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We’re Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving (And For You!)

Cornucopia After the hardships we faced due to Hurricane Sandy—at work and in our personal lives—we are grateful for the strides we’ve made to get back on track. So today, we wanted to show our thanks for writers (because Writer’s Relief wouldn’t exist without you, and sometimes, writing can feel like a thankless job). And we wanted to offer our readers a chance to express their thanks too! So we’ve put together a Thanksgiving mini contest. Read on!

Writers keep us going—and not just because the writing community has been so supportive of our business since the early days in 1994.

Here’s how writers inspire us every day:

Writers keep us going with their dedication, their diligence, their never-say-die attitude.

Writers are generous and brave; they’re not afraid to share their innermost thoughts. It’s a constant reminder that—in spite of our differences—we’re all human beings and we’re all just trying our best.

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Writers transport us to other places when we need a little break from reality. There’s no deeper or more immersive escape than staying up all night to find out what happens next.

Writers challenge us. They keep us talking. They strive against worldwide censorship. They push the envelope. They remind us that, as a world community, we have a long way to go.

This writer inspired us by turning heartache into art. This writer dedicated much of her life to supporting other people’s creative efforts—and blew us away when she finally started to give the same amount of attention to her own. This writer has received two thousand rejections and hasn’t jumped off a bridge yet.

Individual writers inspire us in so many ways—and we’re grateful every day for the opportunity to work with such a creative group of people.

Let’s share the love!Thank you!

CONTEST: Write a 100-word-or-less paragraph about one writer that inspired YOU (and be sure to share it with that person, if you can!). Post it in our comments section below. On NOVEMBER 26, we’ll choose one winner to receive the Writer’s Relief e-book of his/her choice for free. This contest is now closed. Congratulations to our winner Janice Carter! Thank you to all who participated!

58 Responses to We’re Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving (And For You!)

  1. Ronnie, glad to hear you guys are back up and running. I appreciate your appreciation for the struggle you’ve faced. Happy Thanksgiving back at you!

    –Tom B.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about the losses you and your staff suffered along with so many others in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. It is a testament to the strong spirit and determination of all of you that you are up and running so quickly. The thoughts and prayers of the rest of America are still with you during the rebuilding process. I hope you and your staff have a happy Thanksgiving and a blessed holiday season.


    Janet L.

  3. Entering the contest is one thing, but letting you know how grateful I am to you and your team for your help and how grateful you’ve come through the consequences of that awful storm still kicking. Here’s to you all!


    Elizabeth A.
    Author of: Lessons from the Gypsy Camp
    Writer, Producer, Director

  4. Rosamunde Pilcher places you right at the center of her stories. Her description of people, their feelings, and preceptions are so real. She has you experiencing the windy moores, moving trains, and the cold sea air. Scenery, surroundings, houses, and their decor, a persons’ air and attire, are made so precisely clear, that you think you are present. Her talent for weaving a story, is like painting a picture in words. A writer of this magnatude, captures you totally.

  5. As a teenager I loved books, but read mostly light romances. In the school library I happened upon Alan Paton’s “Cry the Beloved Country.” It changed my life forever. I realized that words can change hearts. His book about people living in aparteid, both black and white, raised my awareness of the influence authors can have, and that it is a sacred trust to TELL THE TRUTH, even when it is painful.

  6. Stephen King changed my life. It wasn’t because of him that I started writing, but it was and is because of him that I write. Every time that I am completely discouraged (which is very often) I read anything he writes and he inspired me to live when I didn’t want to, however peculiar that sounds. Every time I pick up one of his books, all life outside of those pages is stopped and I’m transported into a world I could’ve never imagined. And his silent and non-direct way of encouraging is the reason why I pick up my pen.

  7. At age ten, my life changed forever when I unwrapped the first Harry Potter book on Christmas. From then on, I found myself lost in the stories and learning about friendship and hope. No matter how many years went by, these books were my inspiration, my comfort. One day, a strange twist of luck led me to meeting my hero. “You made my childhood,” I had said to her. There are just some moments in life that you never forget. This was one.

    Today, as a teacher, I am passing on my love of reading because of JK Rowling.

