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Writer’s Relief’s Most-Read Articles of 2017 | Writer’s Relief

2017 may be over, but the advice, insights, and info in our top articles from last year are still current and useful in 2018! Writer’s Relief articles included insider tips on what poetry editors love to publish, a handy cheat sheet of common proofreading marks, the legal ramifications of being a writer, and much more.

And articles on and kept our readers updated on the latest trends in social media, offered guidance for publishing in an online world, and presented easy-to-follow instructions on how to improve your website.

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Five of the top articles from Writer’s Relief in 2017:

Poetry Clichés To Avoid Like The Plague

11 Things Writers Say In Query Letters—But Really Shouldn’t

Proofreading 101: The Marks Of A Master Proofer

Scary Stuff: Real-Life Author Lawsuits You Should Know About

8 Poetry Elements That Editors Love To Publish


Top two Web Design Relief Articles from 2017

5 Dangers Of Sharing Your Creative Writing Using Social Media

The Lazy Writer’s Social Media Cheat Sheet


Top two Self-Publishing Relief articles from 2017

How Much Does it Really Cost To Self-Publish A Book?

How To Identify And Connect With Your Niche Market

10 Instant Stress-Busters For Busy Writers | Writer’s Relief

Why is it that the busier we are, the worse we treat ourselves? When life gets crazy, that’s when we are most in need of some TLC—and that’s exactly when we are least likely to give it to ourselves! At Writer’s Relief, we know a little something about happy writers, so we’ve compiled a few… Continue Reading

7 Ways Your Book Can End Up Being Banned in 2017 | Writer’s Relief

  Once upon a time, book banning (and book burning!) involved books that were considered too dangerous for children or adults. But these days, books that are banned tend to be those written for young adult and child readers—not for adults. What makes discussions of banned books interesting is that the dialogue is, essentially, a… Continue Reading

Writers: Strategies To Boost Your Odds Of Getting An Acceptance | Writer’s Relief

When you’re scrolling through your email inbox and see one rejection after another, getting an acceptance may seem like finding a needle in a haystack. Sure, you know that rejection is a big part of the process of getting published, but you can’t help but wonder—why isn’t YOUR work getting accepted? The good news is,… Continue Reading

7 Fun And Useful Must-Have Apps For Writers | Writer’s Relief

Writers, whether you’re a technology nerd or you prefer a good old-fashioned notebook, the Internet offers plenty of writing tools and applications to make your life easier. Writer’s Relief has checked out seven great apps that are perfect for writers—and most of them are free! The Best Apps For Writers Agent Obvious: Wouldn’t it be… Continue Reading

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