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6 Tips For Young Writers Who Want To Get Published

When you imagine what a “typical author” looks like, do you picture a gray-haired, bearded professor, or a refined, mature woman old enough to be your…mom? You may think that all published writers have spent many years honing their craft. But believe it or not, some authors experienced publishing success while they were young. Mary Shelley started… Continue Reading

6 Surprising Ways Winning A Writing Contest Can Boost Your Writer Clout

Entering a writing contest might seem to take more effort than making a regular submission; after all, writing contests will often cost you an entry fee, have idiosyncratic submission guidelines, and might not accept simultaneous submissions. But the rewards of submitting to a writing contest can be even greater than a publication credit—the extra effort… Continue Reading

Featured Client: Joseph Eastburn

Our latest featured client, Joseph Eastburn, is no stranger to the drama of a writer’s life. As an actor, Joseph appeared with Alec Baldwin in the play A Study In Scarlet. As an author, Joseph has written an award-winning play, had his first novel accepted by a major New York publisher, and has had short… Continue Reading

Are You Ready For Publication? 10 Signs That You’re On The Brink Of Breaking In

Think you have what it takes to become a well-published writer? Here are some of the signs that you just might be on your way. How many do you exhibit? You’ve done your butt-in-chair time. You’ve logged in long hours, from early mornings to late nights. You write…you write…and then you write some more. You’ve… Continue Reading

Writers Of Color: Lit Mag Diversity Spotlight Contest

We read a lot of literary journals here at Writer’s Relief, since we’re always researching literary markets for our clients’ creative writing. And we’re regularly impressed by the literary journals that feature authors of color from all walks of life. That’s why we’ve put together this very special edition of our Lit Mag Love Contest—to… Continue Reading

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