  8. At a time when life was changing dramatically for me I found one of the richest pieces of literature. Coal Black Horse written by Robert Olmstead was popular in 2008. I read and re-read it, finding layer after layer of pure magic. Since then, Mr. Olmstead has published two more books with similar themes that have taken me away from the here and now. With each book, I enter a world of war, something I’m not comfortable in, but cannot put down because of the writing.

  9. As a writer trying to break into a genre that is very crowded, Cristal Ryder has been an inspiration to me. As someone who has been multi-published while holding down a full-time job aside from writing, she has also found the time to offer advice and inspiring messages to me to keep plugging away. She has even offered to read a draft of the first chapter of my first story. To do all that she does and still take a brand new writer under her wing is truly inspirational.

  10. I love to read your site; but was shocked to find out you suffered damage from the storm. (I’ve been off-line for 71 days due to badly fractured right wrists; and surgeries. But, I thankful for having 2 hands!! Learned awkward lessons on being a lefty for so long.) I pray the Lord will bless and restore all of your lives, for broken bones seem small in compare to the suffering of millions.

    You helped me several yrs ago to learn about POD and publishg contracts with hidden costs.

    My favorite author is Anne Tyler; she overcame alot in her losses; and still keeps me smiling with joy! And, to go back a few hundred yrs–William Cowper, who suffered so much distress and depression, still ‘lights candles of hope’ thru his timeless poetry.
    Love you all! ~Wanda

  11. A year before I was born, Harper Lee wrote a classic tale filled with universal truths about racism and injustice. “To Kill A Mockingbird” is a morality play full of teachable layers. Atticus expects his children to treat everyone equally, respectfully. Reminds me of lessons inherited from my parents. We were taught that everyone was created equally, color of skin was a matter of tinting -some of us had more or less than others. We accepted people for who they were, looking beyond stereotypes, idle gossip. We were taught to treat others with respect, even if our point of view differed.

  12. Sue Doro has been an inspiration to me. I got choosen to be in the Labor Forum, for an article, along with her, they melded our stories together. She has written three books, some very powerful poetry, as well as worker writiiings. She sent me copies, encourages me and make me believe in myself, that I can do it. She hosts a writers workshop, and a website called Prideandapaycheck, for women in the trades. She is a pioneer in industry, a good soul, and a new trade sister. She is awesome.

  13. The writer that inspired me the most, was after my brother passed away in his sleep at my home. He was 26, I thought I would never survive that,because you see I am the one who found him, when I went to awaken him the next morning.That is when quit writing! Until I came across a book written by The great “Prophet Rumi” , My brother’s passing nearly killied me. But as I read this book “Rimi” siad to me threw his words. ” Do not morn my passing, their is more to come,and this is not the end, remember me through the time’s we spent knowing each other in this life! Remember me in meroies and rejoice the time we spent konwing one another, It is not the direct quote but I understood what I had to do. and because of that author I was able to let go and live once again without the crippling pain that almost killed me this is not the end,but a new begining. Thank’s Rumi, my soul could not have lived with out death..so deep of a thought…That saved me

  14. God bless you as you recover from Hurricane Sandy. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    The writer I would like to honor is James Herriot. His real name is James Alfred Wight. I read his heartwarming stories in high school. I liked the way he described the animal patients and their owners. I felt like I was one of his neighbors. I wish I could tell him thank you, but he passed away in 1995. I am glad my public library has most of his wonderful books.

  15. The best books keep you up late. You can’t sleep, you don’t want to work, you let everything else in your life go…all you want is to keep reading the story. That’s what happened when I read Frank Peretti’s series, This Present Darkness and Piercing the Darkness. Every chapter was a cliff hanger. I just HAD to keep on reading! When I set out to write books of my own, I styled myself after my favorite author and could only pray I had an ounce of his talent. Thank you Frank, for following your calling–It enabled me to follow my own.

    And I am so sorry about your troubles with the hurricane. I pray that all of you will be back on your feet again, better and stronger.

  16. The author that has been an inspiration for me is Vicki Westling. She writes the childrens series-Sam and friends- published by Author house. She taught a writing class that I took, and since then has always been there for support when I needed her, and for a word of encouragement when I was getting discouraged. Thanks so much.

  17. Dear Ronnie,
    The author that has inspired me is J.J. Smith. The vampire, Warewolf and witch book was the Night World series. I fould it enegising and surprisingly romantic. The book made me start reading more supernatural books with creative imagery. It made me start writing supernatural short stories and romantic stories. She was my first inspiration. However, i liked Jacqueline Wilson because through her i would never have started writing or reading books.

