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Featured Client: Bleuzette La Feir

We’re very excited to present our newest Featured Client, Bleuzette La Feir. Known affectionately as “Bleu” to her submission strategy team, her warm personality and passion for writing are obvious in every interaction. Having been a client for just a few years, Bleuzette has accomplished a lot in that short time: She’s had six pieces accepted for publication and received a nomination for the Best of the Net 2012 anthology. It’s no wonder—her casual writing style is a disarmingly comfortable frame surrounding her fearless, gritty descriptions. She portrays very powerful images and emotions in a way that feels effortless and almost conversational. And the combination is powerful. Read on to find out more about Bleuzette La Feir, and watch her short video.

In Bleuzette La Feir’s Own Words

For about the first six months that I was actively trying to get my work published, I struggled. I tried to find journals that would be interested in what I had to say. I was unsure of myself and confused about a lot of things. Was what I had to offer something editors would be interested in? I had no clue and drove myself crazy trying to figure it all out.

Late one evening, high on coffee and strudel, I stumbled across Writer’s Relief while scouring the net for yet another journal’s submission guidelines. The angels sang.

Here were people who had years of varied industry experience. They had a system to help people, like me, power through the grueling submission process. Within two cycles, I was published. PUBLISHED!

Since signing on with Writer’s Relief, I feel more confident in my work and, best of all, I feel supported.  What they provide is invaluable. Francesca, Joe, and Dan are my personal team of professionals working to get my work published. It’s like having a coach, a promoter, and a confidant at my side. I know they help others too, but when I get on the phone with them or receive correspondence from them, they make me feel like the only writer in the world.

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More about Bleuzette La Feir

I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theater. While I’ve written my whole life, I became acutely aware of my writing self in college when I wrote and performed a couple of one-woman shows. I’ve evolved since then, incorporating my travel and work experiences into what I present to the world. I’m inspired by everything. A sparrow on a line, colorful sushi rolls, or a car crash. I’ve been lots of places but have been fortunate enough to land back in my home state of New Mexico, where I am focusing full-time on writing. My work has appeared in Blood Lotus, Blue Lake Review, decomP, descant, Diverse Voices Quarterly, Forge, and I’ve contributed to Velvetparkmedia.com. My flash fiction piece, “Bangs,” was nominated for the Sundress Best of the Net 2012 anthology. You can check out my work on my website, or follow me on Twitter.

7 Responses to Featured Client: Bleuzette La Feir

  1. Thank you all for the kind comments. Your support of my work is encouraging.

    More work is on the horizon and the long-awaited issue of TCU’s literary journal Descant featuring the short story HOMELAND should be available soon.

    You’ll be able to pick up a copy through my website when it becomes available.


  2. I’m so happy for you .. I love your style and can’t wait to read more of your work. I had a great time in class with you and look forward to sharing in the future… :)

  3. Bleuzette is an amazing writer. Her talent shines through in all of her writing. I have no doubt she has a long and successful career as a writer ahead of her.

  4. Great presentation for a very talented and dedicated person. Your passion comes through and it was a pleasure to learn more about how your story has been affected by Writer’s Relief. Keep up the great work.

  5. What an inspirational story! As a fellow member in the same writing group I had no idea of all your publishing credits. Your dedication to writing and learning is impressive. I’ve received Writer’s Relief before and when I finish my MFA program I will definitely check it out… Keep writing!

  6. Bleu and I are currently taking a Writing Life Stories class together. We haven’t gotten to know each other, but her brief essays are touching and significant. Her critiques of my classmates’ and my work is always insightful, sensitive, and on the mark with suggested improvements. I will be sorry to see our classes end tomorrow night.

    I did not know about all of Bleu’s accomplishment, but it is not surprising.

  7. Hi Bleuzette! I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences with Writer’s Relief. Frankly, I was ready to discard the promotional information I received from them- until I read your inspiring narrative. Perhaps, like many others, I began writing (and acting) early on in life, but quickly tossed aside the idea of publishing in lieu of other career and family raising responsibilities. Even worked briefly for a weekly newspaper as a sports and feature writer. Since retiring a few years back, “ole grandpa” here has been has been active in faith-based community theater (acting and writing), writing a blog under a pen-name (www.backstreetdjeli.com) and singing, as well as running behind our grandkids. However, your personal narrative, as well Writer’s Relief promotions, has at least made me think, “Hmmm…,” once again, regarding the idea of publishing. Thanks!

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