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What Newsweek’s Big News Means For Writers

Recently, the major news magazine Newsweek made an announcement that analysts have seen coming for years: After eighty years in print, Newsweek will be completely online. And the change isn’t going to be happening slowly: December 31 will be the last time we’ll see the magazine in print.

So what does this have to do with creative writers, you ask? (Good question.)

Newsweek is a publication that probably makes more money than all of the top literary journals combined—of course that’s not an official calculation, but we’ll call it an educated estimate.

If a reputable and popular publication like Newsweek is going online, you can bet literary journals everywhere are making the switch too (we know; we’ve seen it happening).

Fantastic literary magazines such as




have already switched from print to digital editions in recent years.

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Remember those days (not too very long ago) when writers complained that the only legitimate kind of publication was a print publication? Let’s just say, it’s hard to imagine anyone saying that a byline in Newsweek isn’t impressive—even if the magazine is going online.

It’s the same for reputable online literary journals. So break out those e-submissions, writers, and step into the future of the publishing industry by supporting online literary journals.

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