  18. Late one afternoon, my roommate and I began to discuss writing a story together. She was an education major. Seldom was she seen without a novel in her hands. We sat down together and began to write a murder mystery, but we didn’t get very far beyond the character names and descriptions. I still have that outline. My roommate was Lynette Barker Eason, an inspirational mystery writer with quite a few published novels. She has inspired me to continue writing. I have finished several manuscripts and hope to get them published in the near future.

  19. Without any doubt about who are my inspirational author is Max Lucado. He write with his heart in a simple way and with the Lord’s guide to share the most deepest themes with an unique way to make so simple. I have another author too Joyce Meyer she’s so unique too very direct but with the right touch of humor and so honest in the way she expose the message. These two authors are my inspiration for writing with an unique touch and share the deepest theme with honesty and simplicity and with them mark a different in the people who read my work. Thank you and God bless you all.

  20. Aaron Sorkin is a writing genius whose work inspires, encourages, provokes and makes us think! Sports Night is my favorite show of all time. The creator behind “West Wing” made me care about politics, and “You can’t handle the truth!” still one of the best lines ever written, delivered to perfection by Jack Nicholson. He has created TV shows, Broadway shows and films bouncing between mediums with aplomb.

    Yeah for all the writers who motivate us.

  21. Jacob Akol is the writer who inspired me. As a journalist, he wrote about bundant of Nationality. He faced many problems as Sudanese Journalist of the time from 1980s to 1990s. He has travelled almost all African Countries and in some situations he went without food.
    I learned from him that ” hardships can not stop you when you intended to achieve something”. Akol did not look back or fear to continue his conviction. I wish to inspired others like him. His book ” the bundant of nationality” make think outside the box.

  22. Naomi Trego James has been my lifelong inspiration. She was not allowed a high-school education as her father believed that educating girls was a waste of time. At the age of sixteen she left home and went to Washinton D.C. where she found employment as a reporter for the Washinton Herald. She married and was a wonderful mother. Her poetry is timeless and was published in various newspapers from the time that she was thirteen. I am inspired by her love of the written word, her love of life and thankful that she was my mother. I am blessed and pray that all of you will be also.

  23. I have had and still do have much inspiration from my son – Christopher De Vore (screenwriter (‘Elephant Man’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Frances’, author (book, Thin-Glimmis-on- Stave-Sea), playwright (‘In Switch’, 3 one act plays of Chekhov’s Laws), poet (millions of poems and haiku) and has written an opera ‘Daubinbiss’) who I consider a ‘writer’s writer’. That’s what he does!!! All the time — and well!!He encourages, supports, inspires and never do I feel he is preaching or criticising. He is patient and kind with comments that help and at the same time never discouraging or makes me feel like giving up. He encourages me to read works that will help me to see more clearly just how one can work boldly, subtlety and everything in between.

  24. I am fond of YA authors. Since I am a teenager , they attract me the most. Authors have different perspective and fields of writing. Thus, I was inspired by P.C Cast. Her House Of Night series have a variety of emotions and styles. I was also inspired by Susan Hill’s ‘The Women In Black’. My another inspiration is Lindsay Anne Kendall. Her Bloodlines series beautifully blends in Horror, YA, Paranormal. All these authors had specifiable originality that many of the authors lack today. I took up the determination, that, Yes. Even I will do it. Even I will write a novel which blends in Horror, Paranormal and YA and turns it into a good content. It had to be something quite different. I have always tried to improve my style by reading the wonderful books of these people. Much Less, often communicate with them on GoodReads.
    Eventually I have been moving on to a wider ranges of authors. Seeking there skills and most important of all, trying to learn the professionalism they all have. That’s the most important part to remember. No one becomes a author without struggle. That also inspired me. I clutched on to the hope of writing because of these authors. :).

