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Why The Book Is Usually Better | Writer’s Relief

When books are made into movies, most bookworms (and all of us here at Writer’s Relief!) lament that the films rarely reflect the best aspects of the original material. And according to this article in The Guardian, when authors and Hollywood producers go head-to-head, the author loses:

“After Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Roald Dahl damned director Mel Stuart as having ‘no talent or flair whatsoever.’ Truman Capote famously un-endorsed Breakfast at Tiffany’s after asking for Marilyn Monroe as Holly Golightly and getting Audrey Hepburn instead.”

However, E.L. James, author of the Fifty Shades trilogy, is one of the few writers to stand up to a Hollywood studio—and win.

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Question: Do you believe that books are generally better than their big-screen counterparts?


When AI Invents Its Own Language—Will We Be In Trouble?

Writer’s Relief learned that programmers and scientists at Facebook recently shut down an experiment in artificial intelligence because of something we take for granted every day: the ability to create and change language. The computers apparently decided English was inefficient and slow—and so they began to construct a new, cleaner language to communicate: “Some wonderful… Continue Reading

Why Kids Today “Can’t Write” | Writer’s Relief

Though it seems every generation bemoans the failings of younger generations, some English teachers are particularly concerned about today’s students’ abilities to convey their thoughts. Writer’s Relief has learned that according to the National Assessment of Education Progress, three-quarters of 8th and 12th graders lack basic writing proficiency. What to do? Here’s what one teacher… Continue Reading

Is It Harder For Women To Succeed In Certain Literary Genres? | Writer’s Relief

For some women writers, trying to get published in certain genres feels like trying to break into a “boy’s only” club. Writer’s Relief shares a recent Huffiington Post article where three women writers in traditionally male-dominated genres (sci-fi, street lit, and mysteries) give their perspectives on genre and gender divides: You’ve probably read the stats:… Continue Reading

There’s A New Captain At The Masthead of The Sewanee Review | Writer’s Relief

 The Sewanee Review, a 125-year-old literary journal, recently hired writer Adam Ross as its new editor. And as Writer’s Relief learned in this New York Times article, the task of reviving this once revered literary cornerstone would be no small job: “The journal, which once published works by literary giants like Eudora Welty, William Faulkner,… Continue Reading

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