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Women In Publishing: Struggles In The Workplace | Writer’s Relief


The publishing industry workforce is 80% women and, according to this article found by Writer’s Relief in Publisher’s Weekly, many have experienced some form of harassment:


“We found that in spite of publishing’s high percentage of female workers (it’s estimated at roughly 80%), the industry still has a sexual harassment problem. (A number of the women we contacted said they had never experienced any kind of sexual harassment at work, but many added the caveat that this made them feel “lucky.”) Women at corporate publishers, by and large, did not respond to questions on the subject. Others who have been in the industry for decades spoke of unwanted physical advances and interactions that edged closer to assault. Younger women in the business spoke with a more expansive view of sexual harassment, citing incidents ranging from physical encounters to unwanted comments, leering, and suggestive language.”


Learn more about the issues women deal with in publishing.

How Many Books Are Being Self-Published? | Writer’s Relief

Wondering how many indie books are hitting the shelves these days? Writer’s Relief found the answer in this Publisher’s Weekly article: “A new report issued by Bowker found that a total of 786,935 ISBNs were issued to self-published authors in 2016, an 8.2% increase over 2015. According to the report, ISBNs for print books rose… Continue Reading

Celebrating National Cat Day – With Poems About Cats | Writer’s Relief

October 29 is National Cat Day and—maybe you’ve noticed—cats are kind of a big deal on the Internet. If you’re online for even the briefest time, you’re sure to see cat memes, cat videos, and fun photos of our feline friends. So Writer’s Relief invites you to take a moment to check out this list… Continue Reading

The History Of Ghost Stories | Writer’s Relief

Along with providing a glimpse into the human psyche, ghost stories through the ages often feature the afterlife activities of notable historic figures—including some authors! According to this article found by Writer’s Relief on the History website: “The author Mark Twain is believed to haunt the stairwell of his onetime Village apartment building, while the ghost of… Continue Reading

10 Words About The Writing Life That Aren’t In The Dictionary | Writer’s Relief

Have you ever tried to accurately describe to a non-writer what it’s like to have a mini attack of writer’s block, or to stare at a blank computer screen? You might have thought…there should be a word for that! Well, here at Writer’s Relief, we think so too. So we’re celebrating Dictionary Day by thinking… Continue Reading

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