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The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge

30 Day Know Thyself Challenge, Writers
The Know Thyself Challenge: An awesome prize for the winner. And free therapy for everyone else.

Writers, we would like to issue a special challenge: When it comes to knowing yourself, your writing process, and your goals, are you certain of who you are? Have you really dug deep, actually listened hard to what you have to say about writing topics?

Each day for the month of June, we’ll be posting a special question on Facebook. The questions are not going to be easy (no “which is better, pen or pencil” type of prompts). Our challenge to you: Answer the questions. As honestly as you can, as much as you can.

At the end of the month, we’ll choose one winner to receive a free round of A La Carte submissions, worth $150.

All you have to do to enter is:

Stop by our Facebook page as often as you can.

Post your reply/response to each day’s Know Thyself prompt on our Facebook wall.

We would love to see how our intensive, soul-searching challenge affects your life and how it leads you to a deeper understanding of your own writing. Even if you’re coming into the contest late, you can still join in by posting your thoughtful comments.


  • Writers must be 18 or over to win
  • No current or past Writer’s Relief clients or employees are eligible

Good luck!

 The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge

friendsWant to bring your friends along on this challenge?

You’ll learn more about yourself AND them.

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This contest ran from June 1 through June 30, 2012.

Announcing The Winners Of The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge:

To you awesome writers who participated in our Know Thyself 30 Day Challenge: Thank you! Throughout the month of June, we loved coming in to work to read your replies to our prompts, to know you were out there laughing and struggling with the challenges of the writing life and generously sharing your experiences with the community on our Facebook page. You have been an inspiration!

We hope that this challenge was enjoyable and helpful and led you to some profound new insights into your own writing process, goals, and needs. You are all winners—every single one of you who participated. We’re all in this together!

When we started this Challenge, we had the idea that we would pick one Grand Prize winner to receive a free round of our A La Carte service. But when all was said and done, we found that we wanted to pick even more winners.

So our Grand Prize winner will receive a free round of A La Carte Services worth $150. With A La Carte, Writer’s Relief will research and target the 25+ best markets for a given story, group of poems, essay, or book—and we do many other things too. For details, visit our A La Carte page.

So…without futher ado…

Submit to Review Board

The Grand Prize winner: Maria DaSilva-Chance

Here’s what Maria said about the challenge:

* Maria Da Silva-Chance: “This was just really fun for me, because I can literally talk about writing 24 hours a day, but I don’t have a lot of people around me who do. So, I actually got to really look forward to the questions, and reading what everyone else had to say. I think it helped build my confidence a little, seeing how much other writers (who I’m sure are incredibly talented) struggle just to find that one perfect sentence, but never quit. I also loved finding out how many of us have like minds. It’s always heartwarming, knowing there are others like me out there, who live and breathe writing, who are constantly tormented by the images, characters and story ideas that gnaw at our brains until we sit down to put them down on paper. I’m actually really going to miss jabbering on about writing every night to people who understand what I’m talking about.”

Congrats, Maria!

Our additional winners can choose either of these prizes**:

A free Writer’s Relief e-book (valued at approximately $25—sorry, no bonus materials)


$50 off an A La Carte service.

**To be redeemed by August 31, 2012

Additional Winners:

* David Gordon Williams: “This exercise helped me remind myself of who I am as a writer. It also helped me to be able to read what others were thinking about their own practices. I’m now looking forward to using what I have reaffirmed to continue to seek out proper avenues for my writing.”

* Heather Francell: “Sometimes digging deep for the answers and sometimes seeing what the quick response is to the questions. I think it’s good to pause and question the direction and motivation around my pieces every once in awhile, to see why I’m writing them the way I am.”

* Julie Israel: “This challenge has had many positives for me. It’s been empowering to see what I can accomplish if I am disciplined and make a little effort each day. I’ve also enjoyed the exchange within writing communities, both here on Writer Relief’s facebook page and on my own blog, where I posted longer responses to the same prompts. I daresay I had some creative mischief and fun as well.”

* Keynyn Brysse: “Your questions made me fully realize I need to consider my audience and have a clear idea what I want readers to get out of my work. I’m looking forward to writing with that in mind. And the most positive thing I’ve taken away from this experience is having met some new writers/great people! :)”

* Kimberley Bailey: “Looking deep within myself for the answers to some of the questions. Some answers surprised me. I hope to take my answers and make them work for me in a more positive way. I look forward to applying them to my work and staying motivated and to maybe one day, exploring the science fiction genre that I would like to. I am saddened to see these writing challenges go. Can you guys do another one for us? I’m sure everyone would love that!! :)”

* Stephanie Kutner: “I think this challenge has helped me a lot in terms of not feeling so isolated. It has been so refreshing to feel as though I am part of a community and not alone to bear the challenges which come with this profession. Perhaps the most positive question (though all questions helped me re-examine my approach) was day twenty, “Who is your biggest supporter?” Everyone’s answers really made me step back and appreciate how lucky I am to have the support system that I do. Writing is hard enough without having to go it alone, and I commend those brave souls that must. I am looking forward to imbuing and creating my work in this new-found vein of confidence which this competition has given me. Thank you all.”

* Tammy Marie: “I gained a better perspective of myself through this challenge – not just as a writer, but as a person. I have always been a talker – I have an inherent need to be heard and understood. This challenge made me wish I had started writing sooner. I am grateful to have learned useful tips from other writers. Thank you, everyone, for making this a fun and informative exercise. Best wishes to all of the writers who participated. I look forward to seeing your names on a best seller’s list one day, hopefully in the near future.”

9 Responses to The Know Thyself 30 Day Writing Challenge

  1. Dear Khara, thanks for the comment. We’re glad you’re enjoying the Know Thyself contest and we’re so happy to learn that you’re encouraging other writers to participate! Twitter is a great social media resource for getting together with other writers and spreading the word about contests and writing-related events. Feel free to link to our Writer’s Relief Facebook page and any articles you think would be helpful in your discussions!

    Best of luck!

  2. I am loving this challenge so much. I run a Twitter chat on Tuesday evenings, and to encourage other writers to get involved we’ll be answering the first ten questions (with links to the Writer’s Relief Facebook page provided, and helpful articles from Writer’s Relief shared throughout the chat event)!

  3. Hi Mary Carol:

    You can leave your reply as comments on our Facebook wall. Have fun with this. We are!

  4. I love this. Thank you, WR. Where are we supposed to respond to the actual questions? Today’s question made me think, but now I don’t know where to type in my ‘answer.’

  5. You guys always ask such great questions on your facebook page. Can’t wait for this to get started!

  6. Golly gee! A free round of a la carte submissions? That’s a fantastic prize; you have me hooked!

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