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Meet The Superhero For Bookworms: The Wordsmith Wonder! | Writer’s Relief

May 5 is Free Comic Book Day! And at Writer’s Relief, we think bookworms, grammar geeks, and word nerds deserve their own superhero! So right next to the well-known crime fighters, protectors of the universe, and others who use their superpowers for good, not evil—we’re spotlighting a not-so-well-known (OK, totally unknown until this moment) but worthy-of-mention superhero: The Wordsmith Wonder!

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Have you ever considered how you’d cope in a world without books? Poems? Short stories? Never fear—The Wordsmith Wonder is here! With mighty pen in hand, our favorite writer-superhero changes lives with words. We salute you, Wordsmith Wonder, for your unique set of superpowers!

The Wordsmith Wonder (or TWW for short) can teleport readers to different universes, realities, and landscapes. Mere mortals can experience other lives with the flick of a page thanks to the hard work of TWW.

Not only is TWW able to use x-ray vision and laser focus to see through commonplace scenes to the stories beneath; TWW brings these alternate realities to life for those of us without 3-D glasses.

TWW is able to juggle jobs, friends, family, and everyday tasks and still finds time to write. It hasn’t been researched much yet, but we think The Wordsmith Wonder is able to warp or slow down time to accomplish what mere mortals cannot.

Even superheroes get rejection letters from literary agents and magazine editors, but TWW’s amazingly tough shell and thick skin provide protection against disappointment. TWW also possesses incredible determination and doesn’t let anything get in the way of the submission process.

TWW never takes a day off. At the first cry for help, The Wordsmith Wonder is ready with a new poem or story for those who suddenly find themselves without reading material. Our brave bard has one ear always tuned to the cry of the muse too, whether it rings out in the middle of the night or the middle of a shower.

Every great hero needs a sidekick, and TWW is no exception. Betty Beta Reader and Elroy Editor are always at the ready to give our hero a helping hand.

So be on the lookout for The Wordsmith Wonder whenever there is action or drama. Or romance or comedy. Or poetry. You may not be able to recognize our superhero, as TWW is often disguised as a regular-looking person. But rest assured, our hero has the heart of a lion, the keen perception of an eagle, and an imagination bigger than the universe!

And if you’d like your own sidekicks to help you target the best publishing opportunities in the blink of an eye, the Research Wonders here at Writer’s Relief will help save the day!


Q: Who is your favorite superhero?


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