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Sit Down With CLMP: Behind-The-Scenes Champion Of Independent Presses

When you’re busy researching literary journals and presses to submit your work, do you know what it means when you see this logo?

If not, you should keep reading!

1. In 15 words or less, what is the mission of The Council of Literary Magazines and Presses (CLMP)?

CLMP provides technical assistance to the community of independent literary publishers and advocates on their behalf.

2. What does it mean to a creative writer when he/she sees that a literary journal or publisher is affiliated with CLMP?

It’s our hope that affiliation with CLMP is for writers like a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval; writers can submit with confidence to our members as membership to CLMP is limited to active independent literary publishers who do not charge author fees and who are genuinely mission-driven to publish literature.

3. Is there a code of ethics that CLMP members must adhere to?

Aside from the above-mentioned guidelines, we don’t have an overall strict code of ethics that members must adhere to; however, we work toward developing a variety of best practices and refuse membership to publishers who we feel act unethically. We hold public discussions at places like AWP and regularly host roundtables with our members on hot topics and very occasionally, such as with our “Ethics of Contests,” do create formal codes that can be adopted (or not) by CLMP members. And, when doing so, CLMP does a great deal of due diligence in creating these proposed practices.

4. Do you have any fun events that support readers and members?

We produce, with various partners, small press and literary magazine fairs around the country, including a two-day event in NYC every June called the “Lit Mag Marathon Weekend” that includes a marathon reading at the NYPL (the “Magathon”) and a lit mag fair that attracts more than 2,000 people at Housing Works Used Book Cafe. We have a very popular regular reading and discussion series at the NYPL called “Periodically Speaking,” and our Literary Writers Conference, LWC } NYC, is an annual two-day conference in early November for fiction, poetry, and creative-nonfiction writers learning how to maneuver in the marketplace. Many of our members attend and/or take part in panels to offer insights on publishing with independent houses alongside professionals from corporate houses.

5. What’s the most fun thing about working at CLMP?

Many of our members send in copies of their books and magazines for the CLMP library, so we get to see amazing small press books and lit mags hot off the presses!

6. Is CLMP on Twitter, Facebook, etc? Where can writers learn more?

We’re everywhere! Follow us on Twitter (@clmporg),  like us on Facebook, and find out more on our website!

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4 Responses to Sit Down With CLMP: Behind-The-Scenes Champion Of Independent Presses

  1. This is first I’ve heard of CLMP and I’m also a newbie to the writers circle….big THANKS, I can identify a new kind of quality.

  2. Hi CLMP! Thanks for creating ethical standards for publishers. The world is just about upside down right now, in terms of what’s right and what’s wrong in the publishing biz. And I think the work that CLMP does is more important than ever. With e-rights changing the game, writers need advocates.

  3. I feel enlightened! I didn’t have a clue about CLMP, I’ll definitely keep an eye out for the “stamp of approval” from now on.

  4. CLMP does a great service to writers. Glad you have our backs! I for one have felt good about seeing CLMPs logo when I’m submitting.

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