  25. I remember when I was a student in Germany many years back, there was an elephant show in the city of Dusseldorf, and everybody was excited; I too was eager to see the circus and run with the group, but they were surprised and said, “You came from Africa, how come that you too run with us to see elephant?” I was surprised by their perspective and told them we are associate only with domestic animals, but not with wild animals – they are dangerous. That was when I decided to write a book, because not well informed or no education at early years of other parts of the world would have an impact in later years of life.
    I am amateur poet for that my inspiration was my 7th grade English teacher, her name was Mrs. James. In addition I had an opportunity to read many old books such as: Beyond Pardon, Vendetta, She, The Woman in Blue, Gone with the Wind, etc… And my admiration and gratitude goes to those Authors of that era.

  26. I have been inspired about a western writer. RSWells befrinded me on Facebook.I want my words to send you in The sand storm the sand sting my eyes to cry with herion and beloved by the hero her words seam to jump from the page She has time to help .we have to the coridors of your mind .She encorged me to try writing she has walked me through a lot of nights because I want to write a romance She told me to keep trying because it would happen.She has two published books.we are now best friend.and my manuscript is almost finnished.

  27. I have so many different authors that I like and have inspired me. But the one who inspired me to write is Maya Angelou. Her words are so beautiful and inspirational. I love to write poetry and to read it. She inspired me to start writing poetry. In high school I played with writing short stories and a novel. I found that my knack is for poetry and it is because of Maya Angelou that I gave it a try. She is a true vision of what words can say.

  28. Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy (SARK) is a stimulating author and speaker who inspires me in so many ways. A brilliant artist with a rare zest for life and a passionate nature, SARK can always challenge me to think differently. She is the leader on my path of self-exploration, using amazing adjectives to feed my confidence and encourage me to write. Her handwritten books are filled with samples, references, ideas, and exercises for finding my own passion and voice. She offers writing prompts and workbooks that entice me to break out the colored pens. I am so grateful for SARK!

  29. This year I’ve been inspired by “new” author Andrew E Kaufman. His self-published novel, “The Lion, the Lamb, and the Hunted” has become an Amazon ebook sensation, topping the charts based on word-of-mouth and rave reviews. When he listed the novel as free for 24 hours, he gave away over 30,000 copies. Andrew is editing his much-anticipated sequel right now, for release sometime soon (with a sweet publishing deal in place).

    Andrew has inspired me by proving that indie authors can make a difference and achieve real success on their own. Of course he is extremely talented, but he is also charismatic in sharing his ups and downs directly with his fans and readers. In addition, he selflessly promotes the efforts of about a dozen other authors.

    Andrew’s achievements make a great template for all aspiring authors. Not all of us share Andrew’s natural gift for story-telling, but we can all learn something from him about how to travel the publishing path toward our own version of success.

  30. Stephanie Meyer is the author that introduced me to a new style in the YA genre. Stephanie created a beautiful cast characters that literally reached out and grabbed me without warning. I don’t know if she was aware of how alluring the Edward Cullen character would become. With each beautifully written word, Stephanie mesmerized me into a yearning for this character and the unreal love he was capable of giving. I struggle to think of any other love stories that could compare Edward’s immortal love for Bella. A love that so many of us wish we could find.

  31. When I met her, I knew Marie Bostwick was a talented writer. What I learned was that she is also inspiring to budding writers. She has given me a great deal of encouragement. When I questioned my abilities, she quoted Nelson Mandela, “The world is not served by you playing small.” Love it, and I’m trying to live it.

    I’m thankful to all those writers (and others) who show me a ray of hope.

  32. Anne Rice was an author that had a massive impact on me. It wasn’t just the characters Lestat and so on. But her incredible descriptions about New Orleans. The beautiful homesteads she described, the people, the atmosphere. At eleven years of age I was hooked. I’m now 31 and the urge is stronger than ever before to visit the old plantations, taste the food and visit the people who live there. She brought to life such a vivid city that its stayed with me all these years and I have yet to immerse myself in the culture and when I do, I’ll be thinking back to the first book that brought me here. Interview with a vampire – It might not be your usual literary book, but it sparked a dream. One that I’m still trying to fulfill, to see that wonderful architect and taste the delectable gumbo.

  33. More than one writer inspired me and it is difficult to choose. It has to be Zena Henderson and her stories of an alien group of people stranded on Earth. The story running in my head for over five years finally made sense. Life seemed to interfere, but the story was always there. Without those wonderful stories published in the old Fantasy & Science Fiction Magazines I would never have started writing the story again. Two of the parts are published and the third one has been accepted at a small press. Thanks Writers Relief for your newsletters and articles. They helped to keep me going.

