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7 Reasons Librarians Should Be Your Favorite Superheroes | Writer’s Relief

Remember once upon a time when you would call your local library’s information hotline to find out how to spell “King Farouk”? Or trotted over in person to gather information on amphibians for a school report? At Writer’s Relief, we know you could always count on the trusty librarian to come to your rescue—locating the right information, or guiding you toward the right section or exactly the perfect book—whether it was for research purposes or just for a great new read.

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Today the Internet gives us instant access to almost unlimited information, but libraries and librarians will never become obsolete. Quiet reading nooks, access to technology and multiple community resources, and thousands of books and periodicals still draw people to libraries every day. And librarians are the literary champions who make it all work!

“I’m of a fearsome mind to throw my arms around every living librarian who crosses my path, on behalf of the souls they never knew they saved.” — Barbara Kingsolver

Here’s Why Librarians Should Be Your Favorite Superheroes

Librarians know information is power. So a librarian, who has the knowledge and resources to access just about any information available to humankind, is the ultimate power ranger!

Librarians use laser-focus. It’s not exactly x-ray vision—but it is a superhero skill! Librarians expertly navigate row after row of books, manage multiple patron requests, and stay up to date on the latest and greatest books and technology. This also means they’re awesome jugglers, which is definitely a superhero trait.

Librarians have ESP. How else are they able to read your mind and find exactly what you’re looking for?

Librarians navigate budget constraints like a boss! If we, mere mortals, were librarians, we’d order a zillion books and blow the budget in twenty-four hours.

Librarians serve the community. Only a superhero could preside over thousands of books, instill a love of reading in children, and coordinate classes and services that benefit the whole community.

Librarians command respect. When a librarian says SHUSH, you’d better listen. If you don’t believe us, try to find a noisy library. We dare you.

And finally, librarians are REAL LIVE PEOPLE. If you’re dangling off a ledge waiting for Superman or Batman to come rescue you—you’ll be waiting a long, long time. But if you find yourself barraged by confusing information, in desperate need of a meeting room for your book club, or unable to track down that book everyone’s talking about…you can count on the librarian to come swooshing out of the book stacks to save the day.

This week is National Library Week, so stop by your local library and say Thanks! to a real-live hero. Oh, and check out some books too!


Question: How has a librarian made an impact on your live or writing?

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