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Writer Beware: True Crime In The World Of Self-Publishing | Writer’s Relief

True crime has come to the world of indie publishing—and we’re not talking about a book genre. We’re talking about accusations that thieves are using self-published books to launder money. According to this article Writer’s Relief found in Fortune:

Some authors on Amazon’s self-publishing print book service have had their identities stolen and then used to launder money, according to cybercrime reporter Brian Krebs. The crooks upload phony but expensive paperback titles to the stolen authors’ accounts via Amazon’s CreateSpace service and then “buy” dozens of books, transferring funds to legitimate bank accounts, he reports. Amazon typically pays authors 60% of a book’s list price on CreateSpace after deducting production and other charges.

Read more about money laundering and self-publishing here.

This New Site Will Pair You With Short Stories You’ll Love! | Writer’s Relief

Outside of a college classroom, a relatively small portion of the population actively seeks out short stories to read—which means that writing short stories is rarely profitable. But Writer’s Relief found an exciting new website called Curious Fictions that’s hoping to change that. [Tanya] Breshears told me that she knows readers who care about fiction… Continue Reading

30 Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month | Writer’s Relief

 April is one of our favorite months! We love that April means nationwide discussions that bring awareness to the art of poetry! To celebrate, Writer’s Relief found this blog post offering thirty ways to expand your poetic horizons! A few examples: Request a free copy of the National Poetry Month poster until mid-April; posters… Continue Reading

This Major Publisher Has Closed Its Self-Publishing Division | Writer’s Relief

In May of 2016, Macmillian bought a self-publishing company called Pronoun—and about eighteen months later, they decided to close it. Writer’s Relief found this Publisher’s Weekly article that explains why: Asked why Pronoun was being shuttered 18 months after the acquisition, Seroy said despite Macmillan investment in the platform and “terrific” feedback from Pronoun authors,… Continue Reading

The Real Reasons Why Literary Journals Can’t Pay You | Writer’s Relief

Ever wonder why writers don’t get paid to publish in literary journals? Writer’s Relief investigated. This article by literary magazine editor M.R. Branwen explains how the fiscal outlook for literary magazines might be worse than ever before: In the age of the Internet, people are loath to pay for content — in print or online.… Continue Reading

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