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How Gratitude Can Make You A Better Writer | Writer’s Relief  

As an author, you know the writing life can sometimes be lonely, thankless, and grueling—and don’t forget the rejections! But writers can also find great joy and success in their craft, and often the deciding factor between a frustrated writer and a successful author is attitude.

Writer’s Relief knows there are many benefits to being a happy writer and focusing on the positive side of the writing life. Your “attitude of gratitude” can make you a better writer AND improve your career track!

Three Ways To Make The Power Of Gratitude Work For You And Your Writing

Say thank you. As a professional writer, you have worked hard to build publication credits. You’ve poured your heart and soul into your writing. You’ve endured months of waiting for editors and literary agents to respond to your queries, and you don’t let rejection get you down.

But have you said thank you?

If you have had the joy of having a poem, short story, or essay appear in a literary journal or magazine, send a note of thanks to the editor who published your piece. If you’ve published a novel, why not thank the cover designer who made your book “pop,” or the copyeditor who carefully scrutinized every single word of your 350-page novel?

Despite our mothers’ admonitions, we often forget the power of thanking those who help us in our writing journey. But if you do, people will remember you as a professional and considerate author. And who knows, that editor you so thoughtfully remembered may remember YOU the next time you submit a piece!

Even if you’re just starting out, there are probably other people who have contributed to your career: a special teacher, a librarian, an insightful member of your writers group, or a parent who encouraged you every step of the way.

It costs nothing to say thank you. And it feels great! (Click here to see what other writers are thankful for.)

Submit to Review Board

Appreciate rejection. This may sound counterproductive, but it works! Why? A rejection letter is proof that you believe in your work strongly enough to offer it up for consideration, and you’re passionate about your writing. Yay, you!

Rejection letters from literary agents and editors offer a great opportunity for writers to learn what editors or agents are looking for, what to improve, even new directions to consider. And if you’re lucky enough to receive a personal note from a busy agent, the rejection letter takes on a whole new meaning: Your work was worthy of an individual reply, however brief!

Embrace the gifts of rejection and learn from them. Challenge yourself to do better, and congratulate yourself for walking the walk, not just talking the talk.

Use the resulting positivity. A positive and grateful attitude enhances the quality of life in general. It boosts your overall health by strengthening your immune system and improving the quality of your sleep. And your writing will benefit from the good vibes as well!

The next time you get bogged down by negatives—deadlines, rejection, writer’s block, etc.—take a moment to write down all the wonderful things you’re grateful for about being a writer. What it gives you. How it helps you. The positive outcomes you envision. This simple action can be very motivating!

By starting each writing session with gratitude and a positive state of mind, you’ll be better equipped to overcome the challenges you may encounter.

Want more positive thinking tips? See 10 Affirmations for Creative Writers—And How to Use Them.


Question: Is there a particular aspect of being a writer that makes you extra grateful?

One Response to How Gratitude Can Make You A Better Writer | Writer’s Relief  

  1. I was very thankful when I found out I had received a review 2 months ago, my first review after writing for 7 and selfpublishing (7 books) for 5 years. Got 3,5 stars (Amazon) and a harsh-nice and helpful review.

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