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The “Write” Way To Enjoy Your Vacation!


You’ve stopped the mail and put the newspaper on hold. But whether you’re headed off to spend weeks in a far-off locale or simply planning to enjoy a long weekend not far from home, you can still keep your writing career moving forward. In fact, a change of scenery and a break from day-to-day responsibilities will help you recharge your creative batteries, reduce stress, and provide plenty of inspiration for new writing projects!

Here’s how to relax and enjoy your vacation while still making time to write:

Be prepared. If you’re headed somewhere with Wi-Fi or Internet access, you can bring your tablet or laptop. Okay, you can check your email for any last-minute deadline changes, or in case an editor or agent needs an urgent response. But only once in the morning and once at night. Remember, it’s important to unplug—you’re on vacation!

Be sure to bring a notebook and pencils/pens in case you find your muse where there’s no electricity: sitting on a remote, sandy beach, or camping high atop a mountain.

Make good use of your travel downtime. Pass the time waiting for your train or connecting flight by working on edits. And look around: Somewhere among the other passengers, you may find the basis for your next protagonist—or villain!

Find new ideas in new surroundings. Let the scenery stimulate your imagination. Maybe a castle tour will inspire a medieval setting for your next story. And pay attention to the people you meet; you may discover new accents for your characters, or new dialogue ideas from overheard conversations.

Take photographs. Along with serving as mementos of your trip, photos can help you remember people, places, or items you want to include in your writing once you get back home. Plus, you can use your vacation photographs to create your own writing prompts for later use.

Let automated programs keep your social media updated. Use automated programs to manage your social media. You can write and then schedule your Facebook posts and tweets even before you leave home! Then, while you’re whitewater rafting, your social media accounts will be at work keeping your followers actively engaged.

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Plan your vacation around a writing conference. Many writing conferences take place in tourist-friendly locations like Napa Valley and New York City. Scheduling your trip to coincide with a writing event can help make attending the conference more affordable and keep you within the limits of your budget.

Don’t spend your entire vacation sitting in your hotel room writing! Locking yourself away in your hotel room defeats the purpose of why you went away in the first place: to get out and experience new locales, try new activities, meet new people, even taste new foods. Accept that you may not get a lot of writing accomplished. But, hey, you’re on vacation—relax and have fun!

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One Response to The “Write” Way To Enjoy Your Vacation!

  1. Thank you this post! It brought back memories to my trip to Vanuatu last year. The wifi wasn’t very good at our resort, so I mostly edited my novel on my iPad and saved the reviews of the books I read for posting later on. That’s a fantastic tip about scheduling posts before the holiday. I’ll definitely remember it!! :)

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