  34. If I could choose any author/writer in the world who was truly inspired me the most it would be J.K. Rowling. As a child her books took me away from all the bullies I had to live through and for once I was at peace. As I continued reading her books I wanted to create my own adventures and starting in fourth grade I began to write. Her story of becoming nothing and turning into what she is today gives me hope that one day I could be the same. It has been eleven years since I began writing stories and I still look up to Jo to this day.

  35. “Everything comes to her that waits (as long as she hustles while she is waiting.)
    –Fred Forster

    The above quote was written for me by a very smart, extremely humorous, clever, Irishman: Fred Forster. He has written a half dozen short books about the ins and outs of being Irish. Years ago he penned this for me during a time I was going through a bad patch. I framed this ditty. Often it has reminded to hustle while I wait. Now Fred has a very nasty cancer. I send his line back to him.

  36. Many writers and authors at ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) have inspired me, but Martha Rogers inspired me the most. She is a few years my senior and waited prayerfully and patiently to get published. Finally, in her early seventies she not only was accepted for publication, but has published over a dozen novels in the last few years. Her story gives me hope that I can still publish even at 70.

  37. Mark Twain, for the astonishing breadth, depth and quality of his work. He scribbled for more than 50 years, putting together a deep body of work as remarkable for its eclecticism as for the razor of its wit. Twain could be, in turn, a kitten-loving sentimentalist, a flinger of flaming arrows against the establishment, a provocateur who spoke truth to power. His onion had many skins: A man of spectacular fame, yet of spectacular failures and deeply public sorrows. He was moody, irascible and delightful. To call the man a mere humorist is to say that Einstein was rather clever.

  38. I adore Zora Neale Hurston not just for her prolific writing, both rich in culture and deft and beautiful in language, but also for her zest and independence and boldness. I, like so many others, appreciate her dedication to recording and sharing stories that might have otherwise been lost to us. My bedroom, living room, and work station are decorated with beautiful images of Zora. I even honor her by portraying her in a theatrical, musical production called “In Her Words.” Zora’s creativity and passion inspires my writing and approach to living with a jump to the sun.

  39. Leigh Brill is the author who daily inspires me. I met Leigh through Saint Francis Service Dogs and I got to know her through our book club. I have a SF service dog named Monty. Leigh has cerebral palsy and it is a daily chore for her to get out of bed each morning, get herself ready, take care of her dogs (one retired, one active), and work on her next book. Even though she is so very busy, she has taken the time to help me with my budding writing career. Thanks Leigh, Pato, and Kendra.

  40. Dear Ronnie,

    I am very sorry to learn about the problems Sandy had brought you. Please know that our thoughts and prayers are there.

    I do not have a writer to honor. Rather, the most important person in my life, my husband, is the one who often inspires me.

    Best Wishes and a hope you have a Wonderful, and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Esther C.

  41. Kim Stafford changed the perspective of my life when he told me that I really was a writer and that I just might be a poet. All I had to do was accept that responsibility. I have accepted it. He is a teacher and mentor by nature and my life is altogether richer because he helped me realize that we are all our own stories. The craft is to read and write, but above all, to listen.

  42. Knowing few things for sure, I surely know this: The crafting of words into a finished product, be it an epistle or a full-blown text is arduous labor. I’ve no problem with that; after all, it is, work. It’s the loneliness of it that gets to me.

    Especially for the platformless unknowns struggling against tides that seemingly, never ebb. Enter Melissa Foster, an accomplished author and mother of six. With so much on her plate, that she put all that aside momentarily to encourage me, an upstream swimmer, has buoyed me. … A life-line cast, in the nick … of time.

  43. Hi Ronnie —

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, and the rest of the folks at Writer’s Relief!



  44. She paints bright, whimsical art that celebrates all the goodness in life, and writes intense short stories that delight and surprise. When I began to write poetry, I didn’t have to look far to find the person who would inspire me on this journey. My friend Elizabeth Seaver has become my strongest ally in pushing me gently, supporting my efforts, and modeling tenacity. Her laughter fills the room, inviting celebration and joy. And she always knows the right words to send me back to the keyboard to give it one more go. Elizabeth Seaver is my most important audience of one.

