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Administrative Professionals’ Day: A List of Things Other People Can Do For Your Writing Career | Writer’s Relief

On April 26 (Administrative Professionals’ Day), people across America take a moment to recognize the supportive and critical work that administrative professionals do all year long. Here at Writer’s Relief, we consider ourselves to be administrative professionals—personal assistants who specialize in helping writers get published.

We’d even go so far as to confidently say that no one else has shepherded as many writers toward publication over the years as we have. We have helped THOUSANDS of writers get published—from promising pre-published talents to bestselling veteran authors. You can learn more about them here.

Often, the writers who become our clients are frustrated because they simply don’t have the time, energy, and resources to develop a submission strategy that will get them closer to their publishing goals. And they’re overjoyed when we lift the burden of researching and preparing their submissions. Our expert help allows them to focus on what they do best: writing.


But what’s surprising is that many writers don’t even know that this kind of help is available to them. So today, we’re offering this list of services that administrative professionals can provide to writers—some of which might surprise you:

(P.S.—If you know of a writer who could use some help building his or her career, consider passing this list along!)

Writers Can Get Help From Specialized Administrative Assistants With These Tasks:


  • Researching the BEST literary markets for a given submission in order to increase the odds of making the right match


  • Formatting manuscript pages to meet industry standards


  • Proofreading


  • Writing and preparing query letters and cover letters


  • Organizing submissions to make it easy for a writer to send them out


  • Creating a tracking system to record editorial feedback and comments


  • Tips on key strategies for publication, as well as industry etiquette



  • And more!


(Psst! Want to duplicate our proven submission methods? Here’s how we help our clients get published. Or try these submission strategy hacks for writers who hate making submissions.)

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Here Are More Areas Where Writers Can Get Help And Boost Their Careers



  • Social media assistance (We often help our clients manage their Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts with our Virtual Assistant program.)




  • Publicity (blog tours, book reviews, etc.)


  • Hosting promotional contests


You Don’t Have To Go It Alone As A Writer

Remember: If you’re feeling stressed and tired—and if you feel like your administrative tasks are too much to handle on your own—you can get help! Administrative professionals like the team here at Writer’s Relief truly LOVE helping writers get published.


Learn more about how to choose the right kind of submission assistance for you.


Writer Questions


QUESTION: What administrative task do you wish you had help with?




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