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Free Poetry Contest: Win Writer’s Relief Services. Ends July 22

Peter Hixson - No Fee Poetry Contest
Peter K. Hixson

When our client Peter K. Hixson passed away, he left behind a body of work that is still appreciated to this day. Take a moment to read some of Peter’s writing now. And when you’re done reading, check out The Peter K. Hixson Memorial Award. This is a no-fee contest currently open to poets only (other genres will be welcome again soon).

Peter wanted to help struggling but talented writers by giving them an opportunity to use Writer’s Relief’s submission services. He knew from personal experience that it can be hard for writers to stay on top of their submissions as well as their craft. Writer’s Relief lifts the burden of having to make submissions. Learn more about how we help writers. We were lucky to be able to work with Peter to help him get his work published, and we’re honored that he made us a part of his vision of helping other writers after his death.

We hope you’ll share with your friends the legacy of his writing and his generous bequest. Peter’s kindness and talent live on in his writing and this award!

DEADLINE: Friday, July 22, 2011

GENRE: Poetry

FEE: This is a no-fee poetry contest.

SUBMIT: See our Submission Guidelines.

This award will be open to writers in other genres at a later date, so stay tuned to Submit Write Now! to apply.

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  1. This is such a moving and generous gesture. Many thanks to Peter and to Writer’s Relief for offering this!

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