  45. Willie Nelson because he is the first author in modern times to tell the truth about why he wrote the book. When asked by Matt Lauer Willie said: ‘Because they offered me alot of money.’ That is hope and inspiration.

  46. My inspiration was my eighth grade English teacher, Mrs. Bedein. She was my teacher and the director of our school newspaper, and in both capacities she had tenacity and strength beyond belief. She believed in all of us, and I remember feeling like I could succeed at writing with her by my side!

    I recently saw her at an assisted living home. She was just as tenacious, and so glad to see me again. This experience reminded me of why she inspired me! Unfortunately, Mrs. Bedein passed away in 2012, but her memory will live on in her students’ writing!

  47. I must recommend Melody Beattie as the author who has inspired me more than any other. Melodie has written 17 books on the subject of codependency and recovery from addiction. Her “Codependent No More” has inspired me and other recovering 12-step people for over 20 years, and her “Language of Letting Go’ is a daily reader that my wife and I read EVERY MORNING for inspiration before we do our morning prayer BY SIDE, HEADS ON THE PILLOW. I quote Melody in my own book, ‘We Codependent Men-We Mute Coyotes.” Thank you, Melody. I love you.

    Ken P.

  48. Isabelle Allende has always been my favorite writer because she showed me how to mix reality with magical realism without causing either to be questioned. Her blend of historical accuracy and personal tragedy and feelings, mixed with what we, in our innermost being, know we experience of unexplainable, magical interventions, has helped me in my writing to portray my fiction on multiple layers.

  49. As a writer, we learn what it takes to captivate the reader to take them on a journey. In many years I have been touched by so many, JK Rowling ,Jude Deveraux but there is only one who challenged me, Stephen King.

    When I was in eight grade, I had a fourth grade reading level, my friend passed a book to me, Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. I didn’t not tell her about my lack of skills. All it took was one chapter and I was hooked in to the world of vampires. It was my beginning of becoming a reader. To think if I never opened up a book, I would be missing so much.

  50. One evening, in a fiction-writing class, we were asked to compose one of those “what if” kind of scenes. Without hesitation, I chose Sydney Carton’s brief stay in a French jail, awaiting execution in place of Charles Darnay. Carton, in my piece, far from being the resolute, self-sacrificing anti-hero of the book, A Tale of Two Cities, is deeply conflicted. If he confesses to being an imposter, and Darnay is caught and executed, he could end up with Darnay’s widow, the love of his life, Lucy Manette. Thank you to a different Charles, Mr. Dickens, for creating compelling plots and unforgettable characters with onomatopœic names, and being able to capture the complexities of the French Revolution in novel form. What in the dickens would we do without you?

  51. Without question, Joseph Heller has taught me more about our craft than any other single writer. I have read all of his novels, but his seminal work of Catch-22 is the only book I’ve ever worn out twice. Heller’s groundbreaking challenge to the use of both tense and narrative helped spawn modern literature. He teaches me something new each time I read the book (I’m currently in the middle of my twelfth semester). As I frequently tell anyone who is unfortunate enough to get me going on the topic, if you haven’t read Catch-22, you need to, and if you have, you need to read it again.

    My wife picked it up once but she couldn’t get into it.

  52. Nancy Holder inspired me when I was starting writing because like so many writers, I started by writing fan fiction type stories for some of my favorite shows. While that’s not ultimately the direction, I’m choosing to go, at least at first, she showed me (along with a lot of other wonderful writers) that you can make a living writing books about television shows and the companion pieces.

  53. The writer that has influenced me the most would be Nora Roberts. The way she pulls you into the story line is fascinating. When you read any of her books you don’t want to put them down, then when you’re finished the book you wish is wasn’t over. This is what I try to accomplish in my writing. Nora Robert’s books are filled with romance, intrigue, a sexy hero and sometimes a child that will pull at your heart strings. I’ve laughed, cried and have had an over whelming need to check my hormones. I simply adore her books.

  54. S.E. Hinton is the author who inspired me. I read “The Outsiders” when I was 12. At that stage in my life, I felt like an outcast. She made me realize I wasn’t alone. That not only helped me then, but still helps me today. The first time I ever wrote a story was a FanFic of “The Outsiders” long before FanFic’s were popular. Twenty years later, I had given up writing, until I read “The Outsiders” again. Thank you, S.E. Hinton, for inspiring not only in life, but in craft as well!

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