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17 Writing Lessons From Mother Nature

17WritnigLessons2 copy

How will you be celebrating Earth Day? Some people join clean-up crews; others plant trees; and many writers will be inspired to write! For creative writers, nature is a constant source of inspiration. But Mother Nature also has some important life lessons that can help authors maintain their writing careers. Take a look at these lessons inspired by nature and when you’re done, let us know: What writing lesson has nature taught you? Leave your note in our comments section for other writers to read!

17 Nature-Inspired Lessons For Writers

Your wildest ideas shouldn’t always be tamed.


Adaptation is wise if you want to survive.


You may feel very small in the literary world—but you’re actually “just right.”

feel small

All things grow in their own time…even writers.

grow in own time

Dare to stand out and be colorful.

be colorful

Keep persevering and working toward your goals.


Writers can be as graceful and light as snowflakes…

like snowflakes

…and as formidable as mountains.

like mountains

It’s a writer’s nature to sometimes rage…

okay to rage

…and to sometimes be still.


Look carefully for the patterns in your life, and use them to your advantage.

life is full of patterns

Great ideas need lots of TLC before they hatch.

Great ideas sometimes need lots of TLC

The most rewarding efforts are often those that are scariest.

most rewarding efforts are often the ones that scare

Don’t hide from your true nature; it’s what makes you unique!

Don’t hide from your true nature

Have fun with your writing and your life!


Your writing space is your personal territory: Protect it!

Your writing space is a wilderness

Sometimes, you’ve just got to grow where you’re planted.

grow where you’re planted

Header photo by Albenheim

Writer QuestionsQUESTION: What writing lessons has nature taught you?


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6 Responses to 17 Writing Lessons From Mother Nature

  1. Mother nature has taught me that no matter what I am doing whether it be writing or some other creative pursuit; I must just be myself. Afterall everyone else is already accounted for.

  2. Mother Nature, Who is a better master than you? You are a guide as well as a comforter!Don’t need a human advice if you are truly there!

  3. How cool! I adore nature just as I adore writing, and with lovely rainy spring n full swing here this was a wonderful little article to read.

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