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10 Words About The Writing Life That Aren’t In The Dictionary | Writer’s Relief

Have you ever tried to accurately describe to a non-writer what it’s like to have a mini attack of writer’s block, or to stare at a blank computer screen? You might have thought…there should be a word for that! Well, here at Writer’s Relief, we think so too. So we’re celebrating Dictionary Day by thinking up words that should be added to the dictionary to describe the unique hazards and joys of the writing life.

10 Words And Phrases About Writing That Should Be In The Dictionary

Blankscreenophobia: Sort of like vacansopapurosophobia (fear of the blank page), except more specifically about the fear of facing a blank computer screen. I’m dreading sitting down to start my new poem—total blankscreenophobia.

Brainslump: A mini attack of writer’s block. You’ve heard of a brainstorm? I’m in a brainslump. I need caffeine now!

Critique freak: The person in every writing group who takes just a little too much pleasure in pointing out what he or she believes are other people’s writing flaws. Take her nasty critique with a grain of salt; she’s a real critique freak!

Philoffistuff: Love of office supplies. My philoffistuff goes into overdrive during back-to-school sales.

Researchitis: The condition of spending too much time researching instead of writing. I’ve just spent ten hours researching the history of barrettes for my short story. Now I have such a bad case of researchitis, I can’t look at another hair ribbon for a week!

Submissionthrope: A person who dreads making creative writing submissions due to all the research and preparation required. I’m a submissionthrope—I’d rather get teeth pulled than write query letters and cover letters.

Submissionista: A person who actually enjoys making creative writing submissions due to the feeling of liberation you get when you ask Writer’s Relief to manage your submission process for you.

Thoughtsurfing: When you drift off in a conversation because you just came up with a great plot twist or poetry line. Sorry—what did you say? I was just thoughtsurfing for a minute there.

White screen of death: The blank word processing screen on your computer that you’re hopelessly staring at when you have writer’s block. What you fear when you have blankscreenophobia. I wish the blue screen of death would pop up so at least I could stop looking at the white screen of death.

Writedreaming: Active writing that looks more like staring into space. Yes, honey, I really am working—it just looks like I’m staring into space. It’s called writedreaming! Look it up (on, anyway).


Question: What new word would you add to the dictionary to describe the writing life?



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