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Lit Mag Spotlight: Literal Latté

Literal Latte

April’s Lit Mag Spotlight is shining on critically acclaimed literary magazine, Literal Latté.

Literal Latté debuted in June 1994 and offered 30,000 printed copies of its “literary brew” free in the coffeehouses and bookstores of New York City. These days, Literal Latté is entirely online, still FREE, and remains committed to finding and nurturing great writing talents. Enjoy!

CONTEST: Leave a comment on this blog post by April 22 to enter to win your choice of a T-shirt (pictured below) or a copy of their anthology, Literal Latté: Highlights From Fifteen Years of a Unique “Mind Stimulating” Literary MagazineThis contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Andree! Thank you to all who participated!

Contest TSHIRTLitMag_Anthology
Give us the lowdown on your journal’s mission.
Twenty years ago we set out to offer a free paper that served up literature, thereby making poems and stories as popular as cappucino or latte. For ten years we distributed the tabloid newsprint editions in the coffeehouses and bookstores of New York City–six times per year, 30,000 copies per issue. Now we can be free to the world online.

Describe your ideal submission in 15 words or less.
One word: Great.

Tell us about a piece you recently published that got the staff really excited. Why did you love it? Why did it strike a chord?
We get excited about everything. I don’t want to pick just one piece. We aim for a variety of styles and subjects and flavors, and we get excited about different ones for different reasons. I don’t want to choose apples over kiwi or lime. I want readers to taste them all.

Regarding submissions: What’s the most common turnoff that you encounter (in terms of craft)?
It is frustrating to get something that is messy. I don’t mean coffee stains. I mean work that hasn’t been polished or finished properly. I will overlook one or two mistakes, typos, etc. But it is hard to care for something riddled with errors.

What’s the most common oversight (in terms of submission guidelines)?
Forgetting to include your contact info. How can we contact you and let you know we are interested, if you don’t put a phone number or email.

Why is your journal awesome? 
I am so glad you think it is awesome–thanks! We like to think it is because we offer such fantastic entertainment free of charge and help new writers get a start in the big, tough publishing world. You don’t need to subscribe: just visit our site often, tell everyone you know about it, and post everywhere you can about it, so that your friends can get addicted to our words and stimulate their minds free of charge.

Where can readers find your submission guidelines?
On our website. You’ll find guidelines for general submissions and five contests.

Like Literal Latté on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter.

CONTEST: Leave a comment on this blog post by April 22 to enter to win your choice of a T-shirt or a copy of their anthology, Literal Latté: Highlights From Fifteen Years of a Unique “Mind Stimulating” Literary MagazineThis contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Andree! Thank you to all who participated!

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18 Responses to Lit Mag Spotlight: Literal Latté

  1. I love finding out about new mags – I checked it out online and I love it! Looks like I found a new place to submit.

  2. I was not familiar with your journal because I left NY in ’59, but having now been introduced to it online I am impresssd. I will definitely become a regular viewer of it online, and commend you for a job well done.

  3. I’ve read this mag online before and loved it. Unfortunately its opened to postal submissions only and I live too far off to send international submissions! But I still hope to submit my writing there some day.

  4. Literary magazines have always pulled me into a chair and then I stay there way too long, reading great fiction, prose and poetry. This is one I’ve not heard of, but will certainly go over to their website to discover.

  5. I heard about Literal Latte ages ago and had forgotten they were still around. I’m definitely going to check them out. Thanks, Writer’s Relief, for reminding us about them.

  6. I’m definitely going to look into this, it looks cool! I love magazines that are a little bit of everything, that way you get exposed to new things along with your old favorites.

  7. Haven’t heard of your magazine before, but plan on going to your web site as soon as I finish this comment. I think you have a superior idea of serving up a magazine dedicated to coffee house patrons. Sipping coffee by yourself leaves one looking for a distraction to take the place of conversation. Reading is a natural escape for these awkward alone times in public settings. I’m sure many of you can relate to these “fishbowl” moments?

  8. Thank you for introducing me to this website. Such a wonderful way to make contemporary art and creative writing available to everyone. I’ve subscribed and can’t wait to tell my niece about it as well!

  9. This sounds like a great opportunity for writers to get their work read as well as read other’s work! I will add it to my reading list!

  10. I liked the Literal Latte website EXCEPT the box on the submissions page titled “Recipe,” that names writers we should be reading.

    Thirteen men and five women.


  11. What a great idea for showcasing new and upcoming writers. I love the idea of a free literary mag and when I trolled the streets of Philly would often pick up items like this. I didn’t make it into NYC much, but when I did I loved the street papers and journals. Thank you for bringing those memories back! And if I’m selected as a winner, would love to have a T-shirt (sized medium, please)!

  12. I think it’s great that you’re putting out work that encourages creativity and sharing it. It’s a great example for everyone, and helps bring us all back to what writing really can be – a gift for the heart, mind, enriching all- for everyone.

  13. This is a great little magazine. I didn’t realize it was still in print. Picked up a few copies in the late 90s while visiting NYC at different times. Still have those copies around somewhere…

  14. This sounds like a fun magazine to read and write for. I just may have to pick out a poem or two from my recent work and see what you all think.

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