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Writers: 4 Actions To Take Now To Open More Doors Tomorrow | Writer’s Relief

Though it may feel like the future is far off and something that we have little control over—the truth is, you’re building the future of your writing career right now.

Today, you may be enjoying the last lazy days of summer…but in a few short weeks, it will be September—the start of the autumn publishing rush! By acting now, you can put yourself ahead of the competition and be one of the first to get your writing into the hands of ready-to-go literary agents and editors.

The experts here at Writer’s Relief know there are four simple things you can do TODAY to get your writing career heading in the write(!) direction.

1 – Commit. Right now. Commit to giving your dreams the chance they deserve. Commit to investing in yourself and your future.

Start now. Then get the support you need to keep going.

2 – Submit your writing. We’ve been helping writers get published since 1994, and we don’t let our clients even think of giving up on a piece until it has been submitted to at least a hundred carefully identified markets.

If you want the powerful, effective support that our clients have benefited from, consider submitting a writing sample to our Review Board today. We open our doors to new clients once every few months—and we have a limited number of spots open right now!

If you’ve written a book—we can help you find an agent.

If you’ve written poems, stories, or essays—we can help you get them published in great literary journals.

Act today! Tomorrow, you’ll be glad you did.

Review Board Deadline: Thursday, August 24

3 – Join a writing organization. Local writers groups will put you in a great position to rub elbows with agents, editors, and publishing professionals. Plus, the relationships you forge with other writers may lead you to bigger and better opportunities that spread via word of mouth.

So what are you waiting for? Find a great list of writing organizations on our website, then reach out!

4 – Start networking online. Twitter and Facebook offer huge, active communities for word nerds and bookworms. And social media allows you to connect with agents and editors without leaving the house or paying membership fees.

Get started today by going to your Facebook author page or profile and finding three online writers groups to join. Such a small effort could lead to big results.

Use this moment—and these helpful tips—to put yourself in the best possible place for the next moment.

Good luck!

Review Board Deadline: Thursday, August 24








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  1. What are my chances of having my work published if sent from Nigeria? Are there other things i need to know?

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