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Hardcover Bad, E-books Good!

This just in from the publishing news blog GalleyCat:

“According to Association of American Publishers (AAP) sales figures for the first half of 2011, adult paperback is the most popular trade category. However, paperback sales dipped nearly 18 percent and hardcover sales fell 23 percent compared to the same period previous year.”

But wait! There’s good news too!

While sales of print books may be shrinking, e-book sales are on the rise! We’re talking 160% since last year!

Is it possible the digital books might just be what saves the book industry? Authors, if you’re not already on the digital publishing train, time to jump aboard!

What do you think? Are e-books here to stay or just a fad?

Read the original article here.

4 Responses to Hardcover Bad, E-books Good!

  1. Garci, At this point there exists every kind of publisher with every kind of mix (or lack thereof) of digital and print publishing. In other words, some are all print, some are all digital, many are a mix.

  2. Love the article but I’m a bit confused. Are there seperate publishers for paper books and eBooks? I was under the impression that a book could exist in both worlds easily. I truly didn’t think there would ever exist a decline in paper book sales once an electronic book reader came to light. I purchased the Kindle just a few months ago but there is nothing like holding an actual book in your hands. I love my eBook but I also love the collection I have and plan to keep building on my bookshelves.

  3. My wife and I were rejected over 50 times by conventional publishers. Finaly, another author clued us in to e-books and we were accepted by Kindle and Smashwords. At first, we were disapointed by the low price of the e-books but our $1 royalties have been good, compared to print authors who report an average of only $0.30 per book sold.

  4. Just yesterday, I took my granddaughters to B&N for some summer reading. I bought myself a Kindle and loaded it up with a few good reads and a bag full of both hardcover and trade paperbacks for the girls. We had a great time! I see what you guys mean though, it’s very easy to move toward the e-books. Fortunately, I’m from the old school, and books have always been a part of my household. Hopefully my granddaughters won’t lose sight of that.

    Thanks for another great article!

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