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Lit Mag Spotlight: LUMINA

LuminaOur July Lit Mag Spotlight is illuminating on LUMINA! Curious to know why they’re awesome, what their dream submission entails, and what their biggest submission nightmare is? Read on!

CONTEST! Leave a comment on this blog post by August 1 to enter to win free copies of LUMINA’s past three volumes (pictured to the left) as well as a one-year subscription to LUMINA, which will include their first-ever multimedia issue (not bad, huh?). This contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner, Shierri. Thanks to all who participated!

Give us the lowdown on your journal’s mission.

Every year, LUMINA welcomes a new editorial staff. This allows the journal to always stay alert to new developments, and also gives us the freedom to go in any direction that piques the current editors’ curiosities. We publish a wide variety of work and believe that experimentation is crucial to any successful piece of writing. We take risks on writers who take risks. It all comes down to keeping our eyes open and shedding light on the gems.

Describe your ideal submission in 15 words or less.

Exciting, ambitious, risk-taking, rule-breaking, energetic, unexpected, masterfully crafted.

Tell us about a piece you recently published that got the staff really excited. Why did you love it?

Ah, this is a hard one. We were excited about everything in the last issue! What springs to mind first is that Volume XII was our first issue with color art. Our cover artist, Andreas Englund, is phenomenal, and we are just ecstatic to have been able to feature a few of his paintings. You can read an interview with Andreas and see some of his work on our blog here: Telling Stories with Pictures: An Interview with Andreas Englund

Regarding submissions: What’s the most common turnoff that you encounter (in terms of craft)?

Weak sentences, over-narration.

Submit to Review Board

What’s the most common oversight in terms of submission guidelines?

We read blind, and so ask that submitters don’t include their names on the actual submission documents. Also, the length limits: 5,000 word max for prose, and 60 lines of poetry.

Why is your journal awesome?

We are confident in the work we choose to publish. Everything you see in our pages has excited or moved us, and no work will be the same as any before.

Where can readers find your submission guidelines?

General Submissions

What lies in the future for LUMINA?

We’re now taking submissions for Volume XIII, but we’re also open for our first-ever multimedia issue. Each submission must have a visual component (written work, artistic piece, script, etc.) as well as a multimedia component (voice recording, video, puppet show, younameit). The guidelines are wide open to interpretation, and we’re looking forward to seeing what submitters come up with. Our editor for this project is Carolyn Silveira.

Be sure to check out LUMINA on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter (@slc_lumina)!

Contest: Leave a comment on this blog post by August 1 to enter to win THREE free issues of LUMINA and a one-year subscription. Share this with all your writer friends! This contest is now closed.

14 Responses to Lit Mag Spotlight: LUMINA

  1. Sounds like the staff at this magazine is doing a lot of interesting things with their publication. While the cycling of staff in and out might make some apprehensive, it shows a dedication to keeping up with the literary times and craft to deliver the best product to the readers. The multimedia aspect is also really timely when we’ve become such a visual culture. It should attract readers old and new. All the luck!

  2. Interesting!
    I love its practice of a new Editorial Staff each year. Without a doubt it’ll find something out of the ordinary each year, I’m a fan already. Thanks for the suggestion, Writer’s Relief!

  3. I am always looking for good advice as well as inspiration for my novels. I would love to check these out!

  4. You know, I’m glad that you post things like this because I always have a hard time of determining whether a literary journal is worth my time (reading or submitting to). So thanks for posting this. I’ll be sure to check them out!

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