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Writer’s Relief Links Roundup, April 2014

Writer's Relief Links Roundup, April 2014

Happy National Poetry Month! Our staff members are always on the lookout for the latest tips, trends, and helpful tools for writers. And while we always offer a variety of free staff-written articles, our Links Roundup posts bring you the latest updates on our favorite online resources. We hope you enjoy the following five resources as much as we did!

Triversen: Poetic Form via Writer’s Digest – Robert Lee Brewer discusses the Triversen poetic form, developed by William Carlos Williams. Celebrate Poetry Month by trying out this unique form!

Focusing on the Important Stuff in an Age of Distraction via Goins, Writer – You’re a writer, but you may also be many other things as well: student, parent, sibling, doctor, librarian, philanthropist, etc. When life is pulling you in multiple directions and you barely have a few moments to yourself, what do you choose—writing or playing the latest game on your phone? Stay focused with Jeff Goins’s advice.

How to Develop Writing Discipline #WriteTip via JeriWB Author & Editor – Jeri Walker-Bickett has written two drafts of her novel, and she’s not surprised that she still has a long way to go until it’s finished. Writing hasn’t always been her priority, but she’s now sharing her tips on how to develop a writing discipline.

Weasel Words You Should Always Watch Out For via The Write Practice – Audiences prefer clear and concise writing in the blog posts, poems, short prose, and books they read. As a writer, it’s your job to give them the focused writing they expect. This article by The Magic Violinist will show you how to identify and remove the weasel words clogging up your sentences.

Moving stories: what do you do with your books when you change houses? via theguardian – Writers, readers, and book lovers tend to collect books. Reference guides, a dime-store romance, the latest NY Times bestseller, or a first-edition collector’s edition—we’ll take home anything. But what do you do with your personal library now that it’s time relocate? Beulah Maud Devaney offers advice on weeding out your collection and donation options.

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