisher(s) for your creative nonfiction (aka narrative nonfiction). Start by following these three easy steps! Step One: Determine Your Subgenre Of Short Nonfiction Prose Is your work a witty commentary? An op-ed with a political bent? A… Continue Reading

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