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The Newest NaNoWriMo Novels To Get Published | Writer’s Relief

National Novel Writing Month begins! During the month of November, writers take on the challenge of writing 50,000 words in one month—the literary equivalent of a marathon. And Writer’s Relief knows that some authors may even manage to get book deals from publishers with their NaNoWriMo projects.

Here Are A Few Books Written During National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) That Were Published In 2017


S. Prendergast’s Zero Repeat Forever (Simon & Schuster)Young adult fantasy

Sixteen-year-old Raven is at summer camp when the horrifying armored Nahx invade and murder her boyfriend. She is forced to team up with one of the beings she hates most: a Nahx who deserts his unit and his human-killing mission. Will they learn to trust each other to survive?


John Marshall’s The Greenfather (Three Rooms Press)Thriller and suspense

When Simon’s father dies, he inherits his father’s role as leader of the mob. Simon agrees to the job, but only if the mobsters commit to enforcing green living standards. The crime world hates him and so do the environmentalists. Who will get him first?


Ancrum’s The Wicker King (Macmillan Publishers)—Young adult fantasy

August is a misfit who lights things on fire, and Jack is a varsity rugby team golden boy—but the two form a tight bond. When Jack claims to see a strange fantasy world at the edges of his vision, only August is willing to go with him into a place that could be madness—or could be something else.


Michelle Karl’s Outside the Law (Harlequin: Love Inspired Suspense)Romantic suspense

While investigating the recent, supposedly accidental death of her brother, Yasmine is attacked by masked gunmen in her own apartment. Noel, a fledgling FBI officer, means to help her find the truth—and protect the woman who might be the love of his life.


Tracy Barrett’s My Freefall Summer (Penguin Random House: Charlesbridge)Young adult

Clancy is a sixteen-year-old who’s sick of her father’s house rules. When she meets college freshman and skydiving instructor Denny, her lies pile up. Clancy faces tough choices about growing up with grace and integrity.


What’s The Secret To Getting A NaNoWriMo Book Published?

Once you’ve reached your 50,000-word goal—and your fingers have uncramped—you might want to submit your NaNoWriMo book for literary agent representation or publication. These articles may help!

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Question: Are you participating in NaNoWriMo? Tell us about your book!





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  1. I have twenty poems I would like to put into a small online chapbook. Can you work with this type of writing? JD

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