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Featured Client: Loren Stephens

The first thing you might notice about Loren Stephens’ essays is her crystal clear, confident prose. Without flourishes, flounces, or embellishments, Loren immerses readers into the deceptively quiet worlds of her memories. And our Review Board fell in love with her work right away. (Confession: Our proofreaders often jot ebullient comments on their assessments of her work.) Stephens tackles a range of topics, from Jewish traditions to generation gaps to neighborhood dogs. Her style can be as humorous as it is serious, intimate as it is large. It’s a real pleasure to work with her!

In her own words:

Writer’s Relief has been my writing coach, agent, and conscience. Without deadlines and expert advice, I would not have attained the success I have achieved in a short period of time. For anyone who seriously wants to get published, Writer’s Relief is the only way to go without suffering defeat, frustration, and confusion. Thank you, Writer’s Relief.

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 About Loren:

Loren Stephens is the founder and president of Write Wisdom and Provenance Press, which provide her clients with writing and publishing services for their memoirs and life stories as well as inspirational and how-to books. She began her career as an editor at Houghton Mifflin, was an award-winning documentary filmmaker, and currently devotes all her time to her business and to writing essays and short stories, which have been published (some with the help of Writer’s Relief) in the Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Sun Magazine, MacGuffin, the New Plains Review, Peregrine, ken*again, Eclectica Magazine, among many others. She is on the editorial advisory board of Memoir (and) and is currently working on her first novel based on her husband’s family history in Japan and Glendive, Montana. She also conducts workshops on writing memoir and speaks to community groups on the value of leaving written legacies.

6 Responses to Featured Client: Loren Stephens

  1. Thank you to all your encouraging comments. Strongly urge everyone to dig into their family history. The first chapter of my novel is being published (with the help of Writer’s Relief) in Peregrine shortly under the title, “Give Noriyuki a Good Life.”
    The essay on neighborhood dogs morphed into “A House Is Not a Home” which will be published next month as well — about going home again. Best, Loren

  2. I am in the process of completing the third novel in my Songs of the Heart series. Next, I would like to write a novel based on my mother’s life in the early 1900’s. This will be something enitrely new for me. I love branching out into new territory!

  3. I’d love to read something she’s written about her neighborhood dogs! She sounds like a well-rounded writer. Kudos, Loren.

  4. What great credits! How cool that she’s working on a novel based on her husband’s family history? That is something I’d love to do. Time to dig out the old family tree!

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