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Weird Daily Habits That Can Make You A Better Writer—Really! | Writer’s Relief

One of the best things about being a writer is that every moment of your life can inspire your work—and the small, everyday choices you make can impact your creative process. At Writer’s Relief, we know that who you are when you’re not writing profoundly influences what you bring to the page!

Here Are Some Quirky, Simple Habit Tweaks That Can Make You A Better Writer

Make your bed. It’s been said that excellence is a habit. Starting the day by making the bed is one way to set the stage for being excellent at everything you do—including writing.

Display books in high-traffic areas. Obligations to work and family might mean your writing time is already limited. But even so, your writing efforts can be more inspired if you also carve out time to read every single day. By leaving books on your kitchen table or right near the TV remote control, you’ll be more likely to read during your downtime.

Move your body. Maybe you don’t have time to add a full workout to your busy day. But any physical activity can help boost your brainpower as well as your energy level. Raise and lower yourself on your tiptoes when you’re filling a glass of water. Balance on one foot when you’re making coffee. Do jumping jacks for sixty seconds while you’re waiting for the microwave to heat your food. Keep your body active, and your brain will stay active too!

Wear a sleep mask. Sleep is like the wash and rinse cycles for your busy brain; without them, muck builds up and the brain gets clogged. Get serious about sleep, and your writing will thank you. Turn off the television from dusk to dawn, set a regular bedtime, and use a sleep mask to give your brain a full power-down. Learn more about how to foster healthy sleep habits.

Walk up stairs backward. Complacence is the enemy of creativity. By routinely getting out of your comfort zone, you may find it easier to translate out-of-the-box thinking to the page. Try to do something every day that breaks your established patterns. Wear something out in public that you wouldn’t normally be caught dead in; play music while you write (or turn it off if you usually listen); read a book in a genre that’s not your usual cup of tea; read a magazine upside down, just to see what it feels like. Even the silliest little change can make an impact!

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Conjure your inner Rocky. Here’s something unexpected: Holding your arms over your head like you just ran up the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum can actually change your body chemistry and make you feel triumphant, confident, and bold—even though all you’re doing is holding up your arms! Try your Rocky pose before a writing session for a few minutes. If you don’t want to raise eyebrows in the coffee shop or library, you can simply envision yourself doing the pose for similar results. Learn more about how posture can affect your confidence and creativity.

Do one random act of kindness every day. Helping others makes you feel good. It can dig you out of a rut or keep you from plummeting into one. When you make kindness a habit, you’ll find yourself feeling more confident about your place in the world. Learn more about how being nice to others is being nice to yourself.

How To Be Your Best Self And The Best Writer

Every writer hits a low point or two (or ten!). And while making small tweaks to your habits can be a step in the right direction, you may find that major moves are required to bust out of your mental quagmire. In that case, take a look at our book The Happy Writer, which offers lots of tips for creating a lasting positive attitude that will power you through even the dullest creative doldrums.


Question: What silly habits make YOU a better writer? Share for our readers—with our thanks!

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