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2013: In Memoriam

In 2013 the world lost a number of wonderful writers. Although we could not include all of the writers who passed away this year, we hope this slide show will be a tribute to the spirit of all the writers we were so sad to lose.

We invite you to leave your own remembrances in our comments section.

Leave the name of an author you want to remember in our comments section.

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27 Responses to 2013: In Memoriam

  1. Elizabeth Peters was a great archeologist and a great writer. I loved her Amelia Peabody series; gave me a different view of Egypt and Egyptian archeology, as well as a lot of laughs. Doris Lessing was terrific too; a different view of life and women’s way of it.

  2. We also lost another best-selling author, kid lit writer, and hollywood writer in Ned Vizzini who passed shortly before Christmas in New York. His private demons finally got the best of him. Last year, Ned and Chris Columbus released House of Secrets, the first in what was to be a series for middle grade kids age 8 to 13. He will be missed, very much so.

  3. Chinua Achebe: I ‘ll never forget reading Things Fall Apart. I was surprised when I learned he was the same age as I and living in the U.S. I always meant to write him a note of admiration, but time slipped away and then, so did he.

    So good to read all these comments and learn more about all these writers.

  4. You forgot one awesome writer, Terrence Aym. He wrote novels, went on TV and radio programs, and wrote many articles online. He concentrated on the Mysterious Universe, the strange, and the unusual. Google his name for lots of information. He passed from cancer. I considered him a friend though I never actually met him.

  5. When a writer pass away it left black hole on the readers heart, they tend to go through needles hole to get other writer to fill the gap. the exit of these great writers laid their pen to rest, I will always be grateful to their works. I missed them all, most importantly China Achebe and Kofi Awoonor.

  6. I cannot say that I knew all of these people by name, but I did know them by their works…perhaps someday each of us may be remembered the same way.

  7. Michael Palmer wrote 20 novels, most were # 1 NYT Best Sellers.
    He was also a doctor and a great human being who gave us all tremendous
    assistance with his writing tips and his teaching.
    He will definitely be sorely missed.

  8. Albert Murray was an amazing artist. He wrote fiction and nonfiction and his language reminded me of the rhythms of jazz, which he also wrote a lot about. Do yourselves a favor and read “Train Whistle Guitar” and “South to a Very Old Place.”

  9. Well, all of them are precious assets of our planet. They contributed towards promotion of literary culture well beyond my emagination. i find no words to commend their vision. They are legends of 21st century civilization please.

  10. Every author presented deserves this special remembrance for their individual work. I salute them all for showing us how to perform the art of writing. Long live their genius and may they rest in peace.

  11. Thank you for remembering the dead. Tom Clancy is a favorite and I was so happy to see some of his books made into movies. Especially loved sumarine stories as I could almost caused me to feel claustrophobic. I only recently discovered Vince Flynn but enjoyed the one book of his I bought.

  12. When great authors pass away a void is left in the writing world. I hope the next generation of writers will be able to fill gaps left by greatness because these writers leave impressive footprints.

    I pay tribute to the the late Professor Chinua Achebe whose classic novel ‘Things fall apart’ will forever remain a bible of a sort for Africans and the world at large.

  13. To the many accomplished words and thoughts that will forever be immortalized thru your work and readers we give tribute to your lives and footprints left behind

  14. I am sad to hear about all these great writers who passed. I was surprised about Vince Flynn. He was so young. I will miss Dr. Joyce Brothers and Dear Abby (Pauline), both gave timeless advice to all of us during our formative years. Thanks to all these writers for the words and inspiration you give us.

  15. As a writer I do not expect notoriety, but honor those whose achievements have captured so many hearts, and in their way have given something special to the world. In particular I wish to mention Dr. Joyce Brothers, to whose wisdom I listened avidly, many years ago.

  16. Chinua Achebe, Elmore Leonard, Richard Metheson, Ellery Queen, and Elizabeth Peters were all writers I read, and Roger Ebert was my go-to guy for movies. But each of these writers should be remembered for the legacy they left to those of us who are hoping to achieve even a fraction of what they did in their lifetimes.

  17. Richard Matheson from my earliest memories inspired creativity. Doris Lessing opened my mind to all the possibilities. Pauline Phillips with whom I had a cup of coffee every single day. Roger Ebert gave me a path. All were inspiring but these four most assuredly were the greatest influences.

  18. Yes, all of them. But the one closest to my heart is Oscar Hijuelos who came to our first literary festival here in Malaysia. He was a lovely man as well as being a great writer.

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