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You Won’t Believe These Romance Novel Niche Genres | Writer’s Relief


Think the romance genre is all about pirates and bodice-ripping? Writer’s Relief urges you to think again. Romance writers are smashing genre barriers to invent surprising new ways to tell age-old stories about falling in love. Here are a few of the latest—and totally unexpected— genre mash-ups in the world of romance books:

  1. Amish vampire romance
  2. NASCAR romance
  3. Mermaid/merman romance
  4. Paranormal pregnancy romance
  5. Click here to see more unusual romance genres, with examples


Writer Questions

Question: What was the most unusual genre mash-up book you’ve read?


How To Pinpoint Your Strengths As A Writer (And Make The Most Of Them!) | Writer’s Relief

As a writer, you’re constantly honing your craft—reading widely, seeking feedback, and considering the constructive criticism of others. Part of this process is learning how to recognize your own writing strengths. But it’s not always easy to judge yourself objectively, so Writer’s Relief has put together five ways to recognize the areas in which you… Continue Reading

Things To Consider If You’re Writing Gay Characters In Fiction | Writer’s Relief

  Just in time to celebrate Pride Month, Writer’s Relief brings you Megan Rose Gedris’s blog post about her personal thoughts on how to write believable, sympathetic, interesting gay characters: I hear a lot from other writers about how they would love to include gay characters in their stories, but they’re too afraid of screwing… Continue Reading

8 Extraordinary Facts About Walt Whitman On His 198th Birthday | Writer’s Relief

Today marks the 198th birthday of legendary American poet Walt Whitman! His signature rhythmic, free-verse style made him one of the most important poets of the nineteenth century, and his work is still beloved today. To commemorate his birthday, Writer’s Relief brings you eight surprising facts about this master poet! 8 Extraordinary Things You Probably… Continue Reading

Our Favorite Quotes By Teachers in Literature | Writer’s Relief

The first full week of May is Teacher Appreciation Week, during which we honor the educators who have made a positive difference in our lives. At Writer’s Relief we’re also celebrating fictional teachers we admire. Here are some of our favorite quotes by teachers we’ve met in the pages of books!   “Take chances! Make… Continue Reading

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