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A Writer’s Playlist Part I: Start With Music To Jump-Start Your Creativity


Get ready to start the new year with a renewed focus on your writing! One of the best ways to get yourself in the right frame of mind is to listen to music. In this article, we’ll explore music that moves you—physically and mentally.

If the winter blahs and cabin fever are wreaking havoc with your word count, you need to shake off those doldrums and reenergize your creativity. To help, we’ve compiled a list of songs to get your blood pumping and your inspiration humming. Words/lyrics are the key in these particular selections. And in an upcoming article, we’ll bring you our instrumental picks that will keep the creativity flowing and your fingers dancing across the keyboard.

Not familiar with some of these songs? Listen to a few, and see where the music takes you!

You can also enjoy this playlist on the Writer’s Relief YouTube page or on Spotify!


The Climb–Miley Cyrus


Don’t Stop Believing–Journey


Don’t Worry Be Happy–Bobby McFerrin


Eye Of The Tiger–Survivor


Feeling Good–Michael Bublé


Get Up Offa That Thing–James Brown




Harder Better Faster Stronger–Daft Punk


Here Comes the Sun–The Beatles


I Won’t Back Down–Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers

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I’m Still Standing–Elton John


The Middle–Jimmy Eat World


Shake It Out–Florence And The Machine




Smile–Nat King Cole


Unwritten–Natasha Beddingfield


When You Believe–Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey


You Gotta Be–Des’ree


Writer QuestionsQUESTION: This is only a small sampling of music to help keep writers writing. Which songs do you use to stimulate your creativity?

8 Responses to A Writer’s Playlist Part I: Start With Music To Jump-Start Your Creativity

  1. Where are the serious lyric writers? Marc Cohn: Saving the best for last.

    They’re saving the best for last
    Look around this town
    And tell me that it ain’t so
    They’re saving the best for last
    Don’t ask me how I know
    ‘Cause it must be
    Saving the best for last for me

    You can go a hundred miles a second
    Don’t have to drive no lousy cab
    Got everything you want and more man
    And the King picks up the tab
    You walk around on streets of gold all day
    And you never have to listen
    To what these customers say and I know…

  2. When I’m writing I prefer to listen to music with less prominent vocals or none whatsoever. I find when I listen to Liquid Tension Experiment, Tesseract and Piano instrumentals my mind springs into gear.

    Check out the songs:
    Liquid Tension Experiment – When The Water Breaks
    Tesseract – Proxy
    Opeth – Porcelain Heart

  3. My current writing playlist:
    Winter by Daughter
    Breathe by Laura Marling
    Black Sun by Death Cab for Cutie
    Brothers on a Hotel Bed by Death Cab for Cutie
    Lifeforms by Daughter
    Tomorrow by Daughter
    Amsterdam by Daughter
    Body in a Box by City and Color
    Black Flies by Ben Howard
    After the Storm by Mumford & Sons

  4. Good point, David. Watch for “A Writer’s Playlist Part II” (instrumental music suggestions). It’s coming soon!

  5. That may be good motivational music, but it’s far from good writing music for me. I don’t care to be distracted by catchy lyrics and prefer instrumentals, or least vocals that don’t pull me off the words I’m trying to compose

  6. Usually, the music I listen to colors the tone of what I’m writing. I tend to listen to epic musical scores from games and movies when I write, or sometimes big band music. Sometimes the words of a song are distracting to me so I’ll listen to music in different languages.

    If I’m having a hard time getting through a scene, I’ll browse music until I find a “flavor” for it…hard clashing tunes for fights, melodic trance for internalization.

  7. Thank You for these Wonderful Inspirational Writing Songs. Really enjoyed it and makes it more Creative for One to write. Mastic, New York 11950

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