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What Self-Publishing Means To Libraries | Writer’s Relief


Many librarians select books for purchase from distributors for major publishers. But here at Writer’s Relief, our Self-Publishing Relief division has noticed that, with the growing number of self-published books, the old standard may be changing. Here’s more about the evolution of libraries:

Many indie authors ignore the library market of readers because those readers get the book “for free.” But authors need to consider the power of the library patron if just to regard their passion for books and a love of discussing them. That’s someone I want reading mine.

Read more about self-published books and libraries.


Writer Questions

QUESTION: Do you read/buy self-published books? Do they meet your expectations?


The Handmaid’s Tale Is Available For Free In New York | Writer’s Relief

  Margaret Atwood’s classic dystopic novel The Handmaid’s Tale has seen a huge boost in sales, thanks in part to an New York City art installation as well as the Hulu miniseries adaption. Writer’s Relief found more info in this Huffpost article: Thanks to a public artwork in New York City, anyone trying to get… Continue Reading

Which Types Of Audio Books Are Most Popular? | Writer’s Relief

  Writer’s Relief has learned that some types of books are more popular on audio than others. Here’s the breakdown:   In data drawn from its database of customer downloads, found that general fiction was its most popular subject area in 2016, accounting for 23% of all audiobook downloads. The only other category to… Continue Reading

Books That Made An Impact On The Environment | Writer’s Relief

  Check out this great article the research experts here at Writer’s Relief uncovered about books that explore environmental issues. Writers really can make a difference! Here’s an excerpt: “The reason I’m fascinated by environmental issues is that they are a colossal train wreck of science, politics, ideology, money and personal passion. It would only… Continue Reading

Are E-Readers “Greener” Than Traditional Books? | Writer’s Relief

  Whether you’re buying a book that is inked on paper or downloading a novel to read on a tablet or e-reader, your choice has an impact on the environment.   Find out whether your e-book is greener than your hardback book—Writer’s Relief suggests you read this article, courtesy of the New York Times.  … Continue Reading

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